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Boot to the Head

Posted on Tue Feb 19th, 2019 @ 1:39am by Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass
Edited on on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 @ 12:21am

Mission: OOC Discussions
Location: Odyssey Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Arturo helped Xiulan through the corridors of the Odyssey and to Sickbay. Sickbay was crowded. The Odyssey had taken a beating. Arturo couldn't at first find anyone to help, but a woman took pity on them.

"I'm Lieutenant O'Connor," the woman said. "You can call me Rhiannon, or Ree, if you'd like. I'm a Nurse Practitioner cross trained in both Family Medicine and Acute Care. That second qualification is coming in handy today as you can see. You both look...terrible, but it doesn't look like you got more than your fur singed Commander. Your friend here, however, looks like she's either going to pass out or puke, or puke and then pass out. We're short biobeds, but there are some field diagnostic stretchers set up over here. If the Commander and I help you, Lieutenant, do you think you can make it over there?" Rhiannon stepped to Xiulan's other side and helped Arturo support his wife.

"Will you stop being so chatty if I puke on your shoes?" Xiulan asked, tugging her arm free of the nurse's hold. She didn't need much support, just holding on to Arturo's shoulder kept her steady enough without robbing her of control, and she was able to make it to one of the field cots without much fuss. "If you could just turn my implants off for a while, that would be awesome," she said as she sat down on the cot and laid down. She pulled the hair fork from her hair and loosened her bun so that she could lay comfortably.

"I think I can take care of that," Rhiannon said. She worked the controls on the field diagnostic stretcher to make it scan Xiulan. Then she took out her medical tricorder and ran its handheld sensor unit over Xiulan, spending extra time around her head. "Alright. You have a mild...well...I might go as to say a moderate concussion, if that were a thing." Rhiannon put away her tricorder for a moment and working the controls on the FDS again. Over a period of a few seconds, Xiulan's implants dimmed until they were out completely. "How's that?" Rhiannon said picked up a hypospray, loaded an ampule, adjusted the dosage, and injected Xiulan in the neck. "That should help the headache and dizziness and start the healing process, but I want you to stay here for a little while, at least until we find some nice, quiet guest quarters for you to rest in. That's a beautiful hair fork! Wherever did you get it?"

Arturo puffed up a little. "I got it for her. As an engagement present. It's a match to this." Arturo pulled a lacquered box out of one of the leg pouches on his pants, the box the hair fork and matching comb were usually stored in. He put it in Xiulan's hand so she could feel the pattern on the box. "I saved this, too, my lovely wife."

"Better," Xiulan said with some relief now that her eyes were not bothering her. The medication helped too, but it was really her eyes that had been making things unbearable with the concussion. Then she heard the compliment about her hairpin and Arturo slid the box into her hand as he explained what the hairpin meant. "That was stupid, Arturo," Xiulan said. "It was really sweet, but don't ever do that again. Sure, it would hurt to lose this, or Gerri for that matter, but it woulda hurt more if I'd lost you."

"I know," Arturo said. "I promise I won't take anymore colossally stupid risks for at least a month, and I'll try not to take any risks of an average level of stupidity, either."

Arturo took Xiulan's free hand and brought it to his lips, then leaned in and kissed his wife. While the two newlyweds were otherwise occupied, Gerri took that opportunity to scramble out of Arturo's jacket and into Xiulan's. Once there, he curled up to take a nap and keep his other biped warm and cozy.

Arturo chuckled. "I would prefer to be snuggled in there myself, my scaly little friend. I envy you."

Ree, meanwhile, took out her tricorder and began scanning Arturo. "Wow, Commander. Your wife is right. You are a dumbass. I, on the other hand, was wrong. You do have some burns under your fur, and you've got a moderate case of smoke inhalation. Corpsman!" At Ree's call, a Corpsman came running. "Drag one of those FDS over here and set the commander up. Commander, argue with me, and I'll sedate you. Ah!" Ree said when the corpsman returned with the FDS. "Sit, Commander." Arturo didn't argue, mainly because the FDS was set up right next to Xiulan's. Ree injected him. "Tri-Ox." she said. "Now, sit still while I fix those burns. They look like they hurt...a lot."

