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Arriving at Starbase 239

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2018 @ 2:16am by Commander Leigh Jacobs

Captain's Personal Log

The Valiant has docked with Starbase 239 and I am granting shoreleave to the crew while the Valiant undergoes repairs. I believe the next several days will be long and trifling. I know it was direct violation of the Prime Directive but bringing Valywen aboard and keeping her was saving her life and last I checked, Starfleet was assigned the task of preserving life. What kind of service would we be if I sent someone who aided us to their certain death all because her culture hadn't invented warp drive yet?

Admiral Robertson in particular has it in for me--we have never seen eye to eye. How someone like that could ever achieve the rank of Admiral is beyond me. Hopefully I can survive this ordeal and retain my command as I have come to settle into my role as commanding officer of the Valiant--she's a tough ship and she's starting to feel like home and I feel I am growing closer to the crew, though some have left for other assignments, I am sure Starfleet will assign us replacements soon.


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