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Wait, Our Leader is doing what now?

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2019 @ 11:36pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: Gharousda Three; Administrator's Office
Timeline: Current

The hum of two transporter beams pierced the silence in the office as Jacobs and Xan materialized in a swirl of blue light that quickly faded. "Ah, Commander Jacobs, welcome to Gharousda Three," Talmim Ansox greeted as he approached Jacobs. The office was adorned with various Romulan and Vulcan art and a few artifacts encased in displays. The room was softly lit, giving a relaxed fell to the place. "I have requested that T'Vok, the Federation Ambassador to Gharousda Three join us. I do hope that is alright with you."

Jacobs nodded. "It is well within Ambassador T'Vok's rights to be here," Jacobs said diplomatically. Personally she hated ambassadors--they were often far too political for her taste. "Allow me to introduce my Chief of Boat, Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan," she gestured to Colt.

"Gentlebeings," Colt said. "It's an honor to meet you both. You have some very interesting pieces of art on display here, Administrator Ansox. That painting over there is--Lady T'Jah, is it not? Quite stunning." Being nice never hurt anyone and since Jacobs opened with 'bad cop' or at least 'I woke up on the wrong side of bed and I don't want to be here' cop, Colt opted for good cop.

"Thank you. It is warming to know that you are familiar with Romulan Art and history," Ansox replied with a grin.

"I'm Rigelian," Colt said. "Or half, anyway. The scenery of the paintings are different, but the styles are similar. And there are a lot of similarities in the sculpting, but the materials are different."

"Let's get to business shall we?" Leigh said.

Ansox nodded. "Yes. What do you know of the issue?"

The subject is of utmost importance. Just before beaming down, my Operations Officer detected traces of Thalaron Radiation just outside of the colony. I've dispatched some of my crew to investigate the area. This points to confirmation that these terrorists are very likely here on Gharousda Three."

Ansox was silent for a moment. "I try to bring my people away from the militaristic xenophobic past of my people to only have them threatened with such. You know, I was once a promising officer in the Imperial Navy, even commanded my own ship at a time--then I opened my eyes and saw the Empire for what it truely was with the aid of the late Ambassador Spock."

Ambassador T'Vok took a few steps forward. "The presence of Thalaron Radiation leads to conclusion that these terrorists must be on the planet. Yet, we cannot inform the public as of yet due to the fear of panic."

Jacobs nodded. "I want permission to search within the colony for these terrorists. I assure you that my crew will be discreet."

"Very well, Commander Jacobs," Ansox replied. "Is there anything else we should know?"

"The USS Phoenix is also en route but they are twelve hours behind us. They are arriving should we need to evacuate the colony quickly," Jacobs explained. "But that is only as a last resort."

Ansox sighed. "I can only pray that it doesn't come to such actions."

"As do I," Jacobs replied. "I will keep you and Ambassador T'Vok informed of our progress."

"Thank you. I would invite you and your officers to dinner this evening if it is possible. Is 1800 Hours good?," Ansox offered.

'Damn,' Jacobs thought. She hated such functions and yet, they were a vital part of being a starship captain. "Thank you. We will accept. Now, if you would excuse me, I really should coordinate my crew in their search efforts."

Ansox nodded. "Very well. I look forward to dinner."

Jacobs nodded and grinned. "As do I," Jacobs replied before exiting the office and stepping into the elevator. "I really hate dealing with politicians," she complained with a slight grin.

"They are a pain in the ass," Colt said. "Diplomats are almost as bad. So, a hunting we will go?"

"For a bit. I want to get the layout and feel of the colony before we transport more people down here. Recent reports indicate that the Romulans here seem to full embrace the teachings of Surak and are truly loyal to the idea of joining the Federation...yet the idea of a Romulan suppressing their emotions is difficult to imagine," Leigh said as they approached the exit to the building.

"Valiant to Commander Jacobs."

"Jacobs, here. What is it, Commander?" came Leigh's voice in response.

"You're about to have a group of ill-tempered guests visit the planet," Arturo said. "A Vor'cha class Klingon starship commanded by a Captain Korath decloaked off of our bow a few moments ago. Apparently our Romulan terrorists, if that's what they are, are trying to sell the Thalaron device to a group of Klingon traitors, if that's what they are. I convinced Korath that we might work together. He and his people could look for the buyers while we pursued the sellers and we could share information. Whether or not they'll follow through on that last part I have no idea. I felt you'd rather have them working with us than rampaging around the colony."

"Thank you, Commander. I'll talk with this Captain Korath as soon as possible to make sure he still doesn't send down search parties to turn the colony upside down. I'll be back on the ship, soon. Keep a close watch on them until then. Jacobs, out," Leigh replied. She wasn't happy that the Klingons came to the party--this was a delicate situation and Klingons never do anything delicately.

"If you'd seen Vulcans back before Surak," Colt said. "You'd probably say the same thing about them. Or my people. They were still pretty much pre-Surak Vulcans when they settled in the Rigel System. They were extremely violent for a time. Then they realized that sex was more fun than violence, and the rest, as the Humans say, is history!"

