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Personal Log 001

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2018 @ 8:38pm by Commander Leigh Jacobs

We are in orbit above Vestixx Two and we have an Away Team heading for the surface. Thankfully we were able to convince the Tholians that the Federation wasn't involved, yet we also don't know who attacked the colony, other than they used a polaron-based weapon to destroy the colony. Even though the Valiant is a tough ship, what I wouldn't give to have a Sovereign Class vessel right now. With high radiation levels on the surface, I am hoping the Away Team can conduct their search quickly and get back to the ship.

I am still wondering what could cause such levels of radiation as Polaron weapons don't leave that kind residue. Were the Tholians working on something here? And if so, what was it? I am beginning to think something more may have been going on here than the Tholians are admitting. Only time may tell what happened here.

End Log


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