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Code 41

Posted on Tue Apr 2nd, 2019 @ 12:07am by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Ensign Sienna Nora & Valywen & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & 1st Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Lieutenant JG Vitaath Zh'challiss & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: Hidden Agenda
Location: Bridge; USS Valiant
Timeline: 24 Hours after launch

Leigh sat at her chair, letting out a sigh as she signed off on a power level increase request by the Science Department--it was one of many tedious tasks required of a commanding officer. A beep slightly caught her attention as it was a beep indicating an incoming communications link.

"Captain, there is an incoming communication from Admiral Viktor, Code 41," a communications officer announced.

This immediately caught Leigh's attention. Code 41 was imminent threat code used by Starfleet. "Put it through to my ready room," Leigh replied as she briskly strode towards the office.

She activated her terminal. "Computer, accept Code 41 transmission from Admiral Viktor. Authorization Jacobs 4-5-3-1-9-1-0 Tango."

"Authorization accepted," came the computer's reply.

The image of Admiral Viktor appeared on the screen. "How's the ship, commander?" Viktor asked, his face, having lost his trademark sly grin.

"Purring like a kitten, Admiral. What's the occasion?" Leigh pondered.

"Not a good one, I'm afraid. We need you to divert immediately to the Ghorusda System at best possible speed. Starfleet Command was just informed by the Romulan Star Empire that their experimental weapons research station was attacked and a weapon was stolen."

"What sort of weapon are we talking about?" Leigh asked, crossing her arms.

"You're going to love this part. It was a Thalaron Explosive--one powerful enough to wipe out an entire planet if placed right. Fifty percent if not."

"Are you fucking kidding me, Sir?" Leigh asked, shocked.

"Afraid not. I'm forwarding you all the information we have to you and your Intel Chief. Ghorusda is where Starfleet Intelligence believes the attackers will go as it's out of Romulan Space and is a Romulan Pacifist Colony that is on the cusp of Federation membership so you are being sent there while the Romulans scour their territory for the attackers."

"We'll find that weapon, admiral. Jacobs, out."

Leigh stormed out her office. "Yellow Alert. Helm, change course for the Ghorusda System, emergency speed."

"Aye, ma'am. Changing course for the Ghorusda SYstem. Warp Factor 9.998," the helmsman replied as the yellow alert panels began to flash.

Leigh tapped her comm badge. "Jacobs to all senior officers, assemble in the Observation lounge immediately."


After the senior officers had gathered, Leigh passed out PaDDs with the information from Starfleet and Admiral Viktor on it to each officer. "I just received a communique from Admiral Viktor regarding this issue. We are being sent because although Ghorusda is a Romulan Colony, they are pacisifsts who have broken away from the Romulan Star Empire and are close to becoming a member of the Federation."

"How pacifistic are they?" Rogers asked, having heard that line before. "Enough that they'll hide suspected terrorists in their midst?" He folded the PaDD into a side pocket since all his others were full. He'd managed to get into his alert gear, which included his sidearm, rifle and loaded tacvest as soon as the yellow alert sounded. He wasn't the first to arrive to the observation lounge because, in the off chance Doc was here, he didn't want to be seen running and not following his medical orders. "Meaning, you going to send your A-team down to soften any resistance when we arrive?" That was asked of Commander Jacobs, since her orders were the only ones that mattered. "Or will we be support to the goldbacks?"

"It is believed that these Romulans follow the teachings of Sarek and follow the ideals started by the late Ambassador Spock to reuinite with Vulcans one, day but Starfleet has learned the attack was carried out by the Khelliana. They're a Romulan Extremist Group who believes that the Empire has grown too soft. Many of their members include former Tal Shiar Agents. They could be traveling there to blend in and possibly disappear or worst case scenario, they may target Ghorusda. Until we get the lay of the land, Marines will aid with searching for the agents," Leigh explained.

"Soft, cuddly teddy bears winning hearts and minds, got it, Captain," Rogers said.

"Several senior Federation officials have been at the planet a number of times, both for membership talks and reviewing aid arrangements. I'm sure there would be a closer ship than us, is there a reason they're sending in the Val?" Evan asked.

"Because we're the closest available starship capable of possibly evacuating the planet if the need arises. "The USS Phoenix, a Galaxy Class, is also enroute but are 12 hours behind us at the moment. Secondary concerns are preparing what space we have, be it the holodecks, cargo bays, and the lounge for refugees should we feel the need to evacuate the colony. But our foremost mission is to find these Romulans and hand them over to the Star Empire."

"Lieutenant Song," Arturo said. "Please make sure we are prepared for an evacuation effort if the need arises. I'll coordinate what small craft assets we have, but that's not much to work with. We'll be needing to utilize cargo transporters, so we should be prepared on a moment's notice to adjust their settings to be used on large groups of people and not inanimate objects.

"That won't be a problem; apparently there's a setting for that, who knew!" Xiulan replied as she made some notations on her console, sending orders to the cargo crew to start double stacking as much of the cargo possible to make more room in the bays for refugees.

"I want the Marines and Security teams ready to deploy in a search of the colony once I make contact with the colony's administrator and inform them of our plans. Mrs. Song, once we arrive in orbit try searching for Thalaron particles or areas that would likely conceal such a device." Jacobs still wanted to know just why the Empire had such a weapon in storage in the first place--Thalaron Weapons were banned. "If there are no further questions, you're dismissed."

"Lieutenant Me'Shlaht," Rogers said, "I believe convening in your office to coordinate would be more convenient for the both of us?"

Me'Shlaht nodded. "Yes, that would be prudent," she said simply.

"Also, Ensign Nora, work with Lieutenant Song in helping locate the Thalaron explosive," Jacobs said, knowing it was a tall order. Locating the explosive before detonation would be tricky as Thalaron particles in lesser concentrations could be concealed from sensors as fatally proved when the Romulan Senate had been killed by such a device in 2379.

"Aye, ma'am," Nora replied.

'Alright, you all have your assignments. Dismissed," Jacobs ordered, watching everyone file out of the room.


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