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Pin the Tail on the Admiral

Posted on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 3:36am by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass & Lieutenant Me'Shlaht & Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Mission: Repairs and Reprimands
Location: Starbase
Timeline: Current

"Wait for a moment, would you Senior?" Arturo said. Xiulan went off with Loughheed to investigate Robertson in their way. Jacobs went off to tend to her own command business. That left Arturo and Colt to their own devices.

"Sure, Commander," Colt said. "What can I do for you?"

"Do you think you can pin a tail on Admiral Chickenshit?" Arturo said.

Colt nodded. "Sure thing. I'll go see if I can catch up to him. Back me up?"

Arturo grinned. "Like old times. Er...he has a head start. How do we find him? It can't be as simple as asking the computer for his commbadge location, right? He must have disabled that, right?"

Colt shrugged.

"Let's find out," Colt said. He and Arturo went over to a wall console and accessed the base computer. "Computer, please locate Admiral Robertson."

"Admiral Robertson is in his VIP Quarters on Deck 54, Section 69 Gamma," came the computer's response.

Colt frowned. So did Arturo.

"Well," Arturo said. "We can't get in there. Flag officers and visiting Captain's only. Any thoughts?"

"I guess we'll have to sit on the VIP lounge and see what happens, but," Colt said. "If you can sit on the lounge and see if he comes out, I have something in my quarters that might allow us to hack the visual sensors of the VIP lounge. I can get it and meet you outside the VIP lounge in five minutes."

"Excellent!" Arturo said. "I shall be stealthy and silent and invisible as I wait for this poor excuse for an admiral to emerge from his lair!"

Colt bit back a laugh. The idea of Arturo being stealthy and silent when stalking someone wasn't too hard to accept. He was a feline after all. Silent and invisible, that was a little harder to believe from such a flamboyant personality.

"Ah, right," Colt said. "See you in a moment." Colt tapped his commbadge. "Xan to Valiant. One to beam up."

Colt disappear in a shimmer and Arturo padded off to sit on the VIP lounge. He arrived there and found there was a small coffee shop across from the lounge from where he could observe the entrance to the lounge. He ordered an espresso (because Arturo was someone who needed more caffeine...right) and took a seat near the street. As he watched, several captains entered the lounge. Eventually Colt walked up to the cafe. He also ordered a coffee and then down at Arturo's table. He had something in his hand, which he slipped to Arturo. Arturo took the device from Colt in a way that didn't show anyone else what it was, which was a Type I phaser. Arturo slipped the phaser into his pocket. Colt also had a rugged looking PaDD with him. It looked like the ones used by the SFMC.

"Is that it?" Arturo asked.

"Yes," he said. "Standby."

Arturo nodded and turned his attention back to the VIP lounge. He frowned.

"Why did those two MAs just turn away that Captain?" Arturo said. "He's entitled to entry. I can't imagine they're at max capacity in there."

"Hmmm? Yeah, that is odd," Colt said. He slipped Arturo an earbud. "Make like you're scratching your ear and put this in. Okay, let's see what's going on in there."

Colt angled the rugged PaDD so both he and Arturo could see what was happening. Robertson seemed to be having some kind of meeting...there were bowls of some kind in front of each of the officer's present. It looked like...was it moving? The two men watched an listened closely.

Robertson downed some of the "food" in his bowl. The squirming of the live "worms" ended as he felt relief as the food was digested.

"What are we going to do now that Jacobs is free?" a human captain to his right asked as he downed some of the "food."

"I have friends that should be taking care of that issue as we speak," Robertson replied with a wicked grin. "Then I will submit you as the new captain of the Valiant. I already have two aboard the ship that are loyal to me. The rest will be a matter of time."

Both Arturo and Colt watched the strange meeting unfold, both mildly disgusted by the sight of the officers downing live worms. Neither had ever much enjoyed watching Klingons or Ferengi eat live food live.

"What..." Arturo said. "What are we looking at?"

