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Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 @ 6:35pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs & Lieutenant Xiulan Song & Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Mission: Repairs and Reprimands
Location: USS Valiant; Intel Center
Timeline: Shortly after "Findings"

The Intelligence Center on the Valiant was a small room located behind the main bridge, yet the room contained the most state of the art computers in Starfleet in order to accommodate for the small space available. Leigh, entered, along with Lieutenant Song. "I apologize for taking you away from your honeymoon, lieutenant."

"No worries, Captain, I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't willing to take one for the team," Xiulan replied with a grin.

Leigh waited until the doors closed behind them before speaking to Lougheed, who was at a console already. "What have you found Lieutenant Lougheed?

"Computer activate protocol-2-1-zero-black." Lougheed said, the computer chirped several time in acknowledgement, all the computers in the room when dark and the room was illuminated by a single overhead light. "I hope you'll understand the need for added privacy, I've adopted the dampening field to allow Ms. Song's eyes continued functionality. I've been doing some digging, I have reason to believe Admiral Robertson is under the influence of an external power. At least he is being coerced somehow, at worst, he may have been replaced with a double or by some other means is completely under alien control." The Lieutenant started.

"I've been reviewing information and have found a number of order given by him, they completely counter Starfleet protocol and compromise the security in the region. I believe the vendetta against the Commander is part of this, to move the Valiant under the control of someone loyal to him. Which from what I've found is not an insignificant pool of senior officers. There are a lot of similarities to Admiral Leyton's coup on Earth during the lead up the Dominion War."

"Interesting hypothesis, Mr. Lougheed. Do we have any solid evidence?"" Leigh asked.

Lougheed pulled out a large tablet, non-networked and shielded from the dampening field. "I've identified 47 command orders he's issued in that last 6 months that countermand Starfleet strategic directives in the region. A significant number of them correlate with incidents happening in the area. Ships pulled from a preplanned patrol route and that an pirate attack on a civilian freighter where the nearest Starfleet asset was 9 hours away instead of 15 minutes." Lougheed reported. "There's a number of questionable command transfers as well, relatively junior officers escalating quickly to command billets including 3 officers promoted to Captain with less than a year in grade at Commander. Ships with COs and XOs with less than 3 years of experience in Command combined. As well several officers who have launched complaints against reassignment orders have ended up injuries, in two cases apparently dying in freak accidents. Three others resigned, and are now untraceable. People who had families they claimed to be the resign behind their resignation who haven't seen them since. It's all circumstantial but together it paints a pretty grim picture."

Leigh took the PaDD and looked it over. Lougheed was right--a few orders by themselves didn't prove anything but altogether, they showed a pattern--a dangerous one at that. "Great job, lieutenant. I should get this to Admiral Viktor. Keep looking. Lieutenant Song can help you if needed."

"Ma'am, there's more. I believe that Robertson may have, for lack of a better term, a mole on the Valiant. There are three crewman who's transfers to the Valiant were authorized by the Admiral, not directly but through one of his senior proxies. Commander Pictoa, currently serving with the Fleet's Personnel department." Lougheed said.

Leigh paused for a moment as she considered the idea "Keep track of those crewmen and you and Song investigate further. Also try to find out more about this Commander Pictoa," she finally replied.

"Aye ma'am." The Intelligence Officer replied.

"I need to find Admiral Viktor and tell him about this," Leigh took the PaDD and exited the Intelligence Office, heading for the docking port.


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