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Status Current Mission
Start Date Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 12:47am

Mission Summary

Romulan fugitives stole a weapon of mass destruction and ran to a wholly pacifist world on the cusp of Federation membership. The Romulans have probably landed and made contact with the small Romulan ex-pat community here. The primary objective is to prevent the WMD going off, ideally by returning it intact; secondary objective is to catch the Romulans; tertiary objective is to evaluate the planet, because there's something sinister about anybody who successfully takes pacifism further than the Federation and Starfleet Intelligence want to know how they're pulling it off. The bonus objective is to bring to justice the Klingon dissidents who are buying the WMD. And then a Klingon vessel turns up and offers honest co-operation: all they want is their dissidents. But if allowed to speak, the dissidents claim political asylum on the basis that they would not receive a fair trial in their home country, and there isn't an extradition treaty with the Klingons, and extraordinary rendition is wrong anyway, even if you don't really want someone else's criminals, but there is a Klingon warship right there...