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The Chase

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2018 @ 4:47am by Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan & Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht

Mission: Repairs and Reprimands
Location: Starbase 239
Timeline: Current

Lathor breathed hard as he leaned against the bulkhead. The human woman had been one hell of a fighter and nearly crushed his esophagus. However, he found pleasure in the thoughts of the woman being disciplined and broken by the slave handlers on his ship. He pushed off of the bulkhead and began to make his way into a more populated area, hoping to lose any security that may be following him until he could get off the station.

"Lieutenant," Arturo said to Me'Shlaht. "The chief and I are moving to get around ahead of your target. We have...concerns about a large scale mobilization of station security, for reasons I'll have to explain later, but we have several masters-at-arms with us. In the meantime, be cautious about everyone you encounter, even those in Starfleet uniforms."

"Always, sir." Still hunting her scented target, Me'Shlaht kept her voice low. "I have seen no one thus far, but I hear people nearby."

Lathor stopped to catch his breath. His damaged throat made it difficult to breathe.

"Are you alright, sir?" asked a trill man in civilian clothing.

Lathor nodded. "Yes," he managed to croak out with a grin. "Sore throat. Seeing doctor."

"Ah, ok. Be well," the man greeted as he made his way off to his destination.

Lathor spotted a sign indicating the direction of the docking ring and made his way through the crowd of people.

Arturo and Colt, followed by the security personnel they could trust, just missed their quarry and began to look around. Then it was Arturo's turn to use his nose. He sniffed the air.

"The Captain!" he said. "No...too faint...a trace of her...that way!"

Arturo started moving in the direction of the scent trail, Colt and the masters-at-arms following along behind.

Lathor moved down the corridor that led to the docking ring when he heard rushing footsteps behind him. Turing, he spotted several Starfleet offciers running in his direction. The diminutive caitian seem fixed on him. 'Damn,' he cursed silently as he drew his disruptor pistol and fired at the group.

Arturo saw the Orion turn and lock eyes with him. He saw the Orion drawing a weapon as if in slow motion. He dove out of the way, firing off a shot as he went, and shouted a warning to the others. "Down!"

Colt also saw the Orion draw his weapon and took cover. Two of the masters-at-arms were not quick enough and got hit. Colt popped up and let off a burst from his phaser at the Orion.

Lathor tried in vain to dodge in his injured state and the phaser hit him in the arm as he fell to the deck.

Arturo's instinct was to assume this Orion was one of the invaders and just shoot him until he vaporized. He restrained this instinct, because the Orion was their only connection to Commander Jacobs. He quickly thumbed his phaser down from a lethal setting to heavy stun and shot the Orion while the man was on the ground. Colt came out from behind cover, phaser at the ready. He and Arturo looked at each other. Each man nodded to the other, and Arturo covered Colt as the Senior Chief moved closer to the Orion. When he got close, Colt poked the Orion with his foot. He looked back at Arturo, who shrugged as if to say 'your guess is as good as mine'. Colt Looked back at the prone Orion and then kicked the man, hard, in the side. The Orion grunted, but remained unconscious. He looked back at Arturo, who nodded.

"Restrain him!" Colt ordered the masters-at-arms as he disarmed the man. The masters-at-arms rushed to obey Colt's orders, one of them pulled restraints from his belt.

"S'Rohass to Admiral Viktor," Arturo said, tapping his commbadge. "We've taken an Orion man we believe to be one of the kidnappers into custody. Permission to take him back to the Valiant until we know who we can trust here! We will get answers from him!"

"Understood. I'll join you on the Valiant. Viktor, out."

Arturo tapped his badge again.

"S'Rohass to Me'Shlaht," he said. "We've got the target. Return to the ship and meet me at the brig."

Me'Shlaht acknowledged his command and Arturo tapped his badge a third time.

"S'Rohass to Valiant," he said. "Three to transport to the ship immediately. Myself, Senior Chief Xan, and an Orion male currently prone at our feet."


Less than a second later Colt, Arturo, and the Orion man shimmered out of existence and reappeared in the Valiant's transporter room. Colt and Arturo stepped off of the platform and the Orion was beamed directly to the brig.

"I'm so glad you did that, Commander," Colt said. "Because there was going to be a mutiny if you asked me to carry that oversized son-of-a-bitch to the brig myself."

Despite himself, Arturo grinned.

"Well," he said. "I didn't think Me'Shlaht would be any more inclined to carry the bastard than you are, so I went with the next best option. Come, let's brief the others and figure out our next move."


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