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Where We Stand Now...

Posted on Mon May 14th, 2018 @ 2:28am by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Ensign Sienna Nora & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Alara Samar & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Lieutenant JG Lucius & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: Stranded
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: Current

"All officers to the conference room forthwith," came the call over the intercom. Arturo didn't need to hear the announcement, as he was making it per Commander Jacobs' request. She'd sent him ahead. Work had been done, information had been gathered, and it was time now to compare notes and decide how to proceed. Arturo sat patiently in his seat at the table, absentmindedly tapping his claws on the table.

Colt wasn't an officer, but in his role representing the enlisted personnel on the Valiant, and as the highest ranking non-commissioned officer aboard, he attended these types of meetings. He entered the conference room and took a seat on the opposite side of the table from Arturo.

"Commander," he said, suppressing a grin. He had a hard time not at least smiling whenever he encountered the diminutive Catian. He was just so... cute and cuddly looking. If Colt's interests leaned that way, he might be jealous of Lieutenant Song.

"Welcome, Chief!" Arturo said. He hoped people would arrive soon. The sooner they got their act together and got off of this planet, the better. As it was, they were sitting ducks, easy prey for any bandits, brigands, or road agents that might happen along!

Jacobs entered much too small briefing room. "Commander. Chief," she greeted.

"Captain," Arturo replied.

Lieutenant JG Lucius wasn't far behind Commander Jacobs. He took the first open seat at the table and dropped the PaDD he was carrying on the surface. He looked tired and felt much the same. He didn't really even know what time it was, much less what day.

"Welcome, Lieutenant Lucius," Arturo said.

"Thank you, Commander S'Rohass," Lucius said softly.

When Xiulan Song entered the room, it was with a sour expression; it had been her responsibility to set up a communication beacon outside the ship, but that also meant walking around in the swamp, and for much of that she was utterly blind. The Security detail assigned to assist her had been less than helpful, but the beacon was up and running so she did her best to write the whole experience off, but nothing could erase the smell of swamp water from her hair, apparently even after a run through the sonic shower.

"Hey," Xiulan said simply to whoever might already be gathered at the table. She found a chair, and with the hope that she wasn't about to sit in someone'e lap, she pulled the chair out; she was glad to find that the chair moved with little resistance meaning it was empty, so she promptly parked her perky posterior in the chair and tried not to scowl.

Lougheed had been on the bridge monitoring the feed from the drone, so far they had found trace but evenly spread levels of di-lith, it was promising hopefully they could find large deposits and get off this planet soon. He nodded to the XO and took his seat at the table.

"Xiulan," Arturo said, glad that she couldn't see his nose wrinkle at her current scent. He didn't say anything. It was much less noticeable than it was earlier when she first came back inside. Besides, Arturo had no intention of sleeping in the corridor tonight. "Lieutenant Lougheed."

"Good work on getting the beacon set up, Lieutenant Song," Jacobs replied with a slight grin as they waited for the rest of the staff to arrive.

"Yeah, anytime..." Xiulan replied dryly; why did she get the feeling that everyone was grinning at her expense? "Next time I gotta go out, can I take Arturo with me? He's less likely to let me fall into the swamp, and if he does it anyway then I'm taking him with me, because you know, misery loves company and all."

"Of course you can," Arturo said. "I, of course, would gladly fall into a swamp for you!"

"Before anyone else goes into the swamp, I'll need to check those that have for insect borne pathogens first," Doctor Alara Samar commented as she entered. Taking one of the empty seats, she set her coffee mug in front of her, the freshly brewed drink steaming deliciously. "Sorry if I'm late - I forgot how long it takes to boil water to make coffee the old fashioned way."

"As long as you are here, Doctor, that's all that matters at this point," Arturo said. "Shall we begin? Captain? Would you like to start, or shall I?"

Jacobs remained standing and paced. "Alright, here is where we're at thus far. As you're all aware, we're still stranded, having found out that the spacial anomaly that we hit, managed to not only knock out our main power grid but also fry out dilithium crystals. We can't recrystallize them but there seems to be a nearby source of dilithium being mined with the natives using the crystals as jewelry. We need a way into the mine without being spotted. Lieutenant Song has deployed a distress beacon nearby but we are unable to determine if anyone is even receiving it. So, does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed? In my opinion, I'm tempted to wake up our guest and see if she is willing to help us. And I know that idea goes against the Prime Directive but if we're discovered, we will have made an even greater breach of the Directive."

"Starfleet medical officers have had some success chemically erasing memories from the minds of certain subjects when the Prime Directive has been violated," Arturo said. "Could we do something like that here, Doctor?"

"We can, however the more I have to erase, the more risk I run of damaging the poor girl's mind completely. Her physiology isn't too far off of our own that I can erase a few hours easily enough. Maybe a day. Anything more than that..." Alara shook her head and held her hands up. "Without better facilities, it's guesswork."

Me'Shlaht was late coming in, having stopped to ensure their guest was still safely secured. Her nose twitched upon entering, but she didn't comment on the swampy scent in the room. Nor did she care where it was coming from. Whoever it was would not want the additional attention. Finding an empty chair, she sat down at the table and let her tail curl into her lap.

"There are also many cases where Starfleet Captains have breached the prime directive to save their crew, there is the possibility that this young woman would help us and then never tell anyway. If the exposure is limited to her, and to be blunt, who would believe her if she told them. From what we've seen this race is very primitive," Lougheed chimed in.

Arturo turned to Leigh. "Then perhaps you and I should approach our guest and secure her assistance," Arturo said. "Without much data on the locals, if we don't gather intelligence from our elvish friend, we risk greater violations of the Prime Directive. Mister Lougheed and Chief Xan should also be present. If she's fit to leave Sickbay, perhaps this conference room might be a more appropriate place for such a conversation?"

"We could lie to her," Xiulan chimed in with a shrug. "Maybe we could wake her away from the ship, and if we're dressed like locals we could say we're from a neighboring tribe and that we're lost?"

Leigh thought about the idea for a moment. "We don't yet know enough about these people to put together an effective lie. Let's wake her up. Commander S'Rohass, Lieutenant Lougheed, Doctor Samar, and Chief Xan will also be present. But do not overwhelm her... and Commander," she looked at Arturo. "It may be best to let me introduce you--a talking feline may be a bit much for her," she grinned.

"Of course, Captain," Arturo replied. "If there is nothing else, perhaps we should adjourn until after we've met with our guest?"

Jacobs nodded. "If no one has any questions, you're dismissed."


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