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Welcoming the XO

Posted on Tue Dec 26th, 2017 @ 4:53pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Commander Mark Cross

Mission: A Valiant Beginning
Location: USS Valiant
Timeline: Current time

“This...feels small...” Mark thought aloud as he strolled the corridors of the Valiant, his new assignment.

His career in Starfleet had begun working on vessels of all shapes and sizes, whatever happened to come through the Starbase. It was also far from his first Defiant class, but something about having to live and work aboard on a more permanent basis made it dawn on him more than it did before. It also didn’t help that his last few assignments had been on significantly larger vessels too, he guessed. It was another period of adjustment.

The Captain’s base was just off the Main Bridge, pretty much the standard, and it seemed like the most appropriate place to try first for checking in. Mark reached across to press the annunciator, rocking patiently back and forth back on his heels.

Leigh sighed as she dropped the PaDD onto the desk. It had contained yet another supply manifest approval. Not having an XO or a fully qualified Chief of Operations aboard meant she had to personally oversee or approve the transfer. "Forgot how much a pain in the ass Command was," she muttered. Yet it still beat being in a classroom teaching cadets all day--barely. She looked up at the sound of the chime. "Enter."

Accepting the invitation, Mark hitched his duffel bag back to the top of his shoulder, striding purposefully inside and to his new Commanding Officer’s desk. Mark wasn’t best known for formality, but he knew about getting off on the right foot with people. “Lieutenant Commander Mark Cross reporting in” he announced.

"Ah, welcome aboard, Mr. Cross," she said as she stood. "Can I get you anything?" she asked, gesturing for him to have a seat at the chair near her desk.

"No thanks Commander" Mark declined as he slid the duffel bag to the floor and took a seat. He often had a lot of restless energy when it came to things like waiting for transports, and often spent the time chain-drinking coffee. He'd had more than enough en route. He rummaged around in his bag for the PADD with his transfer orders on them, which he produced on the desk a few moments later.

Leigh took the orders and read over them as she sat down, noticing his impressive build as she did. Thankfully Starfleet had assigned her a more permanent XO. She at least knew Doctor Samar would be relieved. "I see you've had previous command experience--that's good," she complimented.
If I may ask, what happened aboard the Kennedy when the Commanding officer was killed?"

"He was hit by a sharp piece of falling metal about...this big..." Mark held up his hands to signify around 4 feet in length. "We were attacked unexpectedly in a first contact situation. We managed to limp into a spacial anomaly within the system that hid us from their sensors long enough to escape and get back to the nearest Starbase. It was a shock to all of us, but we did what we had to do to get home. Most of the crew got assigned back to the Kennedy, as far as I know."

"I'm sorry to hear that about your last CO," she paused for a moment before continuing. "You'll have your hands full making sure your department is ready to go as well as aiding me in ship launch preparations. Since we're on independent duty, we're stocking the cargo bays full of supplies more so than we normally would. Most of all, as a warship, I want this ship ready to handle any threat. Our initial patrol route will be taking us near Tholian and Gorn Space.

“I’ll try my best to make sure you stay in one piece, Commander” Mark meant it light-heartedly, but his British accent probably made it sound a little more sincere. Sometimes it worked well, other’s it backfired on him. “I’ll make sure everything and everyone is ready to go, although I’ll admit the setup is a little new to me. Did Starfleet Command explain why they’re using a Defiant class for this?”

"At the moment, it's to simply establish more of a presence in the region, which we can do with much less resources than any other starship," Leigh explained. "Yet that can change at any moment with Starfleet. Any other questions?"

It sounded like a political answer, but to be honest, he doubted Starfleet would have given anything else away. "That's everything for now I think!"

Leigh nodded and extended her hand as she stood. "Again, welcome aboard, commander."

Mark took the extended hand as he rose from his seat. “Thank you very much!”


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