From the ashes...

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The crew of the former Valiant are transported to Starbase 239, where the newly commissioned Luna Class USS Valiant-A awaits.

Hidden Agenda

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OOC Discussions

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Anything that deals with OOC topics can be posted here. Keep it SOMEWHAT sane ;)

No missions found

A Valiant Beginning

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The new crew of the Valiant arrive at Starbase 336 to ready their new home for it's shakedown cruise.

Tholian Deception

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The Valiant's first mission


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A spacial phenomenon forces the Valiant to land on a Pre-Warp planet.

Repairs and Reprimands

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The USS Valiant docks with Starbase 239 to undergo repairs while there are some who would see the Valiant stay in port indefinitely.

Captain Lost

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Captain Jacobs deals with her captors while the Gulak once again threaten the sector.