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Rigellian's bearing Gifts or Hey, Can You help Me for a Minute

Posted on Tue Aug 7th, 2018 @ 4:00pm by Deacon Kane & Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Mission: Repairs and Reprimands
Location: Xiulan's Office
Timeline: After "Spy Craft and Food Services" before "Girl's Night"

Deacon grimaced slightly as he made his way down the corridor carrying a small tray. Not that the look on his face, was caused by the items on the tray. It held a variety of human sweets from something called 'hishi mochi', a rhomboid shaped confection with layers of red, green, and white smelling vaguely of Jasmine to a brownish yellow thing called a 'twinkie' that honestly Deacon doubted was actually edible. Next to the plate of high sucrose bribery were several flasks of heated rice wine, that seemed to be the replicators best approximation of Sake. The tray actually smelled quite nice.What as making Deacon grimace was in regards to the wall he had hit in trying to decrypt some transmissions he'd came across. He needed an expert to help him out, As he approached the ops office the doors parted. "Afternoon Lieutenant, How are thing?"

"Shit is crazy," Xiulan reported bluntly, her fingers working over the new textured interface she'd had installed. "That dampening field that crashed us did a lot of damage to the ship, but she's coming along alright; just a pain in the ass 'cause I'm new to this job," she explained. "So what brings you around?"

"Just in the neighborhood and figured I'd stop by," Deacon answered coyly, "And I was wondering if I could ask your help with something, but before I do have to tell you I brought caloric breaktype food." he added placing the tray on a flattened surface.

"I could use a break," Xiulan said with a shrug, then found her way back to her desk where he'd placed the tray. "Do I smell rice cake?" she asked curiously as she sat down. "And... sake?"

Deacon snorted a bit of a laugh, "Well, there are a couple different varieties. Fanciest one is something called 'hishi mochi,' kinda smells like flowers, have some 'kutsinta' with shaved coconut, some 'espasol' along with some other things," he explained, "Sorry, didn't know your preference so figured the shotgun approach was he way to go. And yes warm, replicated rice wine. So synthahol, hope it's not too early in the day."

"Modern replicators can make a pretty decent synthahol, so you're pretty lucky you resurfaced when you did," Xiulan remarked as she felt about the try to find each little treat, then she found the Twinkie. "Oh be still my beating heart!" she declared, then took the Twinkie and shoved a large portion of it in her mouth. "So, what do you need my help with?" she said around a mouthful of cheap sponge cake and cream filling.

"Well, need some help decrypting some civilian transmissions I picked up in the SSES. It's for a project..." Deacon stopped short not wanting to implicate the Captain, she didn't know what he was doing anyway, "Well lets just say I'm trying to develop a profile and these transmission seem to always line up. Just want to know what they are." he explained handing Xiulan the encrypted files.

"This isn't the first time I've worked with SI, you know, so I'm used to working with very little information," Xiulan informed him with a grin. When she felt the datarod touch her outstretched hand, she quickly plugged it into her terminal and started working. "Oof, this is some heavy encryption for civilian transmissions," she remarked, her brow furrowed with intense concentration. "Yeah, next time you have something like this, just give it to me; it's far more interesting to me than snacks, you don't need to butter me up."

"Sorry, Just following a quote from one of your great Earth leaders, 'it's better to ask with a smile and a gun than just a gun', Al Capone." Deacon answered, "I think he was the mayor of Chicago or something. Any luck breaking the encryption?" He asked hopefully.

"Trust me, decrypting is a far better treat to me than sweets; I got the first set done, but this second set is being stubborn..." Xiulan said, but she did pause for a moment to pour a cup of the sake and sip on it. "And it looks like... you have some... currency transactions? Uh, oh! Bank transfers, mainly the Bank of Bolias and the Orion Depository. I'll display it on the visual wall monitor," she offered, and then the data appeared for him.

Deacon sighed focusing on the IP address and name "Hello there Admiral. What have you been doing?" he asked the air as he studied the readout.

IP Address: 5634AF226-ZZ335
Terminal Type: PADD Voxtrate Model 994
Owner ID: Roberts, James Alan

Bank of Bolias Remote Access Roberts, James Alan CFO. APIRDTI

Transaction 15734 Confirmation
12000 Bars Latinum
From: Yoshitoni Institute
To: Andor Prime Institute for Regional Development and Technological Improvement

Transaction 33631
7383.62 Bars of Latinum
From: Andor Prime Institute for Regional Development and Technological Improvement
To; Account #5584493d74 Routing #AV606

Transaction 33632
3106.88 Bars Latinum
From: Andor Prime Institute for Regional Development and Technological Improvement
To; Account #52g33721 Routing #PN465

"'PADD Voxtrate Model 994" Deacon said out loud, "Know anything about that type of PADD, eL Tee?"

