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Bon Voyage

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2019 @ 5:43pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Ensign Sienna Nora & Valywen & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & 1st Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: Docking Bay 23-A


Jacobs stood, decked out in her dress uniform as she tugged at a sleeve--she was never fond of the dress uniform. To her it was uncomfortable as she sighed in resignation.

"Problems, Commander Jacobs," Viktor asked, next to her, also dressed in his dress uniform with a sly grin.

"You know I hate this dress uniform," she complained. "I hate formalities."

Viktor chuckled. "I know...but you will smile, shake hands, and kiss ass like a true Starfleet Captain."

It was now Jacobs who laughed. "Aye, Sir."

"I'll be getting ready for my speech, Commander. God Speed."

Valywen came up to Jacobs, dressed in a one piece, lavender V-neck jumpsuit. "Hello, Commander!"

Jacobs smiled. "Hello Valywen. I see you've taken to Federation Clothing."

"Yes, it's surprisingly comfortable," she smiled.

"I'm glad to hear that, Val," Jacobs replied.

"I believe I would almost rather wear that then a formal dress uniform," Rogers said as he walked over, catching the tail end of the conversation. "Though, I do have to admit, we Marines make this look good."

Leigh turned to the new MCO and grinned. "That you do, Lieutenant. Ready for departure, I hope?"

"We are always ready, Captain," he said, as he took a glass of the synthehol champagne from a passing tray. "Even if we're not, we are. How about you? This is a much larger ship than your last tugboat."

"I believe I am," Leigh said grinning. "Though it may take some getting used to at first."

Arturo,wearing his dress uniform, approached with Xiulan on his arm. "A happy day, Captain!" he said. "We are off to the unknown once again!"

She was hardly 'on his arm', it wasn't unusual for Xiulan to hold onto a person's arm if she was being led around, but she couldn't deny that she walked closer to him than she did to others simply because they were married. "Remind me why we had to wear these things," Xiulan grumbled as she tugged at the collar of her dress uniform. Like usual, she wore her dark hair in a massive bun and held in place by the hairpin Arturo had given her, as usual, but the normally shaggy fringe of hair covering her eyes had been neatly swept aside and pinned back, and she hated this.

"Because we look dashing and elegant and overall damned impressive?" Arturo said. "Especially you, my dear." That last part was to poke a little fun at his wife. She hated getting dressed up...for anything...ever. "Don't worry, this will be over soon enough."

"I would say you look dashing, but to me you look the same as always, just like everyone else," Xiulan remarked. She was able to pick out the familiar heat signature of their Captain and Valywen as they approached a group, and she recognized the third figure from his voice. "Captain, Valywen, 'Mr. Marine'," she greeted in her usual gruff tone; she had intentionally used her little mental nickname for Rogers because she suspected he might find it amusing, or it would annoy him at which point it would amuse her.

"Lieutenant Song," Rogers replied with a smile, "May I say that you in the dress uniform could certainly be a Marine. Commander," he said by way of greeting to the XO. "One good thing about this, wearing this monkey suit means I must be on 'best behavior' and since I've not yet had the opportunity to meet our security chief, perhaps that is best?"

"Lieutenant Me'Shlaht is busy and hates these occasions even more so. I truely believe she'd rather run around naked than to wear a dress uniform," Leigh teased with a chuckle.

"Why wasn't I told that was an option?" Rogers said, undoing the collar and top buttons of his uniform tunic.

"It's not," Arturo said. "If for no other reason than naked people shed hair from less than sanitary places and that kind of hair doesn't go well with canapes." Arturo grinned. "Canapes don't mix well with Caitian hair, either, but there's hardly enough of my coat showing to shed in the first place."

"They have razors for that problem, Commander. Or, in your case, clippers." Though, he redid his buttons and, reluctantly, closed the collar. If he wasn't such a Marine, he might have left it open.

"Have ever seen a breed of cat from Earth called a Mexican Hairless?" Arturo said. He shuddered. "A truly terrifying sight. And they apparently get dry skin so you have to rub them down with olive oil all the time so you end up with a greasy feline with a bad attitude. Yuck."

"Talk about manscaping..." Xiulan retorted, chuckling. "If it makes you feel any better, you all look naked to me."

Arturo grinned but said nothing. He mentally undressed Xiulan repeatedly whenever they were together, over and over again, so that by the time he got back to their quarters, he was practically pawing the floor. For all intents and purposes, she looked naked to him most of the time as well. Married life was good.

"Captain," Rogers said, with a sideglance to Arturo, "permission to leave the gathering and find someplace to vomit?"

"If she says yes, Lieutenant," Arturo said, an even wider grin forming on his face. "Try to get it all in the scuppers. Otherwise the Docking Bay crew will make you clean it up yourself."

"I'm about to join you," Leigh chuckled. "Permission granted." She turned to Arturo, continuing to grin. "Behave."

