The plan unfolds

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 11:40pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: Underground cavern on the surface

The grey haired Romulan looked at his reflection in a small puddle of water. He had spent most of his adult life serving the empire and it showed in his wrinkles and the old scar he received from a battle with a Klingon battlecruiser some twenty years ago. He had been a decorated officer and skilled tactician in the Imperial Fleet--one well on his way to becoming an admiral until the Shinzon incident and the Empire began to lean more on outsiders and grow less strict against those who were once considered adversaries. Now he waited for two of such adversaries to show and purchase the Thalaron Explosive. What those poor Klingon bastards didn't know was that they were aiding his plans of making the Empire stronger once again. What these barbaric fools didn't know was the explosive was rigged to fire the moment it was loaded into a torpedo tube and was a unique design in that it was indeed two explosives--one with a set target. One of the colony and the other of the Federation ship in orbit. A grin crossed his face at the Federation blaming the Klingons for the attack which would lead to a war that would strengthen the Empire. He heard the cruching sound of heavy footsteps approaching his position. Looking up, she spotted the two familair shapes of the rouge Klingon agents.

"Tarras! Is the weapon here?" one Klingon asked.


Jacobs entered the brig to find Lougheed speaking with the woman prisoner. 'Have you gotten anything?" she asked.

"A bit," He said moving out of earshot of the woman. "When we showed her the evidence that the weapon was being sold she started to talk. Apparently they're a fundamentalist sect with the Romulan civilization. During the pre-Shinzon, pre-Hobus they generally caused minor political disruptions. Following the break up of the imperial romulan state they've been trying to carve out a small fiefdom for their group. They think the weapon will both give them legitimacy and 'make Romulans strong' again." Evan said.

"Did you find out anything about their leader?" Jacobs asked as she looked at the woman.

"Some, older former military. Apparently a rising star in the navy before the Shinzon incident. Won't give me any more so we don't have much in the way of something to track them with. I would say Thalaron traces are still are most promising lead." Evan replied.

"We still have Lieutenant Rogers and a team on the surface investigating the traces we detected when we arrived in orbit," Jacobs said. "They're about due for a check-in. Try to find out more about this leader--I need to know who I'm dealing with."

"Yes ma'am." He replied and nodded before turning and heading back towards the woman.

"I told you all that I know, Starfleet," the woman said bitterly, watching the human approach her again.

"I think you know more than you realize." Evan said, "Tell me more about your group, how do you communicate?"

"Through various signals, and code words," the woman answered.

"What kind of signals? Public broadcast? encrypted communications? or do you stick to person to person communications?" Lougheed asked.

"No wonder it's so easy to fool you Starfleet types," the woman scoffed before exhaling loudly. "We encrypted code words and in arranging meetings, use simple signals such as markings."

He nodded, "So, how about you arrange a meeting for us." He said knowing it was a long shot. "I think you'd find that your groups leaders have all but disappeared, if they haven't already handed off the weapon they're likely ready to cut and run."

"It won't work. Tarras is no fool--he will know that I have been captured by now," the woman explained. "You don't find Tarras. He finds you."

"Well, let's say we want him to find us. Our goal here is to stop the Klingons from getting the weapon, we're honestly not that concerns with your group, to be blunt you aren't even on our radar. So, why don't you make this easier on yourself, and your group. If not we'll start bringing people in for questioning. Starting with your immediate family and associates." Lougheed replied.

The woman laughed. "As if you would have access to my family that resides in Romulan Space...well out of your reach and jurisdiction Starfleet. And my associates are at the moment also out of your reach as you have no idea who they are." The woman felt a sharp burning sensation from within her. Her eyes went wide with fear as she knew what was coming at having witnessed it occur to other members. She dropped to her knees and began to recite a Romulan Prayer as she knew the inevitable was coming.

"Medical Emergency in the brig." Lougheed said tapping his combadge. He grabbed his tricorder and scanned the woman, her vital signs were becoming erratic, he had seen similar events. Likely some sort of neural toxin, it was likely already too late to do anything to help.

The woman collapsed to the deck, her last thought, cursing Tarras.

"Dammit!" Jacob's cursed, slamming her hand hard against the bulkhead, leaving a stinging sensation. "Why didn't sensors pick up the toxin during transport?"

A pair of medics rushed in, by the time they reached the woman's side the convulsions had stopped. Emerald green blood slowly dripped from her eyes, ears, and nose. "I'm sorry Ma'am, it's too late." One of them said consulting their tricorder and looking to the Commander.

"Understood," she said more in resignation. They had precious little information to act on now.

"Transport the body to the brig, I want a full autopsy and report on the toxin used." Lougheed said.

The pair nodded and began to prepare to move the body.

"I'm sorry, I should have been more thorough when we screened her before brining her aboard." Evan said to Leigh.

Leigh shook her head. "No. Don't be sorry," she sighed, placing her hands on her hips as she watched the body dematerialize in a transporter beam. "Well, we know the leader's name and that he has several agents on the ground, and that he is obviously a fanatical."

"It's more than we had." Lougheed replied, "I'll write the report on this." He added gesturing to the now empty chair where they had been interrogating the prisoner.

"Alright," she sighed before looking at the chronometer. "Damn. I promised the colony's administrator that I would join him for dinner as a courtesy. Care to join me?"

"Why not, think they'll have some decent hooch?" Evan asked.

Jacobs shrugged. "Who knows but while we're there, keep a look out since we know for certain the terrorist cell in on the surface."

He nodded, "I'll see you in the transporter room then." Giving her a smile.