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Stranded, no longer

Posted on Thu Jul 19th, 2018 @ 12:25am by Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Deacon Kane & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss & Valywen

Mission: Stranded
Location: Bridge; USS Valiant; Janos III
Timeline: Current

Jacobs dropped into the command chair as main power came back online. 'Engineering did it!' she thought with relief. "Lieutenant Song, get a lock onto the rescue team and transport them aboard.

Without a word, Xiulan was focused on her task as she checked that all systems were operational before initiating the pattern lock and transport of the Away Team. "Transport complete; Away Team plus the local and the hitchhiker are aboard, Captain," Xiulan reported, then quickly set about to restoring order to the ship now that they had power.

The news of another person on this planet who was not a part of her crew troubled Leigh as she sighed. "Lieutenant Me'Shlaht, have security officers meet our newcomer and escort him to the brig as a precaution until I can meet with him and have him verified."

"Yes, ma'am. They are on their way, and I will meet them in the brig," Me'Shlaht's unmistakable voice purred over communications.

"Commander S'Rohass," Jacobs called to her XO and helmsman. "Blue Alert. Get us off of this rock. All available power."

"At once, Captain!" Arturo said, taking his seat at the helm and working the controls. "I am turning off all of the running lights. I can't keep the noise down, though, so we shall have to resign ourselves to being a UFO legend on this planet. And...we're off."

There was a brief moment of disorientation and pressure as the inertial dampeners struggled to adjust to Arturo's swift lift off and steep ascent, then everything was normal.

"At our current rate of speed, we'll be out of the atmosphere soon," Arturo said. "Where would you like to go once we get there?"

"Put us into high geosynchronous orbit until our guest, Valywen gets on the bridge," Jacobs said.

"Aye, aye, Captain," Arturo replied as his fingers flew over his console.

[Transporter Room]

Lougheed stepped off the transporter pad happy to be back aboard the ship. He nodded to the Security Chief who was standing by, "Valywen please come with me to the Bridge." He said to the guest while Security addressed the unconscious man who claimed to be SFI. The Lieutenant would speak with him once he was awake, regardless of who he claimed to be the presence of a non-native humanoid on a pre-warp planet was a cause of concern.

"Um, ok," Valywen said as she nervously followed the alien. "What kind of magic did you use to get aboard your ship?"

"Not magic just technology." The Intelligence chief said as he lead the visitor out of the transporter room and towards the bridge.


Colt lay the presumed to be unconscious SFI operative, if that's what he was, on the deck. He took a minute and felt up the man's coat.

"That's what I thought," he said. "Body armor...Gorn, maybe? Not sure, but probably enough to absorb some of that phaser stun."

Colt stepped back from the supposed spy and let the masters-at-arms put the man in wrist restraints.

"You awake, friend?" Colt said. "It would be truly inconsiderate to make these kids carry you all the way to the brig if you're awake enough to walk."

Deacon smiled weakly, "Sorry force of habit, be amazed what people say when they think you're out." Painfully he got to his feet, rubbling his chest, seeing the phaser burn on his coat he sighed, calf skin made by some of the finest leather workers in Castan, "My step daughter gave me this last year," Looking back at Colt he nodded, "Gorn, at least the interior mesh and plates are. She hated the old shell," he added fairly sure he could buff out the worst of it, "Truth be told it had seen better days."

Looking at Colt closely Deacon narrowed his eyes for a moment and laughed, "Well It's been a while 'Farmer' not playing with Marines anymore?" He asked, "MSOT, 2nd Battalion, you were the medic, I think." nodding he clicked his teeth, "You stabilized my asset. Fuck'en A, small universe."

"Kane?!?," Colt replied. "Deacon Kane? Prime Number, it's been what? Over twenty years, at least. I heard you disappeared not long after we parted ways. What were you doing on that planet? Hang on."

Deacon looked at the senior chief wondering where to start, finally he smiled knowing the debrief he was in for, "Mixing concrete and smoking pot." With a slightly maniacal laugh he shrugged as Colt turned to the masters-at-arms.