Colt frowned.

"Nothing good," he said. "It sounds like they're going to make a move on the Captain. But what else are they planning?"

"We need to secure the Captain," Arturo said. He tapped his commbadge. "S'Rohass to M'Shlaht! Respond please!"

"Yes, sir?" Me'Shlaht's voice, as always, sounded oddly predatory even over the comm link. "What is the problem?"

"The Captain is in imminent danger!" Arturo said, speaking softly, urgency in his voice. "Find her immediately and secure her safety. Robertson has been...taken over by...something...or replaced! Look, either he's a Pod Person or he's been possessed or he's been brainwashed into eating squirmy little bugs, along with several Starfleet Captains and who knows how many other people. Colt's sending you the evidence we gathered. Hang on to that for us and go secure the captain!"

Me'shlaht gave a deep, throaty growl. "I will find her. Me'Shlaht out."

Meanwhile, Colt kept on observing and recording the meeting, grotesquely fascinated by what could be the end of life as he understood it.

Robertson stood upon finishing his food. "I have matters to attend to with my associates. We will meet again after Jacobs is taken care of...and leave that moron Viktor to me. He has interfered with my plans for the last time," he said as he concealed a Type One phaser in his waist band. "Once Captain Jacobs and Admiral Viktor are out of the way, our brethren will arrive and the Federation will be at our beck and call." Robertson then exited the dining room, heading for the exit to the quarters.

Colt casually slipped the rugged PaDD into a shoulder bag he was carrying and after Roberston had passed, he left to follow the admiral. Arturo left a moment later and spread out from Colt so they could better tail the man...if that's what he still was. Followed him, but he seemed to be leading them to a secluded area of the station.

When Robertson saw no one was around, he stopped in his tracks, spinning on his heel, glaring at Colt. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice one of Captain Jacobs' crew following me?" he said, frowning. "Let me guess, you're following me to hope to find something dirty on me and then report it to that moron Viktor or your precious Captain?"

"Actually," Colt said. "I already did find something dirty on you, Admiral Pod Person, and I transmitted the data to the Valiant for safekeeping. You've had it, whoever you are."

Arturo and Colt drew their small, Type I hand phasers.

"Raise your hands above your head and turn around," Colt said. "I'm going to relieve you of any weapons and anything else I think I need to take from you, and if you move, Commander S'Rohass here is going to stun you into the middle of the next century, are we clear?"

Robertson laughed. "I would honestly like to see that happen, you pathetic little fur ball!" Robertson said, his voice seemed to have a growl to it as he rushed at Colt, who was closest, catching a phaser blast to his chest at close range. "That tickled," Robertson commented before grabbing Colt and tossing him like a rag doll against the bulk head.

Even with his denser Rigelian bones, hitting the bulkhead hurt like Hell and when he head smacked against the duranium he saw stars as he slid down the wall in a heap.

Meanwhile Arturo fired several more times at Robertson, steadily raising the level of the stun setting until it was at maximum. Forgetting that Starfleet internal security systems wouldn't allow a Starfleet issue weapon to be raised to above heavy stun, he tried to switch it up a notch and pressed the trigger. Nothing happened. Cursing, he pulled his San Fratellano folding knife from his pocket and flipped out it's leaf shaped blade.

"Phaser stun may not hurt you," Arturo said, weaving the knife back and forth in front of him. "But I'm willing to bet you can be cut!"

Colt seemed to have a similar idea. From his boot came a stiletto style knife, similar to a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, this one closer to the ones used by the United States Marines in Earth's Second World War. He dragged himself painfully to his feet, dagger in hand.

"If Arturo just tried to fire his phaser on a lethal setting, then security is on the way," Colt said. "You have nowhere to run to."

Of course, Colt and Arturo couldn't be sure how far this conspiracy had spread. They couldn't know whether the masters-at-arms who responded to the Arturo's phaser violation would be the good guys or more Pod People. Colt was seriously bluffing here.

