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New Doctor's Orders

Posted on Tue Dec 19th, 2017 @ 6:02am by Lieutenant Alara Samar

Mission: A Valiant Beginning
Location: Starbase 336 to USS Valiant

"Aboard a what?" Alara exclaimed, dropping her tricorder as she grabbed the orders and reading them herself.

"A Defiant class..." the ensign delivering the orders got out before Alara interrupted him.

"Who in their right mind?" Alara demanded as she reread the orders again. "It's not even attached to a starbase! What the shit, Parker?"

"Ma'am..." Was all the ensign could get out before Alara was packing her things.

"If you need a hypo, Doctor Parker will have to help you, Ensign. I have a ship to catch." Alara called as she closed up her bag on her way out the door, her tricorder now forgotten on the floor.


Interestingly, Alara didn't have much to pack in her quarters - just a small collection of tiny glass cacti she kept in a stasis lock case and some spare uniforms. Even the bedding was a generic replicated set that went with the room. She'd been here for four years and though she'd had a few pieces of art replicated, she was perfectly willing to feed each one into a replicator if needed. Instead, she left them on the walls, wondering what the next occupant would think of her selection of paintings from around the galaxy ranging from one of Data's works to a Picasso from Earth. There was even a recreation of a Vulcan piece from around the time they turned to logic.

Having quickly finished packing, she typed in the code lock releases on the door controls to give up her ownership of the quarters and took one last look around. Interestingly, they were nearly as sparse as ten minutes ago. Smiling, she turned and headed out of the room.


Not long after that, Alara was walking down the boarding ramp going between Starbase 336 and the USS Valiant, her duffel slung across her back, her medical bag on one hand and her orders in the other. When she got to the docking port on the Valiant, there was a brief exchange as she showed him her orders and she got a room assignment. She was then on her way to find the nearest turbolift.

Which she couldn't find...

Pulling up a map of the ship on her PaDD, she realized why. There were no turbolifts. Thankfully there were only four decks and the main two decks she needed were connected by a deck ramp. Adjusting her bags, she headed out once more, now confident in how to get to her new quarters.

Which it turned out she was standing next to.

Chuckling softly, she opened the door and found out they were a lot smaller than she was expecting. That was ok though - this was a tiny ship and she should have expected it. Setting her bags on the tiny bed, she straightened up and smiled brightly. This was a good thing. Nothing to decorate and no need to invite people over for tea and cake or anything. If she wanted to eat something messy she...

Then her smile faded...

There was no replicator...

And no shower...


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Comments (1)

By Commander Leigh Jacobs on Tue Dec 19th, 2017 @ 4:47pm

LOL, loved the ending!