"Uhh, Voxtrate is a civilian model, very high end security protocols," Xiulan said with a shrug. "My Braille PADD that I use to read non-tactile interfaces, it's a Voxtrate with a customized tactile interface and it runs a sandbox of the LCARS OS for secure use on duty. But, uh, it's an older model, I'm not familiar with the 994."

"We'll figure that out," Deacon narrowed his eyes and clicked his teeth as he thought. "Twelve thousand bars in, about ten thousand five hundred bars out. Little over 12% laundry fee. Not bad overall."

"You do realize that's conjecture I probably shouldn't be privy to?" Xiulan remarked as she finished decrypting the second set of data and displayed it. "When I do cryprography work, I like not having the 'full picture', keeps me from getting curious and asking questions I really shouldn't ask. You wanna bounce information off someone, go talk to one of them Intel Analyst gurus, I like staying out of that cloak and dagger bullshit." Although... that did bring a certain question to her attention. "You know, now that I think about it, how do you even have anything up and running right now? You were on that planet for decades, you ain't even been cleared to work yet, so you must have some damned good contacts to get you this information so quick!"

"Sorry, too use to talking to myself over the years I guess," Deacon replied with a lopsided grin, "And that wasn't even conjecture, it's what our engineering friends would call a 'WAG' for 'Wild Ass Guess.' As for work, there isn't any," he admitted, "Just a exercise in profile building. Started with a transmission the Captain received from this fine officer, worked backward searching for other transmissions with a high correlation with his official ones. Means nothing," Except the bastard's names on them he didn't add, "It's probably nothing, forget about it. Just old Spook paranoia, we think everyone is bent. After being out of the game for 20 years, I don't see zebra's where there are be horses, I see full fledged unicorns." Still that did not stop him from studying the other transmission.

IP Address: 5634AF226-ZZ335
Terminal Type: PADD Voxtrate Model 994
Owner ID: Roberts, James Alan

Orion Depository Remote Access Account #5584493d74

Transfer 33631 Confirmation

Transaction 33631
7383.62 Bars of Latinum
From: Andor Prime Institute for Regional Development and Technological Improvement
To; Account #5584493d74

Transaction 54226
582.36 Bars of Latinum
From: Account #5584493d74
To: Lodubyal Center for the Performing Arts, Starbase 326

"Just much or nothing." he said again, "Still if you can burn me a copy of that, I'll include to that in my report to Lougheed. I'm sure he'll get a laugh out of it." Lodubyal, Orion Geisha knock off. Deacon thought, Someone had a sense of humor. Still it might be good to go and become 'cultured' ater the ship docked. Looking at the half eaten twinkie he looked at Xiulan and said, "You know those things have an expiration date of 'never,' What kind of food it that?"

"The best kind of food, the junky kind," Xiulan said with a grin as she secured the decrypted data back to the data rod, then held the rod out to Deacon. "And by the way, I'm from China, not Japan or the Fillipines or wherever that other rice cake came from. If you wanna get into my good graces, just bring me coffee, fresh brewed coffee, and we'll be the best-est friends forever."

"Ok China, got it." Deacon replied taking a bite out of the kutsinta, finding himself pleasantly surprised, "Llamas, Andes mountains. Now the coffee makes sense."

Xiulan's face scrunched up with confusion. "Isn't that Chile?" she asked as she pulled the tray closer to herself so he couldn't take anymore goodies from it. "Also, I will find a place for these... in my stomach," she affirmed; after all, he brought them for her to eat, and just because she didn't usually like sweets didn't mean she couldn't appreciate them from time to time!

"Well yes," Deacon replied looking slight confused at the forlorn piece of kutsina in his hand, "I suppose a mountainous region is somewhat cold. Any chance for a thimble of sake?" It was amazing to see such a small girl tear into the tray of food. It reminded him for a cartoon he'd seen once, "Hey 'Taz', anybody ever feed you around here?"

"Taz? I don't get it," Xiulan said bluntly, but she did pour a cup of sake for odd Rigellian, pushing it towards him. "And I eat! Actually, I eat a lot..." Then she bit into the hishi mochi; damn the Japanese knew how to make good mochi, and rice wine too!

"Well Taz is..." Cocking his head, he stood their wide eyed watching Xiulan knock down another flask of sake. Shaking his head he laughed and said "He's so so much your spirit animal. Trust me it's a Rigellian thing. Anywho thanks for the decrypt eL Tee. Try not to eat the tray, Taz my girl."

"Yeah, if that name sticks, you better hope I don't find you because I'mma kick your ass," Xiulan said in no uncertain terms. "Feel free to stop by with more stuff for me to decrypt so I don't get bored," she then offered with a grin.

"Thanks Taz," Deacon shot back with a wink, "Sorry I meant. 'Thank you, Lieutenant Xiulan Song; Communications and Linguistics expert, Chief of Operation.' Trust me, the last thing I want to see is what you would do if you were bored. Have a good night eL Tee."

"Later," Xiulan replied with a casual wave, then returned her attention to the mochi waiting to be eaten; dammit, this was gonna go right to her butt, she just knew it!


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