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A Mole In The Dark

Posted on Tue Nov 20th, 2018 @ 4:22pm by Lieutenant Evan Lougheed & Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Mission: Stranded
Location: USS Valiant

Lougheed watched the door as the CO left, deactivating the highest levels of ECMs he moved to the replicator. "Would you like something before we start?"

"Uh, yeah, coffee," Xiulan replied. "Thanks" she added when she 'saw' the heat signature of the mug before her, taking it carefully. "So, three people, each potentially a mole... Now how to figure out which one, or more than one, is against us," she mused aloud before taking a sip of her coffee. "Maybe we could start by going through communication logs? Won't know what they're saying, but maybe we can figure out who they're talking to, and then tag their clearances to intercept all future communication," she offered.

"Sounds good, the three suspects are Chief Petty Officer Oliver Wallace, Engineering Mate, he served under Robertson for 5 years almost two decades ago. Then he served an 18 month tour as an admin aid to the Admiral ending two years, a very odd assignment for an engineer. He was assigned to the Valiant 3 months ago reportedly at his request. The transfer was signed off on by Pictoa." Lougheed started.

"The second is Lieutenant JG Esmernna, a helm officer. She did a cadet cruise under Pictoa aboard the USS Hok'jon, I did some digging and Esmernna was due for promotion to full Lieutenant and assignment as Department head on Rotterdam, but instead the Admiral reassigned here." The Lieutenant continued. "Third we have is Master-at-Arms First Class Danika Mayford, she's got quite a temper it almost got her kicked out of basic. Her first tour she started a bar brawl, but the Admiral had the charges dropped, transferred her to his command. She spent the next decade in relatively low level postings always near where actions we believe the Admiral responsible for occurred. These are the three I believe most probably to be the Admiral's mole, there is however the potential that two or possibly all three are actually involved, we don't know how large the Admirals network of support is."

Xiulan nodded. "I'm tagging all their communiques and work logs to be routed through a subroutine I'm writing to filter their chats and actions for anything suspicious. I'm working this subroutine into the baseline LCARS programming, so it shouldn't alert them to the fact that we're observing them," she explained as she typed at the console. "'Shouldn't', but as I'm sure you know, it's no guarantee they'll remain oblivious, but with any luck we'll catch onto the mole before they catch onto us."

"That's fine, I'm sending you a list of about 2 dozen others, I'd like you to set the same protocols up for them but funnel the data to a seperate file. This way if anyone starts digging it will look like we're monitoring a large section of the crew, hopefully if anyone finds it it will look like routine monitoring and not us hunting for an individual." Lougheed said.

"And this is why you're the super spy and I'm just the cryptographer," Xiulan replied with a grin as she made the adjustments to her program. "Okay, the program is active, no action on any of our suspects yet, but that just means they're not doing anything suspicious yet. The computer will give you an alert if they do anything that flags as suspicious, and it will check all logs for anything suspicious, not just communication and personal logs but system logs ship-wide; basically checking if anyone, not just our suspects, is accessing a ship system they're not supposed to, and send us the logs before they can delete it. You know, just in case it's not one of our suspects, but activity from our suspect list is prioritized."

"Good, now the worst part of the job. Waiting." Lougheed replied, "Thank you Lieutenant, we should be good for now."


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