"And they will see two officers attacking a Starfleet Admiral. Quite a serious offense, furball," Robertson replied with a grin. "And the information you claimed to have gotten on me will be taken care of by my brethren on your ship."

Robertson again launched himself at Arturo this time, closing the distance quickly, delivering a backhand that sent Arturo reeling backwards and into a rushing security officer, knocking her over onto her back.

"Ow! What the hell?" she exclaimed as her partner stepped next to her to help her up.

In a murderous rage, anger and adrenaline flowed through Robertson as he continued his attack, breaking the neck of the aiding security officer. The young female office was in shock as she recovered and fired in fear, her phaser reset to kill. The hit hurt, causing Robertson to take a few steps back, clutching his chest. "You bitch! Our brethren will soon arrive and you will know fear as only the Gluak can teach it!"

Arturo dragged himself to a standing position, but he wasn't steady on his feet. Admiral Pod Person had fists like sledgehammers and he hit hard. Arturo placed himself between Robertson and the remaining master-at-arms.

"'ll have to get past me...first, monster!" Arturo said.

Colt moved quickly while Robertson was distracted. He moved up to Robertson, grabbed him from behind, and drove his Raider/Sykes-Fairbairn knife into the man's back where the Human kidney should be. He drove it in, twisted it, and drew it out four times rapidly. The Human kidney was rich with blood vessels and trauma to the kidney in this manner would kill a normal Human quickly. Colt had no idea what it would do to Robertson.

Robertson turned and as he did so, the female security officer fired again, hitting the wound as Robertson cried out in pain but remained on his feet. Not taking any chances, the woman continued to fire in disbelief that anyone or anything could be so hard to take down. A few seconds later, Robertson's body collapsed as the flesh disintegrated, and a large insect-like creature with two mandibles by it's mouth emerged, emitting an angry shriek. 'What the hell is that!"

"Computer!" Arturo shouted. "Emergency containment field around the small lifeform at the center of the our three commbadge signals!"

The creature was too quick and skittered away before the computer could contain it.

"Dammit!" Colt said.

"After it!" Arturo said, streaking down the corridor in pursuit, his predatory instincts taking over as he scanned for the scurrying little insect-like creature. Or was it an arachnid? Damn. He thought back to his friend from the Academy, Aaron Daniels. He would know the difference! Regardless of the creature's classification, they had to catch it before it reached the Promenade and took over someone else, and before any of it's friends showed up!

Colt tore through the corridors, hot on Arturo's heels.

Starfleet, he thought. Never a dull moment.

While he was running, Arturo got a call from M'Shlaht about Jacobs. (continue further down)

====Elsewhere on the Starbase====

Jacobs had come from the docking bay where the Valiant was currently berthed, making her way to Admiral Viktor. In her hand was a PaDD with some discoveries and theories Lieutenant Lougheed had come up with about Robertson. She couldn't imagine that some among her crew would be loyal to Robertson. As she rounded a corner, the lights flickered off followed by flashes of white light replaced by large shadowy figures. "What the hell?"

Jacobs was struck from behind by a hard blow, nearly causing her to lose consciousness as she dropped the PaDD and stumbled. She heard the rushing footsteps and despite the pain, she spun out of the way of the rushing attacker and wrapped her arms around the attacker's head into a rear-naked choke hold. She could barely make out the shadow of a second attacker rushing her as she raised her feet, casing the attacker to run into them and pushing all three to the deck as Jacobs maintained the choke hold, increasing pressure onto the attacker's windpipe as the attacker struggled, emitting a gurgled sound in response. Jacobs suddenly released her hold and slammed her forearm down, smashing the attacker's windpipe, who immediately began gasping for air. Jacobs stood and tackled the nearest attacker.

"Enough of this!" Another of the attacker said, striking Jacobs in the back with a stun baton. "We have our bounty. Let's get out of here before Starfleet restores power." A moment later, the attackers and Jacobs disappeared in flashes of white light just as power was restored to the section.

