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Girls' Night Out

Posted on Sun Sep 9th, 2018 @ 3:22pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Ensign Sienna Nora & Valywen & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss

Mission: Repairs and Reprimands
Location: Starbase 239
Timeline: Shortly after docking at SB 239


Nora had received a message earlier that some of the women aboard the Valiant had planned a get together to relax and have fun after their two tragic missions. It was a welcomed relief to have some down time and not have to worry about work, hostile aliens or getting back home. Now she waited on the promenade near a fountain which was the meeting spot mentioned in the message, dressed in a purple blouse shirt and black slacks. So far she was the first one to arrive--she hated being the first to arrive.

Me'Shlaht did not understand the concept of a girls' night out. Such things did not happen on Trill, at least not in the outback of the southern continent. Similarly, she was uncertain as to what sort of attire one would wear to such an event. Obviously not a uniform. That was too formal. But her casual clothing consisted mostly of scant pieces of cloth or leather, just enough to cover the more private bits of her anatomy. That didn't seem appropriate either. So she'd taken a long time to decide what sort of clothing she could be comfortable in that would not make the other women uncomfortable. It had been a difficult decision, but she'd eventually settled on a pair of loosely fitting black pants and a flow-y pink top that she picked at random.

Nora was there when Me'Shlaht reached the meeting place near the fountain, but she didn't see anyone else.

Vita was glad to have a chance to get off the ship and relax. The message about a 'girls night' seemed like a good chance to socialize and relax. Although the idea did seemed bit a sexist she was sure that some of the male crewman would have equally as enjoyed the night out, as she walked along the promenade she remembered her academy roommate in her first year, a very excited blond human who identified herself as a 'valley-girl' had always loved the girls night, a hold over from Earth's past when social engagements were apparently separated by gender.

The black dress she was wearing flowed just past her knees as she came up to the fountain, she gave a friendly smile to the somewhat intimating security chief, and seat down on the edge of the fountain. "Anyone else glad to be off the ship for a bit?"

Xiulan was glad that someone had chosen to speak, because she was getting worried that she had shown up at the wrong place. She heard the fountain and noticed some blobs of heat as she approached with her cane guiding her, but hearing a familiar voice was very reassuring. "I miss the familiarity of the ship, but I can't complain," Xiulan chimed in as she collected with the forming group. While the others had decided to dress nice, Xiulan didn't really get the whole 'girls night out' thing so she was the epitome of dressing down; her hair was down, including her shaggy bangs which covered her eyes, she wore heavy-soled leather sandals and a pair of over-sized khaki shorts that went well past her knees, and a green tank top with an over-sized fleece hoodie jacket.

Jacobs grinned as she approached the group, with Valywen in tow. Leigh wore grey slacks with a black halter top and her hair worn down. Valywen was dressed in a dress of Janoasian fashion that was peach in color with a floral print design that she had managed to replicate with some help from Nora. "It is nice to be able to walk more than a fet feet and not come to a bulkhead," Leigh agreed.

"This place is amazing!" Valywen shrieked in awe, looking around at all the different people and technology.

"So, any suggestions on what we do first?" Leigh asked the group, wanting to get a feel of their desires.

"I vote for anything related to food," Xiulan answered simply. "Especially if there's coffee involved."

"I've never seen so many places to eat." Me'Shlaht looked around, a bit in awe of this place. She didn't drink coffee, and probably none of these restaurants carried any sort of nepata beverage. But she smelled plenty of cooking meat around, and she could be happy with that.

"Food it is then," Leigh said before looking around and spotting a restaurant called Venus Diner. "How about Venus Diner? I have heard good things about it. They serve coffee, as well as a good selection of meat on their menu.. She looked at Me'Shlaht with a grin.

"As long as they have meat, anything is fine." Me'Shlaht smiled back, trying not to look like a predator about to eat its prey. At the same time, she wondered how the Venus Diner felt about carnivores like Ferasans.

"I like meat," Xiulan chimed in simply, nodding her approval.

Vita lead the group in the direction of the restaurant and asked the host for a table. The young Bolian girl lead the group to a larger circular table near the back.

Xiulan held on to a random arm as she followed, hoping not to trip on anything and make a fool of herself.

"Hello ladies, I'm Tor'Jen and I'll be you're server this evening, can I get you something to drink?" The server said coming to the table as the ladies took their seats.

"Do you have nepata tea?" Me'Shlaht paused to consider what the answer would be, slowly realizing how unlikely that would be. "If not, water is quite fine."

"Coffee, double strong, splash of milk," Xiulan said as she settled in at her seat. "Nepata tea, isn't that basically catnip? Doesn't that make you trip balls?" she asked bluntly.

"I'm Ferasan. Our tolerance is higher than that of the Caitians, but yes... if I drink enough. One cup is only enough to relax our more..." Me'Shlaht paused, thinking of a good way to say it. "Aggressive tendencies."

Jacobs laughed while Valywen looked confused. "Is it safe to be around this...officer?" Valywen asked with a worried tone.

"It's perfectly safe," Nora reassured Valywen and then looked at the waiter. "I'll have a gin and tonic."

"Same," Vita chimed in.

"I'll have a Mai Tai," Leigh ordered.

Valywen looked at the menu. "Oh, I'll have this Tamarian Sunrise. That looks good."

