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Well I'll be a Dilithium

Posted on Wed Apr 18th, 2018 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant JG Lucius & Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Alara Samar & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss & Ensign Sienna Nora

Mission: Stranded

Leigh marched into engineering and wasn't too thrilled at the moment. "Lieutenant Lucius, what the hell happened? You mentioned something about dilithium?"

Lucius had half of himself shoved into a tight space in a conduit and half of him sticking out into Main Engineering. "The plasma cannon blew the crystal." He said into the conduit, trying to be loud enough for her to still hear him as he worked his way back out of the tight space with the tool he'd been using. He had, what looked like grease, smeared on the front of his uniform and across the bridge of his nose. "I'm sorry Captain. I had no idea. There was no way to predict that was going to happen and of course we have the type of dilithium that can't be replicated. Lieutenant Song is putting out a distress beacon."

"So we have no way to recrystallize it?" Leigh asked. So far the Valiant's mission has been one bad incident after another.

Lucius crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, his face grim and serious. "Yeah, pretty much. We have to find another source or wait for help."

"If we can get one of the shuttles out of the ship we could use it to scout the planet, and system for dilithium," Vita said, coming up to the pair. "If we can find it in system we can hopefully mine and process enough to at least get main power online and get us back to base," the Andorian suggested.

Lucius nodded in agreement, looking between the Captain and Vita. "That."

"Two problems however," Leigh began. "The shuttle bay doors are submerged beneath the ship with not enough room for a shuttle to launch. Second, we don't have the power to transport a shuttle outside."

Doctor Samar, whom had been doing background health and radiation scans during this conversation, piped up as she scanned. "You don't need energy to find it at all. There's enough raw dilithium crystal on that girl in sickbay to power a Nebula class starship." Snapping her tricorder closed, she turned to the group. "No radiation leaks right now, but I'm still picking up signs of residual radiation near the port antimatter injectors. Anyone doing maintenance on them in the future will need an inoculation to be safe."

Vita turned, "Why is this girl carrying dilithium, we've seen no signs that they have matter-antimatter reactor tech."

"She's wearing it as jewelry. Even cavemen like pretty rocks," Alara replied with a slight scoff. "I'm no engineer but if there's enough for a girl like her to be using it as jewelry, it's bound to be common enough to get some choice pieces nearby."

"We have a pair of UAV drones in the cargo bay," Vita said. "They're designed for recon, but I bet with some tweaking we could modify one to search for dilithium near the surface in the immediate area. It would certainly beat tricorder and foot patrols to try to find it."

Leigh nodded. "Do it. There has to be a mine or large source that these dilithium crystals are coming from."

Lucius nodded. "I can help with the UAV drones, if you like, Lieutenant," he offered. "Once we find it, it will take a little bit to get it from its raw state to what we need. So the sooner the better. Although, I am concerned that we're going to piss off the natives if we just go get it. We might want to ask first."

"Let's locate a source and then seek out solutions to obtain it--preferably without being seen if possible. If not," Leigh let out a long sigh. "Then the woman in Sickbay may be our best hope of getting some." Leigh knew that went against the Prime Directive but at the moment, they were stuck on a primitive planet and the longer they stayed, the more likely they would be discovered.

Vita nodded to the Chief and pulled up the specs on the computer she was working on. "We may want Lieutenant Lougheed's help, the UAVs are designed for Intel work."

Lucius nodded in agreement. "Sounds good. I would welcome any help at this point." He shifted his gaze between the Captain and Vita. "We can probably rig the UAVs with the tricoders. Do they have seperate power supplies?" he asked. "I know they already have video... but is that video hooked through the ship's view screens or do we need to modify a PaDD too?"

"I'm sure the Lieutenant would be able to help us sort that out," Vita said.


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