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Food, Water, and a Little Booze

Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 10:46pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan & Commander Leigh Jacobs

Mission: Captain Lost
Location: Captain's Ready Room; USS Valaint
Timeline: Prior to the Battle

It had been a hour into their trip and after she had spoken with Evan--he had always been a good friend since the Academy. She thought about her mentor, Admiral Viktor. She recalled when she first met him during Operation Killjoy when they had gone after Cardassian Insurgents. The sound of the door chime broke her from her thoughts. "Enter."

Colt entered and approached Leigh's desk. The Defiant Class was very small, so he didn't have far to walk. He was armed with a Type II phaser pistol because the ship was on alert.

"Captain," he said. "On behalf of the crew, let me tell you how glad we are to have you back and, presumably, in one piece. I say 'presumably' because you didn't let our medical officer look you over and no one has actually evaluated your mental status, because according to Warrant Officer Kalor, you practically knocked her over unassing Sickbay after we got you back. Not to worry, as the complete Command Senior Chief, I am able to solve that problem for you. You know. Independent Duty Corpsman. Trained in all kinds of health stuff, physical and mental. I know there's a medkit in here. I stashed one here myself in case you ever decided to be stubborn about your health and well being. Hows about I give you a once over and then you can tell me all about how your mother didn't hug you enough as a child."

Colt grinned.

"Remember, Skip" he said. "if you collapse or go bonkers, Commander S'Rohass will be in charge, and next thing you know Arturo will have us tear-assing around the galaxy taking on road agents, brigands, pirates, and buccaneers!"

Leigh chuckled--something she needed at the moment. "You're probably right. And sure, go ahead with the examination. It's good to be back--I just wish it was under better circumstances."

"Don't we all," Colt said as he retrieved the medkit from where he had stashed it shortly after coming aboard and taking out the medical tricorder. He scanned Leigh and generally looked her over. "Well, you're a bit malnourished and dehydrated. I'll give you shot full of the vitamins and minerals you're missing, but you need calories. Have you eaten anything since we got you back?"

"No, not yet. I've been a bit preoccupied," she replied, holding up a PaDD that contained the limited information available on the Gluak.

Colt put away the medical tricorder, selected two ampules from the kit and picking up a hypospray. He loaded one of the ampules into the hypospray and injected Leigh, then swapped the ampules and injected her again. When he was done, he unloaded the hypospray, put it and both of the ampules back in their place, and put the medkit away.

"Okay," he said. "Tell me all about that while I get you something to eat and drink. Any preferences?"

"A steak would be great, to be honest," she said, realizing just how hungry she was. "As for the Gluak, what we know of them is from reports and scans taken during our encounters with them."

Colt ordered Leigh a steak from the replicator and a glass of water. He brought it to her and then went back to the replicator and ordered two whiskey glasses with ice in them. He brought these to the desk as well, then went to another wall compartment, opened it, and came out with a bottle of amber liquid with the Xan Clan's crest on it. He brought that to the table and poured them each a healthy serving.

"Bet you didn't know this was here, either," he said. "I've stashed all sorts of goodies in this office. Drink, drink! It's from my family's agricultural concerns. On Earth, this would be called 'applejack'. My family on Rigel IV made a hybrid of an Earth apple and it's Rigelian analog. They produce a regular cider, a normal hard cider, and they cold ferment some of that hard cider even further and they get this. It's pretty strong, but Arturo is your designated driver so I think you can get away with a drink or two. Cheers."

Colt held up his glass to Leigh.

Leigh grinned. "I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or have you thrown in the brig," she joked before taking a sip. The taste was enjoyable and smooth. "Mmmm, that's quite good."

Colt took a sip from his own glass and sighed. "A little taste of home. And please don't throw me in the bring. It stinks of Orion scumbag in there. So, do the files say anything about any weaknesses the Gluak's have that we can exploit, either in their ships or their bodies? Other than shooting them really hard with a phaser carbine until they take the hint and die?"

"No," she replied with a frustrated sigh. "Even the readings on this battlecruiser is inconclusive. All we know is that the battle cruiser has nearly 6 foot thick hull made entirely of Tetraburnium, which puts Duranium to shame and seems to have a dedicated power core for it's main polaron cannon. To be honest, a part of me is impressed by their technology level for being an ancient species."

"Ancient doesn't mean primitive," Colt said. "The Orions weren't always made up of an interstellar criminal organization, corrupt corporations and oligarchs, pirate fleets, and a crumbling 'empire' on Rigel VII. They were once one of the most advanced peoples in the quadrant. Go back thirty, forty, fifty thousand years ago and you'd find the Orions completely different and in possession of tech that exceeded our current capabilities. There's even evidence that they possessed functional transwarp drives for their ships. How old do we think the Gluak are?"

"Nothing has been ascertain as of yet but as you know they claim to have had a hand in wiping out the Iconians, so that puts them around 200,000 years old," Leigh replied. "Dating from our scans have confirmed the claims to around that time. But how many Gluak are left? Are we facing the last of them? The last thing I want is to be responsible to wiping out an entire species--that would look wonderful on my already tarnished record."

Colt chuckled. "You and me both! Look, if it comes down to it, they're clearly hostile. We have to do what we have to do."

"Yeah, but will the admiralty see it that way if it comes to that?" Leigh wondered before chewing and swallowing a piece of steak.

Colt shrugged. "Worry about that problem if we survive to have it, I say. At the moment, the species known as the crew of the Valiant is at as much of a risk of being wiped out as the Gluak if we're not careful."

"Not on my watch. I only hope Admiral Viktor can persuade the Klingons to assist us," Leigh stated before taking another bite.

"These days," Colt said. "The Klingons usually seem to have better things to do than something silly like honoring an alliance that has roots going back a century. Though they do like a fight, so he might be able to convince some to join us. On the other hand, they like to argue about these things, then fight duels to the death, then argue...wash, rinse, repeat. It could be some time before they come to a consensus and agree to help us."

Leigh chuckled at the comment. "Very true. To allies and future battles," she offered a toast.

Colt raised his glass and clinked it against Leigh's. Then he chuckled. "I knew this woman, a Gunnery Sergeant in the Raiders, a real hard ass...with a really hard ass as I recall...but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, her favorite toast was 'To our wives and the women we love!' to which everyone would respond 'Never the twain shall meet!' I have no idea why that came to mind, but there you have it."

Leigh laughed. "A good of a toast as any."

"You seem like you're feeling a little better," Colt said. "Make sure you're drinking the water as well as the booze, please. The booze will just dry you out. There's a good commanding officer."

"Yeah, but booze makes things better," Leigh complained with a grin.

"Only until it doesn't," Colt said. "Drink the water, Captain. It's good for you."

"Yeah, yeah," Leigh replied before drinking the water.


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