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Fatal Rendezvous

Posted on Fri Jan 18th, 2019 @ 1:01am by Commander Leigh Jacobs

Mission: Captain Lost
Location: The Venom

Captain Onor shifted in his command chair. His thoughts drifted from his new captive to the source of his information that allowed his men to capture this Commander Jacobs. Why were their identity a secret? Who were they really? Whoever they had been, had inside knowledge of Starfleet Security and defenses. That meant the employer was, however unlikely, Starfleet. What would cause a Starfleet officer to betray one of their own? Despite the large sum of gold pressed latinum paid to him to kidnap this Commander Jacobs, something felt off about the whole thing.

An alarm sounded, breaking Captain Onor's train of thought. "What is it?" he demanded.

"Incoming vessel at high warp, sir!" one of the bridge officers reported.

At that moment, a large tri-pointed ship dropped out of warp nearly on top of the Venom. "What the hell is that?" Onor demanded, jumping up from his seat.

"I- I don't know," another officer replied, near panicking. "It's design is unknown but it's nearly 3000 metres in length, 600 meters high, and 1500 meters wide!"

"Hail the--" Onor began before being violently thrown to the deck as fires erupted from exploding consoles. Sounds of burning and injured crew filled the bridge. "W--what happened?"

His demand went unanswered but he knew what had happened, the strange ship had fired. But what kind of weapon could cause so much damage so quickly with only a single strike? The Venom had had formidable defenses. He pulled himself up back into his chair, glancing at the damage status and hope almost immediately left him. A quarter of his ship had been destroyed in the attack and running on 50 percent reserve power. "Abandon ship!"

Within the ship, Jacobs stumbled out of her cell towards a dead guard. She searched the body and after a moment, found the master key for the shackles. She pressed the button as the shackles released and fell to the deck. "Finally, " she muttered, grabbing the guard's sidearm and making a break down the corridor.



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