"No need for the restraints," he said. "I'll take the heat from from your boss. I think we can trust Deacon here not to do anything dumb. Go ahead and take him to the brig, though, just in case. Get his biometrics, retina scan, prints, DNA, etc. Oh, and make sure to tell your boss that we'll meet her in Security. Sorry, Deake, but you've been missing for almost twenty years. A lot can happen in twenty years. Pretty sure the Captain is going to want to talk to you and we need to check your details with SFI and see what they want us to do. Nothing personal. Besides, the brig on this boat is almost more comfortable than the crew quarters."

"Well 'Farmer,' at least you know it's not the first cell i've slept in," Deacon replied, not believing he was actually going to be free finally of Janos III. His eyes suddenly took on somber tone as he thought of Sisaa, Rialan, the grandkids, friends,,,enemies. Sighing he looked at security, "Shall we go?"

"Probably won't be the last one, either," Colt said. "But I'll do what I can to make this a short stay. Well, let's get going."

Colt indicated that the MAs should escort Deacon out ahead of him. If Kane had gone bad in the last twenty odd years, Colt didn't want the man behind him.


One of the perks of a Defiant class was how quickly you could get to just about any location. Entering the bridge Lougheed was very happy to see that the view screen showed the atmosphere already thinning as the vessel quickly rose from the planet. "Captain, we were successful in our recovery." Indicating to Valywen.

Leigh nodded. "Good work, lieutenant." Leigh then looked at Valywen. "You are quite the local troublemaker aren't you?"

Valywen shrugged. "I believe what I believe. I will not be told to believe something just because some hag tells me I should believe something different because religion demands it. I am my own person."

Leigh couldn't help but grin--she admired the woman. "Is there anywhere on the planet that you would like for us to transport you? Someplace where you will be safer?"

Valywen shook her head sadly. "No. Individuals like me are sought out, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed for their beliefs. No place is safe." She then ran towards the view screen at seeing Janos III. "Are...are we above the heavens? Among the stars?"

"Yes," Leigh nodded, attempting to imagine what it would be like to see space for the first time. Space had, for as long as she remembered, second nature to her--no different than stepping outside from a house. She then thought to her Academy Terran History Class, recalling a period in Earth's history similar to what Valywen's planet was going through called an Inquisition. She could not in good judgement send Valywen back to almost certain death, even Doctor Samar had stated that with the amount of time a mind wipe would be risky and either leave some memories in tact or wipe too many and endangering her more if she returned. She placed her hands on her hips and let out a long sigh, knowing what she asked next would jeopardize her career. "Valywen, would you care to stay aboard?"

Valywen turned and looked at Leigh in shock. She had no real friends on her planet due to her beliefs and here, she could learn so much more! "Yes! I would love to stay aboard your ship!"

"Alright. I'll see if we can assign you some quarters. Welcome aboard the USS Valiant," Leigh replied.

"Valiant...I like the ship's name," Valywen smiled.

"I'm glad I'm not the one filling the paper work out for that." Lougheed said to the CO with a smirk as he moved to take his station.

=/\= "Engineering to Bridge, Lieutenant Zh'challis here. We've got warp drive online, but the best we can do is about warp 3 at least for the first bit. We've got quite a bit of structural damage on the ventral side as well, so if we can keep the acrobatics to a minimum it would be advise." =/\=

"You did help rescue her," Leigh grinned, watching her CIO take his station. She then tapped her comm badge. "Understood Engineering. Commander Jacobs, out." She then turned to Arturo. "Set a course for Starbase 239. Warp 3."

"At once, Captain," Arturo replied. His fingers flew over his console and the Valiant responded by breaking orbit and going to warp. "Warp One, Warp One Point Five, Warp Two, Warp Two Point Five...Warp Three and holding Captain, course set for Starbase 239 as ordered."

"I'll track down some temporary quarters for Miss Valywen here." Lougheed said rising from his station as the ship accelerated to warp, definitely not as smoothly as it normally did.

"Thank you, lieutenant," Leigh said as she watched Valywen hesitantly follow Lougheed off of the bridge.

The Lieutenant checked with the roster, there was a single cabin currently unoccupied, so he lead her there. Opening the door he moved to let Valywen enter. "It's not much this class of ship is very short on space, but it will be all yours. Unfortunately we can't give you access to our records system, but if you press this blue button." He said gesturing to a comm panel "and ask to speak to me Evan Lougheed, I can arrange for anything you need."

"Thank you." Valywen said with a grin before turning and looking at the small room.


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