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Asking for Her Hand

Posted on Sat Jul 28th, 2018 @ 2:54am by Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Mission: Stranded
Location: XO's Office, USS Valiant
Timeline: Current

Arturo adjusted his uniform one last time as he waited for his call to go through. He flicked off any dust he found and worried over anything that looked like a wrinkle. He wanted to look perfect for his subspace call, he wanted everything about this call to go perfectly. Just like he wanted what would come after this call to go perfectly.

Arturo had met Song Wei, Xiulan's father, AKA 'Song Sifu', a few times before, once in person on a visit to Earth. Arturo had the utmost respect for Song Wei, and believed (or maybe just hoped) that Song Wei had at least a modicum of respect for him as well. As much as he could have for a man who was sleeping with his daughter but hadn't married her though they'd been together for several years. Well, if all went well, that was going to change. Arturo was going to ask Xiulan to marry him, but, first, he wanted to ask Song Wei for her hand. Arturo loved Xiulan. He just hoped that Song Wei could see that.

"Commander S'Rohass," the computer said. "Your subspace call to Song Wei on Earth has connected."

"Er..." Arturo said, taking a moment to fight down a sudden attack of panic. "Yes. Thank you. Put it through."

Arturo got himself under control and took his seat at his desk. The face of Song Wei filled the screen on his desk console. Arturo placed his hands in front of him, palms together, and gave a little bow.

"Song Sifu," he said. "It is good to see you again. Thank you for taking my call."

"Oh, it's just you," Wei replied with disappointment. "If you're calling to let me know you dishonored my daughter by getting her pregnant, just know that I'm not afraid to go to a penal colony to avenge her."

Arturo stifled a sigh. This was not an auspicious beginning.

"No, Song Sifu," Arturo said. No, Song Wei, I didn't get your daughter pregnant because neither one of us is an idiot, but thank you for your vote of confidence. AND it's no fair attacking me. I can't fight back without losing Xiulan, you cantankerous son-of-a... "We have not...been blessed with children at this time. We aren't ready for that. First of all, there are no accommodations for children at our current assignment, and secondly, we of course use contraceptive medications." There. Think about that! I hope hearing your daughter mentioned in the same sentence as 'contraceptive' really sticks in your craw!

Arturo cleared his throat.

"Ahem..." he said. "It is a matter of honor that I wish to discuss with you in and honor..."

"Oh no," Wei replied, his face one of utter dread. "You want to marry her, don't you?"

Arturo betrayed a momentary surprise, before he decided that it didn't take a genius to figure out the subject of his call to Xiulan's father.

"Well," Arturo said. "Yes, yes I do. Song Sifu...Song Wei, I love and cherish your daughter above all others. When she smiles, I smile. When she laughs, I laugh with her, when she hurts or cries or worries, I go through those things with her. I love your daughter, Song Wei, and I want to be her husband, to start a family with her when the time is right, to raise that family with her, to grow old together, to play with our grandchildren together, to eventually leave this life knowing that I have spent most of it with the love of my life."

"Dear gods, I never thought you could get any sappier than you usually talk," Wei remarked, appearing thoroughly unimpressed. Then a thought occurred to him that made him chuckle. "I'll give you my approval, on one condition; that I am able to see with my own eyes the moment that you propose to her. A communication feed like this is sufficient."

Well THAT threw a wrench into Arturo's plans. But Arturo was brave and true of heart and so must always win...and Xiulan would just have to suck it up and deal.

I'm glad you find this so amusing! Just remember that I got several of your students interested in the liccasapuni when I went through a little dance with it, so interested that they ignored the fact that you were 'unimpressed'!

Arturo resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at Song Wei, in part because it would be childish...and in part because it really didn't have the same effect when a Caitian did it.

Well, I'll have to make sure she's dressed then, won't I? Or will, that would be as embarrassing for Xiulan as for Song Wei and I wouldn't do that to her.

"Alright," Arturo said, trying not to grit his teeth. Proposing was going to be difficult enough without being scored on it, but wanted to marry his Graceful Orchid and if he had to make a dog and pony show out of the proposal for her father to do that, so be it. "If you insist."

"Excellent," Wei replied with great amusement. "I do hope you'll wear a cup, because when Xiulan learns that you, a man, asked me, another man, for permission to make a life decision that involves her, she's going to do a cup check."

Arturo looked shocked for a moment, less at the joke, than at the fact that Song Wei had made the joke, then he chuckled.

"That she would," Arturo responded. "So maybe we can keep this between us? Because I didn't ask for her sake, or mine, father-in-law to be. I asked because I want no conflict between us as Xiulan and I start this next phase of our lives together. I wanted you to know that you have my respect, that I will never try to stand between you and your daughter."

"Boy, Xiulan has neither wanted nor needed my approval to do anything," Wei informed Arturo, still clearly amused. "If anything, I think it might amuse her more to marry you knowing I disapproved; I've never been able to stop that girl from doing anything she put her mind to do, what makes you think anything I say now will be any different?" The old Wushu Master gave Arturo a moment to let that information sink in before continuing. "But, she could do worse; at the very least you do show respect, so you have my approval, and with no need for me to see the proposal, just make sure one of you informs me of the verdict afterwards."

Arturo grinned.

"Of course," he said. "And thank you. Proposing marriage to your daughter is daunting enough without knowing her father is watching. Thank you. Now I just have to actually ask your daughter to marry me...I think I need a drink..."


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