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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Fri Jul 27th, 2018 @ 8:23pm by Deacon Kane & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Mission: Stranded
Location: Valiant's Intel Center
Timeline: After 'Silent Goodbyes'

Deacon entered the IC (Intelligence Center) somewhat tentatively. It was small, but still a hell of a lot bigger that he'd expect in a ship this size. Seeing Loughheed, Deacon approached him, knuckling his brow in what he hoped would pass as a salute, "Lieutenant" he said to the human, "FIgured it was time we talked so you can see what you inherited."

Evan looked up from his terminal where he was compiling his after-action report on the mission for SFI. He was glad it fell to the Captain to explain why they had brought a person from a prewarp world home with them instead of him. "Ah, Mister Kane, grab a seat." He said gesturing to one of the empty chairs.

"Thank-you Sir. " Deacon replied as he sat down, "Both for the hospitality and the potential billet. Hope you didn't have to stretch you neck out on my behalf."

"Well until you're officially reactive in the service you're a 'civilian observer' as far as Starfleet Command is concerned. That being said where you observe from depends on the decision of myself and the Captain. Bureaucratic loophole" The Lieutenant replied.

Deacon smiled, it was good to find a practical officer, "Well Lieutenant, Loopholes tend to be the cornerstone of our craft, any particular thing you'd like me to apply my observational talents too?"

"At the moment no, we're en-route back to starbase to repair and hopefully give the crew a bit of down time. I've given you access to the computers, try not dig around in anything classified, even if we don't catch it right away we usually figure it out." Lougheed said, "Same for commandeering sensors, I know you've been on your own for quite some time but chances are if you need access to something myself or the Captain will give it to you. It will make our case for keeping you with us easier if you don't have an infraction sheet going by the time we reach starbase." He added with a smirk.

"No problems Lieutenant, Will ask before I do from now on." Deacon turned slightly green in embarrassment. Taking the authorization from the intel officer he added, "I'll drop this up to security, Need to check on those blades you guys confiscated, been carrying them for the past 20 odd years and wouldn't want to see them recycled." Biting his tongue between his teeth, Deacon cocked an eyebrow before continuing, "I do have one request, could you clear some time for me in the SSES (Ship's Signals Exploitation Space) just want to listen to the raw feed so I can get up to speed with what's going on in the territories."

Lougheed nodded, "It shouldn't be an issue."

"Well I thank you again Lieutenant," Deacon replied taking a measure of the officer as he knew Lougheed was taking his. So far the Rigellian was happy with what he saw. Too many Intel officers he met over the years tended to be good at mixing Martinis but little else. This human appeared to be one of the professionals. Picking up the authorizations he looked at Loughhhed and said, "I'll run these over to security with my biometrics so everyone's on the same page. Again thanks for you confidence, sir. It feels good to be an 'almost spook' again."

The Lieutenant smirked, "Just be glad you don't get stuck will all the paperwork." He said gesturing to a pile of padds in the proverbial 'In Box'.

"That is the privileges of rank, Lieutenant." Deacon replied, as he left for the security office"Speaking off which, I'll send you a report if I dredge up anything interesting from the SSSES"

"Thank you Mister Kane." Lougheed replied grabbing the next PADD off the pile that needed his attention.


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