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Doctor's Appointment With the Captain

Posted on Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 @ 9:45pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Alara Samar

Mission: A Valiant Beginning
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Alara had set up her case of tiny glass cacti on the single shelf in her new quarters and unpacked her uniforms and now she was on her way to see the Captain. According to the computer, she was in her office, which according to the map, was in an odd place off the bridge, but still close enough to it to not be too far out of the way. Nodding at the map she carried, Alara certainly was amazed at how space efficient this ship was designed. It was like it was built for nothing but combat. At least she didn't have to use the ladder and tube systems for travel between decks one and two - the engineers were kind enough to include the single amenity this ship seemed to have - a deck ramp.

Also, after further investigation she did eventually find a somewhat concealed refresher and sonic shower. There was also a tiny replicator, but it seemed to only have access to around a dozen drinks. It seemed that if she wanted anything more than coffee or water, she'd have to go to the mess hall.

Pressing the door chime for the Captain's ready room, she flipped the PaDD back over from the ship's map back to her orders.

Jacobs was doing the one thing she hated about commanding a starship--administrative tasks. And with the Valiant undergoing launch preparations, there seemed to be no shortage of them as she looked over the PaDD in her hand that held the Supplies manifest. They would require more than the standard due to their independent mission profile. The chime was a welcome relief as she set the PaDD down on the desk before her. "Enter."

Entering the small office, Alara smiled brightly, straightening the lab coat from the starbase she still wore. She'd have to have the replicators swap the shoulder patch out later. "Captain Jacobs? I'm your new doctor, Lieutenant Samar. I just got my orders and reported as soon as possible." Offering the PaDD with her orders displayed, she continued. "I look forward to working with you and serving aboard this vessel."

Jacobs stood and accepted the PaDD. "Thank you, doctor. Please have a seat?" she said as she gestured to the empty chair near her desk. As Jacobs sat back down, she began looking over the doctor's file.

Taking the offered seat, Alara smoothed out the crease in her uniform pants. She learned in her schooling that sitting prim and proper made people look favorably upon you so it came naturally to her now and that's how she sat in this case - back straight and not touching the back of the chair, ankles crossed and slightly to the side, and knees together. She then waited for the Captain to finish reviewing her records, such as they were.

"Quite impressive, doctor," Jacobs grinned, setting the PaDD down. She took note of the doctor's posture--not many doctors were this disciplined, which impressed her as she hadn't expected it from the other woman. "I would however, suggest that you work on your hand to hand combat abilities or at least learn how to use a phaser better. You are after all, on a warship."

Alara nodded, choosing her words carefully. "I will endeavor to increase my skill with the phaser then. I had one trainer comment that I can be quite surgical with it when up close and personal, but at range I lack the skills needed to reliably hit my target. Of course, at the time, I was thinking of it more as an instrument of healing so that might have made a difference."

"Relax, doctor. I'm not going to bite your head off...yet," she winked with a grin. "Will you require any extra equipment?"

"I haven't been to sickbay yet, but I brought my personal set of tools with me so I'm good on that front. Judging by the rest of the ship, I'm betting the supplies I'll have to work with are spartan and the office cramped at best, but I'll make do. I've been in worse situations, after all." Alara smiled a bit brighter with her reply.

"Good. We may be cramped space wise but we'll have to be ready for any situation which is why we're packing the cargo bay full with supplies. So if there is anything you need, you have my permission as long as we have the space for it. Do you have any questions?"

This was something Alara was definitely prepared for. "Yes actually. Can you share a bit of our actual mission with me? It'll help me tailor my future healthcare plans for the crew if I had an idea of the sort of areas of space we'll be traveling through and the sort of dangers we'll be facing."

Leigh clasped her hands together on her desk. "Our initial mission profile is to patrol outer Federation Territories and safeguard them. Our main patrol sectors will be the Titus, ladara, and Icor Sectors. So we could possibly encounter the Gorn, Klingons, or Tholians."

A serious look crossed Alara's face at the mention of Tholians. "Hmm... Tholians... Their weapons leave some nasty burns. I'll request some radiation treatment kits from the starbase just in case. The Klingons and Gorn we should be well stocked to triage any injury against, but the Tholians... I've seen radiation burns from their weapons from larger ships that just didn't have the right kit available and couldn't replicate it in time and the patient had to be transferred to us at the starbase for complete limb replacement."

Leigh grinned, happy the new doctor was on top of things. "That's good to hear, doctor. Also, there is one more thing that I'm not sure you're aware of is that Starfleet has assigned you the role of executive officer until another qualified officer can be appointed."

"A temporary appointment then?" That almost put a crack in Alara's perfect smile. Almost. She finally got an assignment to go out into the galaxy to help people, it ends up being a combat ship, she's likely going to be the only person on the medical staff, and she's going to be the XO as well? Even if it's going to be temporary, this was a lot to take in. Still, she would persevere - people counted on her and she'd been in far worse situations. "Understood, Captain. When I look over medical records, I'll review personnel records as well then. I'll also brush up on bridge operations and familiarize myself with the layout as soon as I'm able. Is there anything else?"

"No. I'll let you get to work as you will soon have your hands full," Leigh said as she stood and extended her hand "Again, welcome to the Valiant, doctor."

Thank you, Captain. It's good to be here." Standing, Alara flashed her trademark smile and shook the Captain's hand pleasantly.


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