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The Marines have landed

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 3:30am by 1st Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Leigh Jacobs

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: USS Valiant; Starbase 239

The newly commissioned Luna Class USS Valiant was a bee hive of activity with engineers completing upgrades and diagnostics. Security was busy with loading the armories and torpedo bays. Operations was busy stocking supplies into cargo bays. Science and Medical were busy stocking their labs and running medical examinations on needed crew. The Ready Room was the one place that Leigh could find some sort of peace. This Valiant was vastly different from her predecessor--in one regard, this Valiant would be carrying a detachment of twenty-five Marines, which raised some eyebrows at Starfleet Command as Marines weren't typically assigned to a Luna Class Vessel but Leigh being a prior enlisted Marine herself knew full well the value of such troops aboard a ship could bring and she would prefer Marines to twenty-five civilian specialists. Leigh sat behind her desk, looking at the bio of the Marine officer that had been assigned to her ship.

The hastily constructed and considered Marine Country was no less a flurry of activity, only this activity was neatly organized and efficiently carried out. There were things to still figure out, most of which Rogers was leaving to his able assistant - mostly determing quarter assignments, where the mess/rec was going to be and what else would have to serve double - or triple - function. He was first angered when he was told the command he would transfer with to the Valiant would be a third of a platoon and he would have to cut down to appropriate numbers. Aside from him, his XO and an aide, he only had space for 22. Hardly the amount needed. But then, it was a challenge.

But it also meant he'd have to lean on Fleet even harder for support services. QM would have to be run through Fleet Ops, with probably a sergeant as a liason. Medical...that was a tricky one. He still wanted a corpsman but could he dedicate one of his slots to having a unit corpsman? Or could he get away with some fuzzy math on that issue? Maybe. He'll soon know.

He took his time to get to the Ready Room, wanting to go over a few things before he arrived. He wondered if what he learned increased or reduced his chances. No time like the present to find out. He put the PaDD in his pocket and hit the door chime. He deliberately came in his charlies for this meeting, wanting to see how things would go over, and the captain needed to get used to seeing them. He hated his A's and wore them as little as he had to.

Hitting the door chime, he waited for the command to "enter" which, really, was computer shortspeak to open the door. Which is why he disbled the 'autoclose' on his door, leaving his office truly an 'open door'.

At hearing the chime, Leigh looked up from her terminal. "Enter," she called as she stood.

As the door opened, Rogers strode in as if he were ready to take ownership of the room, stopping in between the chairs in front of the desk. He produced the PaDD from his pocket and handed it over to Jacobs. "First Lieutenant Christian Rogers," he said, his tone clipped and precise, "Reporting the MarDet has arrived and is setting up Marine Country as I speak."

Leigh took the PaDD and gestured to one of the chairs in front of her desk. "Have a seat, lieutenant," she said as she sat back down. "That's good to hear. Are there any issues that have come up with getting your troops set up in the ship?"

"Other than cutting my platoon down by a third and moving into an area that was hastily refit to be MC? None at all, Captain. Why? Because we're Marines. Improvise, adapt, overcome. It'll work out," Christian said after he sat. His hand itched to have his football though. Or the baseball. One of the two, which is the way he controlled his meetings. This, however, was her turf and so he played by her rules. "I'm hoping your SecTac has a sense of humor about this though. Rest assured, any problems with the security officers aboard ship will make me hear about."

"That's good to hear and I think Lieutenant Me'Shlaht will enjoy having Marines aboard the ship," Leigh explained. "I'm also replacing our Danube Class Runabout with a Goanna Class Marine Transport for your Marines to use when needed. I apologize about the reduced numbers but that's all that I could fit aboard the Valiant and as a Marine myself, I prefer to have Marines aboard to civilian specialists. If there is anything you or your Marines need, don't hesitate to tell me and I'll see to it that it happens."

"Lieutenant Me'Shlaht?" Rogers asked as he worked to recall the information. "Yes, the other reason I'll be carrying around a squirt gun full of water." He shook his head. "I wasn't accusing you, Commander, of the downsizing. I'm trying to look at it as a challenge, a mental resourcefulness exercise. Such as: I need this position and this position, maybe I can double up these two positions. And then what can I get away with stealing, begging, borrowing or just pirating from the Fleet resources aboard the ship. Such as, my QM. I run combat ops, so I'm going to offload that duty to Ops here aboard the ship. Shouldn't be much of a problem for them, we don't require much. And, of course, being a team player, I noticed you could use help in Sickbay, so I'll be willing to share my Corpsman there."

Leigh chuckled despite sensing some vagueness possible deception from the man. "I wouldn't try to squirt Me'Shlaht with a water gun. Also, no need to steal or as Marines like to say, tactically acquire. Definitely no begging required. If you need it, you'll have it..." She trailed off as she picked up something different about the man. "Are you a Betazoid?" she asked after a brief pause.

For the first time he stiffened and the forced jocularity left his face. The Marine that he was, enlistement, up from the ranks to become an officer, came to the fore. "Presumably," he answered. "My genetic code is that of Betazed but they were never able to find my genetic family in all the Federation databases. Further, I ..." he stopped before he could say "raised" because that implied some kind of family. He didn't have family, he had social workers that came on shift and watched over him. "I lived on Earth for seventeen years, growing up there. I am...neither Betazoid or Terran. But yes, I am a telepath and no, I don't subscribe to irrational fears of other races about it."

Leigh smiled genuinely at him. "Good...neither do I but I may be biased. I am part betazoid biologically as I was born and raised on Betazed before the Dominion attacked. I then lived on Earth for a few months until I enlisted into the Marines to go and fight."

That's good to hear, I like a form of communication with my command and troops that can't be intercepted, damaged or broken. He said, the room quiet. But, it is also unfortunate as it means my normal tactics in 'playing' the captain are now useless.

Leigh smiled. Glad to be of service. So tell me about yourself. Your story is an interesting one.

Not sure what you'd want to know, Captain, he thought to her, "I'm just the kid that nobody wanted all grown up into a Marine."

"I can see where you're coming from," Leigh replied. "I won't press you to tell me about yourself. But as a Starfleet Marine, you're considered family, as well as your detachment."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, "The Corps is definitely the only family I have." It's more of a problem that I don't know who I am. I'm not Terran, I'm not Betazoid, I don't have funny stories of things my parents did to screw me up. I was...inventory in the warehouse of the social system on Earth. Rejected by every foster family that took me and then eventually, they gave up trying to get me an actual home and just let me age out of a facility.

"Baseball, Captain," he said suddenly and with some animation and something sounding like real passion. "I've got enough to field two teams and you Fleeters have enough for a few teams. Or maybe even Terran rules football."

Leigh chuckled. "So, you're into sports...I think we can get two teams together for some friendly competition once we get underway. Though I would hate to embarrass you too much in front of your Marines," she teased.

"Well, Captain, if you have to make it an order to win the games, I guess that's all that needs to be said about that," he looked at her, his face complete stone, dark eyes fixed on her. She, of course, knew he was laughing inside.

Leigh bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. "Sounds like a challenge. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Only one more, at the moment. I'll wait to the next staff meeting to ask all the silly ones," he said. "You do recall the rules regarding outsiders and MC?"

Leigh nodded. "I do," she answered waiting for him to continue.

"That should solve a lot of problems then," he said as he stood, prepared to leave. "The Marines are at your disposal, Captain," he said, formally, but with a bit of cheeky grin.

"That's good to hear. Semper Fi, lieutenant. You're dismissed," Leigh replied.


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