" that you mention it..." Arturo said. He winced as Ree took a dermal regenerator and started in on the burns.

Xiulan took the opportunity to find a little mirth in her husband's suffering. "Ha ha, busted," she said, snickering softly, adjusting her duty jacket so that Gerri's snuggling was comfortable for them both.

Arturo, chuckled, then coughed.

"Okay," Ree said. "That's the last of the burns that I can get while you're dressed. Strip to your shorts."

Arturo was going to protest, but instead he stripped down to his shorts. He coughed a few more times, and started to sway.

"Stay with me, Commander," Ree said. "I just need a little longer...done. Corpsman!"

Arturo was racked with a coughing fit as Ree and a Corpsman helped him onto an FDS. Ree closed the unit over the Caitian's chest, leaving his arms free. The Corpsman brought over an oxygen tank and put a mask on Arturo. Another Corpsman started an IV, while Ree made adjustments to the FDS.

"Okay, Commander," Ree said in a calm voice. "Just relax. The FDS is taking care of your lungs, your burns are all treated, and your wife is right here, and she's fine, so just rest, okay? There's a good kitty."

Arturo reached out and grasped Xiulan's hand.

Xiulan grinned when she felt Arturo's hand take hers.

"He is a good kitty," Xiulan affirmed, pleased to hear that his breathing was getting easier.

"Lieutenant," Ree said, starting some idle conversation while she monitored Arturo's vitals to ensure that he was stable. "I have no idea why that didn't happen earlier. I was waiting because I figured he'd be a pain in the ass about letting me help if he could stand on his own, but damn. That is one tough little feline biped. And he went through the burning ship to save a lizard and a comb?"

"I kinda figured he'd be alright until the adrenaline wore off," Xiulan said with a knowing grin. "Why you think I had him bring me to Sickbay? You think I like hanging out here? I coulda turned my eyes off on my own once we were given a bunk, then slept until I felt better, but I knew he'd ignore how bad off he was to stay near me. And he is crazy for running back to our quarters to get Gerri, and I fully intend on giving him a solid boot to the head later once we're both better."

"Sounds like you have him pretty well figured out," Ree said. " the fact that he's almost house cat sized some kind of turn on for you? Don't get me wrong, he's handsome enough, but I don't know if I could be with a guy whose forehead was level with my nose."

"Take a peek into his shorts and you'll see why I keep him around," Xiulan said without a hint of shame. "Also, he's the best cuddler, keeps me warmer than any blanket, and he brings me coffee! Like, really really good coffee!"

Ree grinned. "Yeah, I noticed that. It's kind of hard to miss. Where the Hell does he even hide that thing when he's in uniform? Or an EVA suit? Anyway, what's with the hair fork and the comb? I mean, don't get me wrong. The hair fork is gorgeous, and I'm betting the comb is, too. Hand carved white jade, right?"

Xiulan laughed at Ree's bemusement over Arturo's endowments, but when asked about the hair fork, Xiulan just smiled.

"I'm not big on jewelry," Xiulan explained. "He knew I wouldn't want a ring, but he wanted to get me something for our engagement, brief as it was. I'm also very tactile since I can't see, so I love the feel of having my hair combed, and that's a Cantonese tradition. Sorry, in case you're not an Earth native, I'm from an area of China called Canton. Actually, in Cantonese the city's name is Guangzhou, but that's irrelevant, the point is the hair combing and the hairpins are marriage traditions in my region. And he was very deliberate about the materials and the detail of the carvings so that I could feel their beauty."

"That's..." Ree said. "That's very special. He must really love and care for you. And the lizard. What's its name? Johnny? What kind of lizard is that anyway. I can feel the heat it's giving off from here."

"Yeah, he's the best," Xiulan replied with a grin. "As for this little guy, his name is Gerard, or just Gerri, and he's a winged Fire Krayt from Soluvar IV. I used to keep more reptiles while I was on a station, but then I ended up on a Defiant class and I couldn't bring them all with me. I couldn't get rid of Gerri, he's my buddy, we've been through a lot together. Also, most reptile collectors think these Fire Krayts are difficult to maintain, so I couldn't just re-home him like my other critters because I couldn't trust others to give him the attention he needed," she explained. "But you're not difficult, buddy, people just don't understand you," she said to Gerri as she used her free hand to rubs his crests.

