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Difficult Dilemma

Posted on Tue Jun 26th, 2018 @ 1:45am by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Ensign Sienna Nora & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Alara Samar & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: Stranded
Location: Outside of the USS Valiant

Leigh stood outside the ship with her arms crossed, looking up at the stars in the dark sky. They had only been here for just over 24 hours and a part of her wondered if they would ever get off this planet. Admiral Robertson would surely have a field day once he read the after action report that she would have to submit. Rapidly approaching footsteps caught her attention, as well as that of several guards, who drew their phasers as a precaution. Two figures emerged from the nearby foliage--minus a woman. She could sense that something was wrong. "What happened? Where is Valywen?" she asked, uncrossing her arms and approaching the two.

Colt seriously considered throwing Lougheed under the bus, but he figured he'd be fair and bank the favor for later.

"It's a good news, bad news situation, Captain," Colt said, handing the bag of crystals to a master-at-arms and telling them to run them to engineering. "The good news is that we got the crystals, as you can see. The bad news is that Valywen was grabbed up by what looked to me like a lynch mob just as we were making our exit. We considered going after them, we both really wanted to, but Lieutenant Lougheed wisely counseled caution due to Prime Directive concerns. If we can work out the PD snaggle, we'd both like to go and get her. She helped us when she didn't have to. We owe her one."

Okay, so Colt threw Evan under the bus just a little, but not enough to make him look too bad. Colt figured Jacobs would like that the lieutenant had kept his head in a tough situation.

Jacobs was silent for a minute, placing her hands on her hips. The Prime Directive strictly forbade anyone from interfering with a pre-warp civilization in any capacity. Therefore, the Prime Directive would state that Valywen should be left to her fate at the hands of the mob while Colt was right. The woman had helped her team with the crystals. "Call a staff meeting on the Bridge in ten minutes," Jacobs ordered as she turned and headed for the airlock.

"Aye, aye, Captain," Colt said. Colt tapped his commbadge. "Xan to the Bridge."

"Go ahead, Senior," a voice replied.

"The Captain would like to see the available senior staff on the Bridge in ten mike," Colt said.

"Acknowledged. We'll put out the call."


Jacobs stood behind her chair with her hands placed on the back as she waited for the senior staff to gather.

Arturo arrived on the Bridge followed by Chief Xan.

"Captain," Arturo said. "I understand from Chief Xan that our friend Valywen has become a bit of a damsel in distress!"

Colt shook his head and smiled.

"Captain," he said. "I swear by the Prime Number that I absolutely did not use the term 'damsel' to describe Valywen."

"Don't read anything into it, that's just how he talks," Xiulan said as she walked in from the Bridge. Once she found an empty seat, she folded up her cane and settled in. "So if everyone is back, does this mean we at least have the crystals we need to leave the planet?" she asked.

"Yes. Engineering is installing them as we speak," Jacobs replied. She then looked at Colt. "One more remark like that, Mister and you'll be wearing a dress as punishment," she smirked.

Lougheed was leaning against the bulkhead, glad that most of his disguise had been removed and his ears finally had stopped itching. "From what we saw in the town, Valywen was arrested, although I use that term loosely, for her general lack of belief or respect in the predominant religious beliefs of this species. Her arrest, was not related to her role in helping us, but rather her previous actions. The PD would therefore bar intervening, the unfortunate truth is that we don't have the right to police the beliefs of other races, and especially not a prewarp civilization."

Doctor Alara Samar couldn't help but overhear as she made her grand entrance with a paper cup of steaming coffee. "I'm forced to agree, though that does explain her lifelong injuries, lack of multiple STDs and STIs, and her willingness to help us. She handled meeting us all too well, in fact." Sipping at her coffee, she motioned to the rest of the officers assembled. "And we still have the problem of me not having wiped her memory. If she's tortured and she tells them where we are before we're able to leave and they come looking..." Alara calmly sipped at her coffee a bit more. "Either way, She's likely to be put to death for being a heretic in this planet's system. Especially after what she's seen. That might wrap up the initial Prime Directive violation..."

Jacobs sighed. The thought of Valywen being tortured and killed for her beliefs sickened her. Yet, the Prime Directive as well as Starfleet General Order 34 forbid her from interfering. Yet, she was never one to leave someone behind--one who had helped her crew. Doctor Samar was also right in that Valywen could tell her people about the Valiant if tortured. "Well, I'm informing you all that I intend to violate the Prime Directive by transporting her safely aboard the Valiant as soon as we restore main power. Then once we reach orbit, we can find a safe place to beam her down to."

"If we beam her out we run the risk of that being seen, the effects of our transporters could definitely be construed as magic, especially if she is being held in a jail of some sort." The Intelligence Chief remarked.

"Well," Colt said. "If that leaves us with an old fashioned jail break, I'm on board for that. I'm sure Commander S'Rohass would be on board for that, too, but the last thing we need is to avoid the magical disappearing act by transporter only to replace it with sightings of a were-feline prowling the town."

Arturo chuckled.

"Sure," he said. "Take from me the opportunity to become one of this planet's legends! See if I care!"

Colt laughed in response to the little Caitian's attempt at humor.

"Just doing my part, Commander," he said. Colt turned to Jacobs. "In all seriousness, Captain, this is the kind of thing I was trained for. If we're going to snatch Valywen from the slammer, I'm in."

"Very well. Make it quick and once you're away from the town, we'll hopefully have power restored and transport you aboard. Take Lougheed with you," Jacobs said.

The Lougheed nodded, "I take it this means I'm getting my ears back?"

Colt laughed.

"Could be worse, Lieutenant," he said. "Valywen's people could have had both long ears AND long noses! Can you imagine trying to peer covertly through bushes and around corners with a nose that's a foot long? Anyway, see you in Sickbay, sir. With your permission, Captain, I'm going to go get started."


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