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History Lessons

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 6:44pm by Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Mission: Tholian Deception
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Prior to Encountering Engine Trouble

Evan was seated at a corner table in the messhall, a large sandwich in front of him and several tablets. He had finished his debrief of the away team and was compiling a second report to SFI following his meeting with the Captain. The excrement had hit the fan so to speak with the higher ups, these Gulak had been an almost completely unknown to SFI, it was never a good day when that happened. He took another bite of the sandwich and washed it down with a mouthful of coffee before turning his attention back to the report.

Officers filed in and out for their meals, most all of them minding their own business, but then came along a peculiar woman in Operations yellow; she was a little on the short side, Asian facial characteristics, but the most striking detail about her was the pale green ocular implants, and her blind stare seemed to indicate that these implants were not working as intended. In her hand was cane to help her navigate and avoid bumping into tables and chairs, but she seemed to be able to avoid the other Officers without any issue. Then she found her way to the replicator and ordered a sandwich and a coffee, and with a hum the order appeared in the bin. The young woman took her order and made her way to an empty table and sat down, folding up her cane and stuffing it into the back of her belt once her meal was safely on the table.

Evan watched the woman navigate the messhall, visual impairments were rare for those in Starfleet, most could be treated or the latest–prosthetics were used. He grabbed another bite of his sandwich before leaving his table and approaching the woman "Lieutenant Song?"

Xiulan raised her head, but never quite looked at him. "Yeah? Who's asking?" she asked in return.

"Lieutenant Lougheed, Chief Intelligence Officer." He said, taking a seat across from her.

"Oh nice, I was gonna come looking for you after my lunch," Xiulan said with a grin. "Captain told me I should talk to you, maybe compare notes about Iconian history and the Gluak. I did a lot of cryptography for Intel out of DS11, Iconians were one of the many topics I had access to; there's lotta information, thought maybe we could find some reference to the Gluak and how they fit in in this sector." As she talked, she opened a bag of potato crisps and began shoving them into her sandwich. Once she was done, she closed the sandwich up and took a big crunchy bite.

"I admit I'm not over familiar with the Iconians, most of the time we focus on races still kicking around in my line of work. I'll let you finish your lunch, why don't we meet in my office in an hour and we can discuss what connections we might be able to find."

"Alright, where's your office?" Xiulan replied, still chewing on a bit of sandwich.

"Deck 2 Section 14." He said, "I'll meet you there when you're done." He said with a smile before grabbing his things and heading to his office to get squared away.

"Alright, I'll be there," Xiulan replied, then took another bite of her crunchy sandwich.

Intelligence Office
45 Minutes Later

Evan was seated behind the desk, the small intelligence office for the ship was a modified cabin. It featured a main desk and a few wall stations, a small heavy duty computer core isolated from the main core was built into the main desk. A single PADD was on the desk and a large mug of coffee was sitting next as he finished couple more reports.

Xiulan hoped she was in the right place; her first time on a new ship was always awkward, lots of mistake were often made even when asking for directions, but she came bearing gifts this time, two lidded coffee cups stacked one on top of the other in her free hand, so she really hoped she hadn't rung the wrong door this time.

"Come." Evan said as the door opened and allowed the other officer entrance. "Have a seat Lieutenant. I'd offer to get you something but you seem to have come prepared."

Xiulan set the stacked cups on the desk, then set one in front of Evan. "Though you might like a fresh cup," Xiulan said, then she felt around for a chair and sat down. After she put away her cane away, she unzipped her duty jacket to pull out a strange looking PaDD and a data chip, offering him the data chip. "That's what I got regarding Iconians and activity for this sector."

Evan accepted the PADD, he put the data into the intel computer and crossed referenced it with the existing data. "It looks like this planet may have been an Iconian enemy strong hold. They seemed to avoid it by a large swath."

"Hey, just the data is yours, the PaDD's mine," Xiulan said, keeping hold of the PaDD with a lopsided grin. She touched it briefly to the screen he was working from to interface the PaDD as a connected device, then it activated with raised bumps instead of a visual display so she could follow along with her fingers what he was reading. "I did a cursory search for the Gluak, but nothing came up; it's possible they're not mentioned by name, so we would have to search for other cues, like maybe tactics or even reference to their physical characteristics."

"The vessel seemed to be buried in the planets, that's a pretty unusual tactic for a ship that size. Anything in your records on that? or long term hibernation of individuales." He asked.

"That's a pretty distinctive detail, I can work with that," Xiulan replied as she began searching. After a moment of frustrating failure, she sighed. "Nothing yet, but there's still some recovered Iconian text that requires translation, so I'll keep working at this. Not like we have to find the answers today, but it's a start."

"Good, my department is short staffed, as you can, not, see." He said stopping himself, "Anyway, you're more of an expert in this area so I'll let you work, copy me in on any breakthroughs and I'll tie you in on any other connections that crop up."

"Eh, not an expert, just a linguist," Xiulan said with a shrug. And his slip of the tongue didn't bother her, she was used to those kinds of things. "You mind if I come here to work when I'm not on the Bridge? The response times on my searches are fast, so you've got a dedicated computer, right? That'll help as I try to translate the Iconian text."

"More of an expert on the Iconians than I am. Sure, like I said we're not really fully staffed and unless I need to use the core for something it sits idle most of the time." Lougheed said, "I'm due on the bridge but feel free to stay here and work if you'd like."

"Awesome," Xiulan remarked with a grin. "I'll let you know if I find anything."


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