"Good choice," Leigh complimented.

Me'Shlaht grinned at Valywen, though her ears flopped a bit sadly at the question of whether she was safe to be around.

"Hey, new girl, how do we know we're safe around you?" Xiulan said in a show of solidarity for her fellow officer. "After all, we don't know much about you. For we know, you could kill us with your brain," she pointed out.

"The medical scans likely would have revelled something to indicate higher psionic abilities." Vita added.

"I do not possess such power," Valywen began. "But if I had, I probably would have used it the first time I saw you all--even now, you're still a bit strange to me. It's hard to process so many different aliens."

"Yeah yeah, so when do we get food?" Xiulan said to move things along. She had her Braille PADD sitting atop her menu so she could 'read' it with her fingers. "I wonder if they can make really big burgers with lots of bacon, that sounds really good..."

"A burger with... bacon?" Meat topped with more meat, where did people get these ideas? Izze had never put bacon on anything. Me'Shlaht seemed to brighten a little as she turned her attention to the menu. She knew that a burger usually had a bun, but she could always ask them not to bring the bread out with it. And then she saw that they had steaks and chops! Including something called a lamb chop. Somehow, she'd never heard of such a thing. "What is 'lamb?' What does that taste like?"

"It's a baby sheep, a delicious meaty creature from Earth," Xiulan replied candidly. "They're raised primarily for their wool, which is sheered, but they are still very tasty. Mmmm, lamb... Or burger? Such a hard decision!"

"Oh, we had something like that on Trill." And it was delicious too, but Me'Shlaht wasn't sure if it would be quite the same. Either way, it was intriguing to her, so she settled that as her decision and then skimmed over the sides. Most were vegetables and noodles. Things she didn't care for and couldn't eat anyway.

Vita was amused by how quickly the conversation turned to all things meat. Looking through the menu she settled on the chicken pad thai.

Leigh looked at the menu and decided on the Maple-glazed salmon and pineapple.

Nora hummed as she scanned over the list before coming to decide on the spaghetti.

Valywen looked at the strange menu--none of the words made any sense to her. "Um...what is dog? Is it really a dog?"

Leigh laughed in response.

The waiter returned with drinks and set them on the table. "Are we ready to order or do we need a few more minutes?"

"Double cheeseburger with bacon, mayo and pickles, and a plate of fries with cheese and double bacon," Xiulan said without waiting for the others. "And can I get an extra plate of bacon, just in case it's not enough bacon."

Vita smirked, "Chicken pad thai extra spicy."

Leigh, Nora, and Valywen gave their orders. "It will be nice to have good food, finally," Leigh admitted.

It was Me'Shlaht's turn, and she hesitated for just a moment. "I would like the lamb, cooked as rare as possible. With a salmon filet, please."

"I'll get those put in right away." The waiter said with a nod before walking away from the table.

"So, I've never done a girls' night out sort of thing," Xiulan admitted when she heard the waiter shuffle off. "What happens during one of these things?"

"Anything, really," Jacobs said. "It's mostly about just having fun."

"Oh, does that mean we'll be doing some mud wrestling later? Because that would be fun," Xiulan suggested.

"I'll pass on the mud wrestling, gets stuck in the antenna and I'll be off balance for a week." Vita said as he she took a long sip, form her drink.

"I wouldn't have thought you were a fan of wrestling in the mud. Especially after your colorful complaining about the swamp on Janos Three when you were deploying that distress beacon," Leigh chuckled.

"Well a swamp is different!" Xiulan declared. "A swamp is muck, and it stinks, and it's deeper than it looks, and I can't swim," she explained. "But mud wrestling is surprisingly clean. It's actually a mix of clays to give it slip so it's harder to hold onto your opponent. Very fun! But if that's not your cup of tea, we could do Jell-o or pudding, which taste much better anyway."

"I think you have very difference ideas about what girls night entails that it does in my experience. It's usually a lot of shots and then dancing to obnoxiously loud music." Vita replied.

"I don't really dance, but I'm good with shots; never met an alcohol I didn't like," Xiulan replied with a nod.

"Except Bloodwine. I can't stand the stuff," Leigh replied.

"I hear they use real blood when making it," Nora interjected.

"Ok, I kinda have to agree with you there, bloodwine is definitely an acquired taste," Xiulan said in agreement.

The waiter returned with the food, setting them down on the table. "Here you go, ladies. Enjoy," he said with a slight bow before turning and leaving.

Leigh took a sip of her Mai Tai, savoring the taste before beginning to take a bite of her food. "Is there anything anyone wants to do after this?" she said after taking a moment to swallow a bite of food.

"I heard there's a new Risan club that opened recently, we could check it out." Vita suggested.

"Will there be lots of loud music?" Xiulan asked around a mouthful of bacon.

"What does one do at a 'club'?" Me'Shlaht inquired around a mouthful of salmon.

"Mostly dance and drink," Leigh answered.

"Risian clubs tend to be a bit more low key, the musics isn't generally as overpoweringly loud as some clubs, but yes usually involving dancing and drinks and hanging out." VIta added.

"That sounds like fun," Valywen said, before downing a long sip of her drink.

Me'Shlaht shrugged. "Okay. Why don't we go there and check it out?"


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