"I was actually planning on using your shoe and the middle of your bed," Rogers said with a smile. Then turned to the other part of their group. "I'm sorry, everyone's been awfully rude. I'm First Lieutenant Christian Rogers, Marine detachment. And you are?" he asked Valywen.

"Oh, I am Valywen," she introduced herself. "I was lucky to be accepted by the crew and Leigh er, I mean the Captain was generous to give me a posting as the ship's Stellar Cartographer since I have a Astronomy background, however primitive it is compared to your Federation understanding."

"Valywen is from a pre-warp civilization who aided us in getting off of the planet," Jacobs explained.

At that moment Colt showed up. "Sorry I'm just getting here now, Captain," Colt said. He turned and offered an uncharacteristically shy smile to Valywen. "Hi, Val," he said. "I'm glad you decided to stay on with us."

"Of course, Mr. Xan! This Federation is too overwhelming for me. I'll take it one starship at a time with those I already know, even if space is more violent than I first thought," Valywen replied.

Ensign Nora approached the group, smiling as she looked off towards the new Valiant. "Labs, I actually get a full science lab--several in fact," she sighed. "I'm in love."

Leigh couldn't help but laugh at the comment but couldn't help but notice Lougheed's absence.

Towards the viewport came aloud clinking sound of metal on crystal that cause the room to quiet. "Excuse me, everyone. May I have your attention," Viktor announced. "As you are aware, we're gathered here for the christening of the newly commissioned USS Valiant. The name Valiant has had a long career attached to it. It began as a naval patrol vessel in the early 20th Century on Earth during the first two World Wars, then as a cutter for the then United States Coast Guard. She then served as an explorer in the 23rd Century and later in the Dominion War. The name is now bestowed upon the new Luna Class Starship, where under the command of Commander Leigh Jacobs, an experienced leader, I am sure it will continue to live up to it's namesake. Commander Jacobs, you may have the honors." Viktor gestured to a PaDD he held in his hand.

"Son of a bitch," Jacobs mumbled before making her way up to Viktor. "In the name of the Federation and Starfleet, I christen thee USS Valiant," she stated with the traditional christening announcement and pressing the button that launched a 2370 Francitacorta Champagne bottle towards the secondary hull of the Valiant. A moment later, the bottle chattered against the hull to applause thoughout the room. "That was a waste of good champagne," Leigh stated to Viktor, who was grinning.

"Not to worry, I had a bottle of my finest Vodka sent to your quarters," he replied with a wink.

"Hopefully my XO won't sniff it out too soon," she joked.

Viktor simply grinned as he turned back to the crowd. "Commander Jacobs, you and your crew and senior staff may launch. God speed, Commander."

"God speed, admiral," Jacobs replied as she stepped down and nodded to her assembled officers. "Commander S'Rohass, lets get aboard and get underway."

Evan had been late to the christen making it inside just as the Admiral handed the event over to Leigh. He had recieved quite a few odd looks as he had been forced to practically run from the last minute meeting he'd been called to. As the group began to mingle he made his way towards the Commander. "Sorry I'm late, got pulled into it by the Sector Intel director, SFI has a lead on Kalor, a spec-ops team is being sent in."

"That's good to hear. Let's get aboard and get ready to launch," Leigh grinned.

Evan nodded and followed her out of the reception hall.

Leigh, Lougheed, and the rest of the senior officers boarded the Valiant through the docking tube, modified with enhanced sensors to detect any Gluak parasites that may have taken a host. A moment later, Leigh and company arrived on the bridge. it still took Leigh a moment to get used to the larger, and much more advanced bridge. Sitting down in the new captain chair for the first time, Leigh shifted her weight. The chair was almost too comfortable--almost. She grinned as Arturo hopped into his seat to her right. "Lieutenant Song, disconnect from the starbase and switch to internal power and bring us up to full operating level."


Leigh opened a comm channel to the starbase from a console on her chair arm. "Commander Jacobs to Starbase traffic Control, requesting clearance for launch."

"Clearance granted, Commander. May you have fair winds and following seas," came the reply.

Leigh grinned. 'Where is the fun in that?' she thought. "Alright. Helm, ahead one quarter impulse until we clear the starbase."

"Aye, ma'am," replied the young helmsman as the Valiant began to glide forward smoothly. A minute later, the Valiant cleared through the large Stardock class bay doors into open space. "Helm, let's stretch her legs a bit. Set a course for the Alben Sector. Warp 9."

"Aye, ma'am. Setting course, engaging warp," the helmsman replied as the Valiant jumped to warp.

"So besides landing the ship on prewarp planets, alien parasites, corrupt Admirals, anything we should try to avoid?" Loughed mused from his station.

"Time travel...definately time travel," Jacobs joked.

"Ah, gods," Rogers muttered, "anything but time travel and those lazy jerks at Temporal Investigations. Lazy, useless, egotistical do nothings."

Leigh could only chuckle in agreement as the Valiant sped off into the blackness of space, it's crew eagerly awaiting whatever adventures that laid ahead of them.


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