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Tell Me What I Want To Know!

Posted on Tue Dec 11th, 2018 @ 12:03am by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: Stranded
Location: Brig
Timeline: Current

There wasn't much to the interview/interrogation room on the Valiant. It was small, and the large Orion sitting at the table, shackled to the floor, would have made the room feel over crowded by himself. Arturo, who was standing with Colt outside of the room, observing, didn't even want to think about how it felt for Evan and Me'Shlaht who had to be in the room with the Orion. The stench alone would probably make his whiskers fall out! Colt had been in earlier to make sure that the Orion was bug free and in good enough condition to be interviewed. At Arturo's orders, Colt and Me'Shlaht had taken vids and copious notes describing the prisoner's condition when he was brought in. Arturo didn't want any accusations of torture to interfere with finding the Captain and punishing those responsible for he kidnapping. He'd asked Evan and Me'Shlaht to wear earpieces so he could feed them questions if he felt something needed clarification. He watched through the transparent aluminum window and listened over the speaker mounted next to it.

Me'Shlaht let the Orion sweat under her predatory gaze for several long moments. The room did indeed already have a heavy scent to it, but she was less bothered by it than Arturo might be. "Let's start with something simple. Your name. What is it?"

The Orion named Lathor stared back at the feline as he sat back in the chair, remaining silent. These Starfleet were fools if they thought he would betray his crew and his employer. To do so, meant certain death in the Syndicate.

Arturo rolled his best as a feline could role their eyes. "Colt..."

Colt chuckled. He sent some information to the two officers via his PaDD. Using the channel to Evan and Me'Shlaht's earpieces, so only they could hear him, he informed them of what he had. "I don't know who this guy is, but you have a file on your PaDDs with a short list of aliases attached to his DNA sample, retina scan, fingerprints, and visual image. He hasn't spoken, or I'd have gotten you whatever was attached to his voiceprint."

Me'Shlaht growled at the Orion's lack of response, slowly tapping her extended claws against her PaDD. "I have your DNA, retina scan, and fingerprints. It's only a matter of time until I know who you really are, but let's run down the list we've been able to dig up without your help."

"Well according to our records," Lougheed started, he was sitting across from the Orion and already felt the overwhelming need for a shower. "You're wanted on Ardoss IX in connection to a arms deal that went south, 14 police officers were killed in the action. Hellicant Prime has a warrant for a man that looks rather similar to you for charges involved in human trafficking and no less than 17 kidnapping charges. This list is rather extensive I should say, if I were you I'd be answering the Lieutenant's questions. If have to start asking all of these different groups about you, I'd hate to think someone far less law abiding than us coming to take over."

Lathor chuckled the best he could with his still very sore throat. "I do not know what you are talking about. Your accusations are merely heresay. I was the one assaulted," he gestured to his throat. "In fact, I am very tempted to press charges for the assault since that Starfleet bitch ran off after assaulting me."

"By all means, if you would like to press charges that is your right." Lougheed started, "If you would like we can contact the sector JAG, have them come here, have internal affairs begin to investigate the actions of the Starfleet personnel involved." He paused and focused his attention on the Orion, "but paperwork, and reports, and reports on reports, all with your name, your photo, all this biometric data would all become part of the official Federation record. Accessible by anyone in Starfleet who was interested to look at it, and of course shared with our allies. That seems like an awful lot of attention Rassid."

"Attention can be redirected," the Orion said calmly, maintaining a grin before leaning forward. "And I do not think you would want the attention of my friends, whom are quite well connected--even in your puny Federation."

"Others might be afraid of them, but I am not. Nor am I afraid of someone who occasionally calls himself Gaalo the Grumptious." Me'Shlaht bared her teeth in a wicked-looking snarl. If it weren't for Starfleet's rules, she might have used her claws on the Orion man as well.

"Ah, so you know who I am," he concluded, his smile disappearing. Then you should know my associates will not stand for my being held by Starfleet so it will be best if I go now."

Observing near the door to the observation area, Admiral Viktor, glared through the viewer at the Orion. He knew this man was behind the disappearance of one of his most trusted commanders and friend. He was tempted to enter the room himself and beat the answer out of that smug bastard but he had to give Jacobs' crew their chance as this was their ship and their prisoner at the moment. He had heard of this Gaalo the Grumptious. He also knew the man had several other alias. He was some big shot in the Orion Syndicate the last he had heard.

"I also know that as much as your associates dislike us, they dislike people that talk more. I'd hate for some of the things you've told us to get, leaked, although Ms. Me'Shalaht here is excellent at matter of security." Lougheed said pausing to gesture to the Security Chief. "We both know mistakes happen, such as a communication to Gorleth II using the old encryption codes instead of the new ones. All that information that Dikem the Discontent shared with us about the activities of Elzoran K'to and Grant Mahara. If word got to your associates that you told us about the plans they have for that Ferrimite shipment. I don't think things would end well for you."

Lathor grumbled. "Fine. We were paid to capture your captain and do with her as we saw fit. Then plan was to make her a slave and sell her to the highest bidder. A Starfleet Commander would fetch a nice price on the market...especially one that is also a female."

"Who paid you to do this?" Lougheed asked.

"I don't know. Only the captain knows that...and well...he isn't here," Lathor shrugged. "Credits are credits."

"Where can we find the Captain? We'd like to have a few words with them." Lougheed replied.

"I'm sure you would but alas...the captain, as any good captain, is with his ship," Lathor responded with a casual shrug. "In other words...not anywhere you can get a hold of him," a grin slowly formed.

"Now, not that I have inclination to believe you, but when we accessed your comm records there seemed to be a lot of communications going to a seemingly empty part of the system. Now my hunch, and of course it's just a hunch is that there is either a cloaked ship or a relay of some sort there." Lougheed said, "Am I getting warmer?"

Lathor shrugged. "Perhaps."

Viktor was now pacing, fuming at this asshole's attitude. "Lieutenant Lougheed has one minute to get something that we can go on or I'm going in there and break several Federation Rules," he told Arturo and Colt.

"Give him a moment longer, Admiral," Arturo said. "If he doesn't get anything, you can kick everyone out, yourself included for plausible deniability, and Chief Xan and I will have a go at him."

Admiral Viktor entered the room, instructing Lougheed to leave. As the doors closed, Viktor kicked the chair out from under the Orion. What are you--"

Viktor picked him up and slammed him against the bulkhead. "Give me the information on your ship or I'll have you beamed into space," he snarled.

"You're bluffing. You're Starfleet," Lathor responded. "You have rules..."

"And see these pips? I'm an admiral. It means I can pretty much do what the hell I want. Now, are you going to tell me what I want or do I have your next room with all the 'space' you can think of?"

Lathor was usually good a judging people's intentions from their body language and facial expressions. Both told him the admiral wasn't bluffing. "Fine," he said through gritted teeth. "Its the OSS Venom, and has a Type-9 dilithium-based Warp Drive System. They are likely on their way back to Orion Space...but I am not certain because as I said, only the captain often knows our true destination."

Viktor slammed him again against the bulkhead. "Good. And if I find that any of this is a lie, I promise you will not like my next visit. Until then you will be a guest in the station's brig." Viktor turned and exited the room. He looked at Arturo. "Get your crew together and go after Jacobs. I will be joining you with my ship, the USS Odyssey."

He then walked briskly out of the observation room and headed for the docks.


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