Running at top speed on all fours, Me'Shlaht burst into the section and pounced on the nearest of Leigh's attackers, only for him to vanish just before she made contact. Sliding across the deck, she scrambled to get her paws under her. When she gained purchase on the deck again, Leigh and the shadowy figures were gone. Snarling, she tapped her commbadge to advise Arturo of the situation. "Me'shlaht to S'Rohass. I missed them by less than five seconds. She's gone."

Arturo cursed.

Scan for her commbadge!" the Caitain executive officer said. "Try to figure out where her abductors are taking her! If you find something, we'll meet you there!"

====In the Back Corridors====

"Don't lose it!" Colt shouted. "We'll never find it again!"

"Of course I shouldn't lose it!" Arturo said. He was grumpy and his head hurt, but he soldiered on.

The creature scurried as fast as it could, trying to sense a safe place as an alert sounded, indicating an intruder. 'Damn,' the creature thought, hoping it's offspring could continue their work on making the Federation weaker for when the Gluak returned. It sensed footsteps closing in from multiple directions until it stopped in it's tracks at the sight of Admiral Viktor, along with a team of security guards leveling their Type 2 and 3 phasers at it and firing . One of the beams struck, causing it to cry out, slowing it down. It soon found itself inside of a forcefield as it clashed violently against the shields several times, emitting a shriek each time.

Viktor frowned at the creature as he sheathed his phaser. "Transport this thing to the Science lab. Maintain a Level 3 containment field until further notice and you are not to discuss this creature with anyone without my direct consent," Viktor told the nearest security officer.

"Aye, sir," the young man replied.

Viktor looked at Colt and Arturo. "You two ok?"

"The commander took a nasty shot to the head, sir," Colt said, standing next to Arturo just in case he passed out. "But I can take care of him as soon as he's ready."

Arturo scowled.

"You got hit in the head, too, and you don't see me babying you!" Arturo said. "And we have bigger problems. Commander Jacobs has been taken on the orders of that...thing. And Robertson wasn't the only one of those things on base! Show him! Stop being a mother hen and show him!"

Colt took out the special PaDD he'd 'liberated' from his former assignment, cued up the recording, and showed the recording to Admiral Viktor.

"We used these in the Raiders for Intel gathering and Recon," Colt said. "I used it to hack in the internal feed in the VIP lounge, where Robertson went after he stormed out of the courtroom, and from where we followed him until he turned on us."

Colt was pretty sure Viktor knew about this already, but he followed Arturo's orders anyway.

"I've had my suspicions but could never act on them," Viktor replied, his Russian accent seemingly stronger as he looked over the PaDD. "Jacobs was kidnapped you say?" Viktor immediately slapped his comm badge. "Admiral Viktor to Starbase Operations. Scan the are immediately for Commander Jacobs' comm badge and her life signs.

"Aye, admiral," came a man's voice. "It will just be a moment...there's alot of traffic but I'm not picking up her life signs or comm badge signal."

"One moment, Admiral," Arturo said, then tapped his commbadge. "S'Rohass to Me'shlaht! Report!"

"She's Valiant's Chief Sec/Tac," Colt explained to Admiral Viktor. "She got to the scene of the abduction right after the kidnappers made off with Commander Jacobs. She was trying to track them, last I heard."

"My scans are not picking up Commander Jacobson's combadge either, sir." Me'Shlaht sounded frustrated and disappointed. "I would expect once they had her aboard their ship, they went to warp and left us with nothing but their scent. I saw only two perpetrators, but there is the scent of a third man here."

Arturo cursed.

"Did they all exit by transporter?" Arturo said. "Or did one or more them exit the area on foot? If the latter, can you track them by scent?"

"I believe one of them left on foot. His scent leads back out of this area... I will follow his trail and keep you updated." There was a hint of a growl in Me'Shlaht's voice, the growl of a predator ready for a hunt.

"Find them, Lieutenant," Viktor commanded.



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