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An Uninvited Guest

Posted on Sat Apr 28th, 2018 @ 1:11am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan & Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Lieutenant Alara Samar & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Valywen

Mission: Stranded
Location: The area surrounding the lagoon
Timeline: Current

Colt was dressed in an unmarked uniform colored in tones that would help him blend into the local terrain. He was wearing a tactical vest and had a compression phaser pistol in a holster on the vest's left breast. The trigger had a sensor that was currently keyed to both Colt's and Evan's biometrics. Only the two of them could activate it. If one of the locals somehow came into possession of it, it wouldn't work for them. Colt had chosen for forgo carrying a rifle or a carbine. He had a canteen, some ration bars, and a knife as well, a small medkit and a tricorder. Most likely, they'd only be going on a short walk, but he was prepared if they needed to go further afield. When Arturo had come to him and changed his orders from accounting for all of the crew to assisting Lieutenant Lougheed in reconnoitering the area, Colt had been pleased. It gave him a chance to keep his skills sharp.

"Ready when you are Lieutenant," Colt said.

Evan nodded to the Senior Chief, "We've cleared the initial LZ of the ship, but there's a ridge line about 5 clicks from the ship to the east. It's possible that someone along the ridge could find us. The Captain wants us to make sure there aren't any prying eyes."


Valywen peered through the foliage. Her ears picked up strange voices nearby. She knelt next to a tree and seemed to hold her breath as she continued to listen. She had been right--the object had been an alien spaceship of some type. She withdrew a small notebook from her dress pocket as she began to take notes on the sounds she was hearing. She swallowed as she crept forward. A moment later, she came to the site of the crashed ship. She let a gasp of shock escape her mouth before quickly covering it and ducking lower in response. The ship was huge and scary looking! She quickly began to make a sketch of the ship in her notebook.


The two men had closed on the ridge and were moving at a good pace, the bright sun was lower in the sky and the temperature had dropped a few degrees from it's afternoon high. "I've got a life sign." Evan said, "600 meters. Looks to be humanoid."

"Well," Colt said. "If we stayed along those rocks over there, we could probably get a closer look at whoever is checking us out."

Evan nodded and the two moved in near silence along the ridge. They circled behind the lifesign who appeared to be on a small vantage observing the ship below.

Valywen looked on in interest at the ship--she had even spotted a blue alien with what appeared to be antennae protruding from it's head! It appeared to be a variety of aliens, not just a single species! Valywen could barely contain her excitement as she sketched what she saw as fast as she could. The fluttering of birds nearby caught her attention as she froze, listening to the silence minus the distant strange voices of the aliens. Then she heard it--a slow crunch from behind. Her eyes went wide with fear as she leapt to her feet and sprinted into the forest, following the ridge line.

Evan and Colt moved into the clearing the Lieutenant had his phaser raised. "The Captain is not going to like to this." The said to the Senior Chief.

Valywen sprinted as fast as she could. She had to make it back to the town to warn the others. She suddenly felt a painful sensation as her vision blacked out before she hit the ground hard.

Colt trotted over to the downed local. He took out his tricorder and scanned her.

"Huh," he said when he got a good look at her. "She kinda looks like an elf. Well, we can't just leave her here. She's going to wake up and just start running, or maybe just stumbling at first, but basically running back to her people and start telling crazy stories about spaceships and people from outer space. I guess we have to take her back with us. She's fine, by the way. The phaser stun didn't hurt far as I can tell. Doctor Samar could say more definitively than me. We going to beam back with her or do you want me to carry her?"

"It's bit of a ways, let's see if the transporters are up yet. If not we'll have to." Evan said. =/\= Lougheed to Vailant, what's the status of transporters? =/\=

There was a short pause. =/\=Transporters and main power are still offline, Lieutenant," came Jacobs' reply. "What's going on?"

"Guess we're hiking back." Lougheed said to Colt. "We've come across a local inhabitant who had found us out. She's been stunned. We're proceeding back to the ship with the local. She appears to have been documenting us and the ship." He said picking up the notebook the girl had been using. "I'm not seeing anything that looks like a communication device so I don't think she's informed anyone else of us, unless she told someone before coming here, it's a bit of a ways from the nearest settlement."

"Get her to sickbay. I'll have Security meet up with you and I'll meet with you in Sickbay. Jacobs, out."

Colt knelt down and picked up the elf woman in his arms, then stood up. His Vulcanoid strength meant that the woman was a very light load to him. He started walking back towards the ship.

"We'd best not keep Commander Jacobs waiting," he said to Lougheed as he passed the lieutenant.



Jacobs arrived in sickbay as Colt and Lougheed brought the native woman in. As she was laid down on the biobed, she placed her hands on her hip, looking at the woman as Doctor Samar joined them. "Where did you find her?"

"A rise about three clicks from the ship." Lougheed said handing the woman's notebook to the Captain, "Looks like she was recording observations about the ship, her detail is quite meticulous, but the lack of equipment with her leads me to suspect that she's not some sort of government official or researcher. I think we're pretty safe assuming that she's here on her own and that our existence hasn't become known to the general public of this world."

Jacobs looked through the notebook--the woman was a good artist. "Well that still leaves us the issue of what the hell to do with her." She couldn't kill her and she couldn't allow her to return to her people with her least until they understood the views of the people on this planet in regards to space travel. She could be disregarded as many people on ancient Earth who claimed to be abducted by aliens. She turned to Doctor Samar. "How is she, Doctor?"

Alara had been scanning the woman and monitoring her on the biobed readouts while they talked. "Malnourished and suffering from quite a few old injuries. I'd say she's likely a starving artist of some sort. Her short term memory is similar enough to ours that I'm fairly confidant that I can erase it all. What you do with her after that is up to you."

Leigh tapped the notebook absently in her hand as she thought. "Keep her sedated until we get transporters and main power back online then erase her memory and transport her to a secluded area just outside the closest village. Jacobs sighed--what she wouldn't give for a cloaking device right now. "Let's hope we don't have anymore visitors. Keep up patrols."

"Aye, aye, Ma'am," Colt said. "If you'd like, I can let Lieutenant Me'Shlaht know about our guest. Her people will likely tell her, but I don't want her to feel like we did an end run on her."

Leigh nodded. "Do it, and I want a security guard posted at Sickbay just for safety."

"I'll let her know," Colt said. He walked away so his conversation with the security chief wouldn't disturb the captain and Lougheed. "Xan to Me'Shlaht."

"Me'Shlaht here. What can I do for you, Chief?" Though distinctly predatory as always, Me'Shlaht sounded cheerful. Even friendly. It was like she knew there some sort of interesting security issue already.

"We have an uninvited guest," Colt replied. "The Captain wants a security detail posted in Sickbay to keep an eye on her."

"I will be there to evaluate our guest and assign security detail momentarily. Thank you, Chief." Sure, Me'Shlaht could just send someone. But she liked to personally evaluate a threat before picking out her detail teams. She didn't want to underestimate their guest... or make them feel too threatened either.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Colt replied to the security chief. He then turned to the Captain. "Excuse me, Captain. Lieutenant Me'Shlaht says she's on her way here to set up security for our elf."

Jacobs smiled at the elf comment. "Alright, thank you, Chief."

"Sure thing, Skipper," Colt replied.


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