"So, make love. Not war?" Leigh teased as they stepped out into the colony. The colony from what she could see had all the amenities of a thriving colony. What she could see, a school was located nearby, along with several stores and shops down the road past the school. Other offices were adjacent to the Administrator's Office building.

"That has a nice ring to it," Colt said. "I'll have to remember that. But yes. My ancestors realized we were just going to kill each other off if we kept going the way we were, so we decided to work out all of those powerful Vulcanoid passions in the bedroom... the living room... the dining room... the yard..."

"Alright, alright, I get it," Leigh chuckled, holding up a hand. "Let's see check the marketplace to see if anyone has noticed any newcomers to the colony."

"I'll tag along," Colt said. "Fastest way for things to go all wrong in a hurry is to start going places by yourself. Besides, the last time I let you do that, you got kidnapped."

"I got bored," she grinned with a shrug as they approached the market. Her eyes scanned the immediate area, seeing nothing out of place. She opened her mind, hearing various thoughts--all logical, of course--then a few sexual thoughts belonging to a younger man. "Oops," she said as she turned her attention from the man, who was in the beginning stages of his Pon Farr.

Colt got the annoying feeling someone was watching them. Not just seeing them or looking at them as curiosities. Someone was watching them. He did a little countersurveillance and, sure enough, he saw someone turn away when he caught site of them. Stupid. Or inexperienced. You never look directly at someone you're trying to observe covertly. They always know. "Skip, the young lady in the purple is either entranced by my devastatingly good looks, or yours, or she's tailing us. She seems inexperienced. If we pull a little sleight of hand, get her focused on one of us, the other could probably grab her. All we would need to decide is who's going to the sleight and who's going to be the hand."

"Do what you need," she said. "I'm usually good at making distractions," Leigh said before taking a few steps away from Colt, before pretending to trip and went crashing into a nearby food vendor, sending fruits and vegetables flying.

Colt ghosted and, while their new friend was distracted by Leigh, Colt managed to get a hold of her... at which point she started shrieking like a lunatic and calling for help. A crowd began to gather. Great. Colt restrained the woman and brought her over to Leigh. "Skip, it appears I was a bit too hasty. We might want to go somewhere a little less public, forthwith."

After helping to gather some of the spilled vegetables for the vendor, she looked at the two. "I apologize, ma'am. We only need to ask you a few questions and then you will be released unharmed," she told the woman loud enough for the crowd to hear, knowing the situation in the colony would be worse if she and Colt were transported away. She grabbed the woman by the arm gently but firmly as they led the woman into a nearby storage warehouse a block away. Breathing a sigh of relief as she closed the doors behind them, she turned her attention to the woman. "Please remain calm. We only want to know why you were observing us."

The woman scowled at Leigh and said nothing.

"Really?" Colt said. "You had plenty to say a moment ago. Nothing to say without an audience for you to play it up for?"

The woman scowled at Colt, then spit on the ground. "Rigelian," she said, disgust evident in her voice. "Where the Vulcans are cold, emotionless, automatons, you Rigelians are slaves to your base natures!" She turned to Leigh. "Is he your bed warmer? Is that an official rating in your fleet? Bed Warmer? Captain's Pet?"

Leigh ignored the woman's insults, taking a step closer. "We can do this the easy way by you cooperating and answering my questions or we do this the hard way and transport you to the brig aboard my ship, where my Chief of Security would not ask as politely as I am. Am I perfectly clear?" Leigh demanded sternly.

The woman scowled. "We will not let the Empire become soft, emotionless pacifists like the Vulcans or hedonists like the Rigelians! We will not let the Romulan Star Empire become a vassal state of the Federation like the Klingons! We raise Romulus to new heights! We will--"

"Excuse me," Colt said. "Sorry to interrupt. You can go on with your rhetoric in just a moment. First, though, how does selling a Thalaron device to Klingon dissidents help your cause? Wouldn't using the device on a strategic target make more sense? I mean, isn't there some planet you could lay waste to with it and claim credit for the deed to make your point? How does selling the device to the Klingons help you prove that Romulus is getting soft? In fact, how do you know that the Klingon dissidents won't use it on a Romulan target? And if they do, how does that help you prove your point?"

"I--," the woman began. "Sell? Sell the device to Klingon traitors?!? You lie, whore! Our leader--our leader wouldn't--"

"That's what I thought," Colt said. "And for the record, I don't charge for sexual favors. I pretty much give those out for free." Colt turned to Leigh. "Sounds like someone at the top of this little Romulan 'terrorist' organization might be more interested in financial gain than political violence."

"Yes, but financial gain towards what purpose? If we were dealing with Ferengi, it would be a rather easy guess but with Romulans, nothing is as it seems," Leigh pondered. "Let's transport her aboard the Valiant until we get the matter settled."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Colt called the Valiant and the transporter room beamed them all aboard.


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