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Gordon Ramsay is my Engineer

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2018 @ 4:38am by Lieutenant JG Lucius & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss

Mission: Tholian Deception
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Before leaving space dock


Lieutenant JG Lucius was about to get everything he had currently wanted. Of course his ambitions went way beyond Chief Engineer, but it was definitely toward the top of his list. He stepped through the door and into Engineering grinning like a madman and rubbing his hands together. He let the doors close behind himself before cupping his hands around his mouth and using them like a megaphone. "EVERYBODY GATHER UP!" Lucius had always loved to be the center of attention, but he wouldn't have put it as such if he had been asked. They crew in front of him was definitely not moving fast enough, nor did he think that they really appreciated how much he was going to make their lives better. He clapped his hands together like that would encourage people to move faster or something.

Once everyone had gathered Lucius cleared his throat. "Greetings everyone. If you don't already know who I am, I am Lieutenant JG Lucius and I'm your Chief Engineer. I want a clean ship people. I'm not here to be your friend. I expect my people to show up on time and do their work. When you are in Engineering you are on MY TIME! Do you understand? When you are on my time you will do what I ask you, when I ask you and without argument. Is that clear? Anyone who wishes to argue will quickly find themselves out of my department. I'm going to come to each and every one of you today and make sure you know how to do your jobs. Do I make myself clear? Do you have any questions?" His tone was not exactly polite and he seemed to be very serious about what he was saying.

Vitaath was standing near the main the console reviewing the matter energy conversions records when the Chief got started. She understood the Chiefs attitude having encountered it before, she'd also seen it bite them in the ass when they were too interested in their own opinions and not open to other ideas. He was the Chief and it was his choice how to run the department.

"Chief," she said, seeing that Lucius was free. "We've finished, reviewing the engine matter-energy conversion logs. We've begun a level 3 diagnostic of the warp systems ahead of our departure."

Lucius was slowly making his way closer and closer towards her as she spoke, occasionally glancing her way and nodding in acknowledgement. "Good... I want those reports sent to my PaDD as soon as they're done." He stepped up next to a young woman working on a console and looked over her shoulder and then looked back at the Andorian female, then did a double take and stared back at the console. He pushed the Ensign out of the way of the console roughly causing her to gasp in surprise. Lucius' fingers flew over the surface of the console. "What in the hells are you trying to do woman?" he yelled at her over his shoulder. "Why don't you just jump in the reactor core! That would make my life a lot easier!" He actually motioned to the reactor in case the Ensign was unsure of its location.

The crewman didn't know what to say, she just stood there, her eyes downcast and her hands shaking. "I'm sorry, sir?" she tried.

"I don't want to hear it! Get out of my sight!" Lucius shoved her out of his way for a second time and stepped toward the Andorian female again. The Ensign slunk off quickly. "Where did they get these people? Do they know anything about what they're doing?" He was staring at Lieutenant JG Zh'challiss as if she might have some kind of answer.

"Talk to the Captain," Vita said, with the diagnostics underway she moved to the damage control station. Well what would be the damage control station when needed, given the small size of the Valiant it was currently displaying secondary system readouts. "We've got some minor power fluctuations in the EPS taps in section 3 delta," she said. "Petty Officer Martinez, grab a kit and come with me."

"Hey!" Lucius shouted. "What level is the EPS tap set to? I've heard that anything less than a level three can cause that. We might need to crank it up a bit. Please be careful what you touch in there." EPS taps could be extremely dangerous and even though they hadn't left space dock, they could still be carrying a backlog of power, just waiting for the right conduit to release it. Any direct current from the ship would more than likely stop the recipient's heart.

Lucius didn't wait for an answer, instead he turned his back and went back to micromanaging everyone else in the room. He had zero tolerance and zero tact. He yelled, insulted, belittled and insulted. "I wouldn't trust you running a bath. Let alone an Engineering console!" He caught one crewman so off guard that the girl burst into tears and ran off as he yelled after her. "I've never ever, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little as you!"

Vita seeing the Chief already changing focus ignored his questions, letting someone still in engineering deal with it as her and Martinez moved into one of the jefferies tubes. Getting to the junction she pulled the panel off as Martinez opened the tool kit and handed her a tricorder. "It looks like we've got a damaged isolinear in the control assembly. Grab me the flux decoupler," she said, accepting the tool. Ten minutes later the pair were crawling back into engineering, the problem solved.

The situation in Engineering had not changed much when Vita and Martinez returned from the jefferies tube. Lucius was still roaming the room and insulting people. "My grandmother could do better! And she's DEAD!" When he spotted the Andorian Lieutenant from earlier he made his way towards her. He pointed a finger at her when he was sure he was close enough for her to hear him. "Good job, Lieutenant Zh'challiss," was all he said.

Vita shook her head and returned to work, this certainly wouldn't be a boring assignment.



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