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Flashy New Ride

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2019 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: Docking Port 23-A
Timeline: After "All the bells and whistles"

Evan was happy when he heard that they were getting a new ship, and that Leigh would remain in Command, the Luna class had been a premier explorer and it hadn't taken Starfleet long to realize high speed, huge energy output, and powerful sensors also made it a great platform for a combat vessel. The tactical cruiser was much like the Nebula had been a generation ago, and the Ambassador a generation before that.

He stopped at a port and looked down at the majestic ship, bigger than the prometheus or intrepid class, smaller than the nebula and galaxy she held several times the crew of the old Valiant, and would allow for longer missions. Scuttlebutt was that Viktor had some sort of covertish deep space mission in mind for her maiden voyage. Entering the ship he entered a nearby lift and ordered it to the bridge.

Stepping out he found a buzz of activity, dozen of jumpsuit glad technicians buzzing about under the watchful eye of a surly looking tellerite. He nodded to the other officer before moving to his station and accessing the computer core, the restricted intel core had been installed with a dedicated hardline to bridge station. Otherwise it was restricted to access from within the small intelligence offices on the ship. His department was slated to double in size, just under a dozen but at present he only had himself and a pair of intelligence specialist.

Finishing his inspection of his bridge station he started from the top to begin a tour of the entire ship.

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Anyone interested in a JP with Lougheed when he gets to their sections?


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