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What's next?

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 4:50pm by Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Mission: From the ashes...
Location: USS Odyssey
Timeline: Two Hours After "Fatal Rendezvous Pt. 2"

Lougheed had spent the last two hours meeting with the crew of the Valiant, there had been a total of 14 fatalities in the battle with the Gulak, and the status of Kalor was unknown but appeared to have escaped aboard a shuttle, a problem for another day. The crew had seemed to congregate in one of the galaxy-class' large lounges, other than those in sickbay.

The inevitable conversations regarding what came next were already starting. Would they get a new ship? if so another defiant? Would the crew stay together or would they be split up to another postings. Would Leigh even be given command again?

Evan did what he could to reassure the crew without actually knowing any answers. The loss of a ship was never a good thing for a Captain, and given the recent events and the tribunal it was possibly Leigh wouldn't be granted another one, hopefully the Admiral would be able to ensure she did.

Double checking his report one last time he stopped and replicated two mugs of coffee and asked the computer for the Commander's locations.


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