"Huh," Ree said. She touched a few controls on the FDS. "Okay, Commander, if you behave, I'll swap that mask for nose...thingies. Damn. I totally forgot what those are called. Anyway, if you promise not to overdo it, I'll swap out your mask for...damn it...nose thingies so you can talk, but don't talk too much, okay?"

"Hmrmrmph," Arturo tried to speak, but he was too out of it to remember to remove the mask first.

"Uh huh, that's great," Ree turned to Xiulan. "He's not a big talker, is he? Because he needs to rest."

"Hrmmprhferfle," Arturo tried to say again, still too confused to take off the mask.

"Let me guess," Ree said. "He's a talker?"

"Yeah, he's definitely a talker," Xiulan remarked with a grin. "And do you mean 'nasal cannula'? Aren't you a nurse practitioner? How can you forget something like that?" Xiulan only knew because she was practically a walking dictionary.

"Right," Ree said, swapping the mask for the nasal cannula. "Naval canola. I'll remember that! Well, Lieutenant Song, try not to let Commander Wang--er--Commander S'Rohass overdo it while I'm gone!"

As Ree walked away Xiulan could hear her mutter something to the effect of 'some girls have all the luck!'

"Will do!" Xiulan replied, snickering when she heard Ree's muttering. "Hey, you okay over there?" she said to Arturo. Their hands were still joined, so she rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb.

"Better," Arturo said. "I'll be sweeping you off your feet again any moment. Hmmm...Xiulan...when the ship was caught in that know that you were my first thought, right? That I never would have left your side if I wasn't absolutely sure that Leigh would see you to safety, right?"

"Doubt never crossed my mind," Xiulan assured her husband. "I'm just worried about you taking unnecessary risks. I'm happy you brought Gerri back, but...I don't know what I'd do if you hadn't been able to get to an escape pod."

Arturo tried to laugh, coughed, then just sighed. "Well, I won't take an unnecessary risk like that again. You have my word." Arturo grinned. "I think we need to get Gerri a little EVA suit. That way, when Leigh blows up our next ship, he can put it on and we'll just go back and find him floating in the debris, alive and well. Then I won't have to go and rescue him again."

"What kind of drugs did that nurse give you?" Xiulan asked with a perplexed expression.

"The floaty kind," Arturo said. "I really need a bath. And a good combing. I must look a fright. Damn. My blades. Well, I still have the two in my uniform. Luckily, I only brought the practice blades and a few plain but serviceable ones. The good ones were in my boot and in my pocket. The rest are replaceable. As long as I get to curl up with you tonight, I'll be fine."

"Yeah, burnt cat hair really does stink," Xiulan remarked. "And you're not the only who lost expensive equipment: my tactile PADD, all my linguistic algorithms and custom coding... At least you can replace your swords, I'll have to rebuild my programs from scratch."

"I know," Arturo said. "And I'm sorry. I bet somewhere we have the pattern for at least one of your basic tactile PaDDs somewhere that we can run through an engineering replicator, the ones they use to make components. That would be a start, at least. You'd still have to set it up the way you like, and I know how much work you put in to customizing all of your tactile devices. I'm truly sorry."

"It's alright; it's the risk we take being in Starfleet," Xiulan replied with a shrug. "Your idea will work as a temporary fix, and once I've got that I can order some custom stuff that suits my needs better. But it's the loss of all my programs that's really got me down. Maybe I can reach out to the Beifong later to see if they still have any of my stuff in their computer. Or maybe Deep Space 11, they would be more likely to have my stuff still on file..." Although she would not forget Arturo's loss, and already she was working out in her head a plan to commission something special for him.

"Hmmm..." Arturo said. He'd stopped coughing. "I feel quite a bit better. How are you feeling? Is your headache gone? If you need to just close your eyes and rest, I am happy to just lay here next you and Gerri and hold your hand."

"Mmm, that does sound nice..." Xiulan said with a pleased hum, giving his hand a little squeeze as she closed her eyes. "I think we'll both feel a lot better after some sleep."

"Hmmm...." Arturo said as he drifted off to sleep, followed shortly after by Xiulan...and Gerri...can't forget Gerri.


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