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Posted on Sat Apr 6th, 2019 @ 12:18am by Commander Leigh Jacobs

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: Ghrousda Three; a small barn near the colony
Timeline: Shortly after "Arrival"

The Romulan shifted impatiently from one foot to the other, while keeping his eye on his surroundings. The barn had the usual bales of hay, poor lighting, and the smell of manure from one of the dirty stalls. "Filthy," he remarked with a disgusted face.

"Where else would you expect to meet with animals, Nolos?" an older, grey-haired Romulan with an old vicious scar running down the side of his head replied.

"romuluSngan pig nuj legh!" (watch your mouth Romulan pig) came the gruff voice of a large Klingon stepping out of the shadows, trailed by another Klingon, both giving the Romulans a menacing stare.

"It is about time you arrived," the older Romulan remarked.

"We were delayed," the Klingon snarled. "A Federation staship just recently entered the system just before we transported down."

Nolos looked at Klingon and then to his associate. "A Federation starship? Do you think they are looking for us? Were you detected?" he asked, turning his attention back to the Klingons.

"It is doubtful. Our ship is currently cloaked and in low orbit over the magnetic pole so it will be impossible for them to locate us, but they are not expecting a cloaked ship and would not be looking for it in the first place," one Klingon replied. "Now, do you have the weapon?"

"Yes, but not with us. It is hidden in a safe place to avoid it being discovered," the elder Romulan stated. "Do you have the pavement?"

"We do. But you will not receive it until we at least see the weapon," the other Klingon demanded.

"Very well, but we must be careful until we can find out more about this Federation ship that has arrived," the elder Romulan stated. "He tapped a few commands into a PaDD. These are the coordinates of the bomb. Meet us there within an hour and memorize the coordinates and then destroy that PaDD."

"Do not tell me what to do Romulan!" the head Klingon demanded. We will be there in one hour's time," he said before turning and exiting out the side door of the barn with his associate.

"Can we really trust them, Cholak?" Nolos asked.

"Yes. They are desperate but they will pay us and with that money, we can further our agenda, along with Tomalak's support," Cholak replied. "Come. Let's see what we can learn about this Federation ship that has arrived." The two Romulans disappeared from the barn in a green transporter beam.


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