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New Orders

Posted on Thu Dec 21st, 2017 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant Dash Wilder

Mission: A Valiant Beginning
Location: Pacifica -- Taurus Reach, Alpha Quadrant
Timeline: Stardate Unknown

Kornan Rao stepped outside into the warm and humid Pacifican afternoon, inhaling deeply as he took in the salty sea air, and smiled. The Trill checked his chronometer and pocket once more, then started off towards the Institute. Despite wearing a large floppy hat, a button up shirt with festive looking palm trees and a fruit he believed was called a pineapple, tan shorts, flip flops and dark sunshades, he didn't look the least bit out of place as he headed down the walkways of Oceana, one of Pacifica's great floating cities and a popular tourist attraction.

He soon arrived outside the Oceana Institute of Marine Biology and proceeded to the doors, which parted for him. Inside the huge open lobby people milled about, and great aquatic animal of some sort hung from the ceiling. He took everything in for a moment before proceeding to the desk where several people were working. A woman looked up and greeted him with a smile.

"Hello, welcome to the Institute. How can I help you?"

"Ah..." Kornan hesitated. "I'm looking for Doctor Dash Wilder."

The woman nodded and pointed towards a set of doors along the far back wall. "Doctor Wilder should be out back. Go all the way to the rear doors, back outside, and to pier one."

"Thanks." As he walked away, he briefly wondered why he hadn't asked for maybe a description of what the doctor looked like. He hadn't met Dr. Wilder in person, of course, he had only received a message from the top to come to the Institute here in Oceana, find Doctor Dash Wilder, and deliver an encrypted message. Hopefully someone would be able to point the doctor out to him once he got out to the pier.

The large transparent doors parted as he approached, and he went back outside. The back of the building sat near the edge of the city, giving an incredible view of both it and the ocean beyond. Numerous piers extended out into the waters, some with aquatic vehicles docked, some with people out tossing food to fish. He saw a large sign pointing towards PIER ONE and went that way. An old man sat at the entrance, and looked up at him with uninterest.

"Doctor Dash Wilder?" Kornan asked hopefully, but realistically knew it couldn't be that simple. The man didn't reply, just grunted and jerked his thumb in the direction of two people who crouched several meters down the pier. "Thanks." He headed towards them. It was a man with short brown hair, and a boy no older than 13 with long sun-bleached blonde hair. Well maybe it would be that simple.

"Doctor Wilder?" He called out as he stopped. "Doctor Dash Wilder?"

Both the man and the boy looked back over their shoulders at him, then stood and turned towards him. They both wore black wetsuits, though the boy's had been unzipped and peeled down to hang at his waist. They looked at each other and the man said something quietly, then started walking towards him.

"Hello, Doctor..." Kornan began to say to the man, but trailed off as the man looked at him as if he was stupid and continued to walk past him. He turned to watch him go, then looked back at the boy, who was still standing there, hands on his hips.

"Yes?" The boy's eyebrows raised as he waited.

"I... um..." Kornan hesitated, confused, then walked up to the boy, reaching into his pocket and removed a small data chip. "Doctor Wilder, I have an encrypted message for you."

The boy doctor simply regarded Kornan for a moment, before finally taking the data chip. He turned and walked over to a table, picking up a PADD and inserted the chip. The PADD ran the decryption protocol he'd programmed on it, and the message came across the small display. He read it quickly, then paused to consider for a moment. Looks like he was needed. He peered out over the waters. In the years that he'd been here on Pacifica following the Dominion War, he'd come to think of this place as home. Well, he'd just have to make sure he wasn't gone for too long. Deactivating the PADD, he walked back over to the messenger.

"Where's your ship?"


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