Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Bridge. Captain's ready room. Observation Lounge

Deck 2

Administrative and Multi-use offices (includes Senior Officer Offices). Forward Observation Lounge. Ship's Museum. Escape Pod Access

Deck 3

Command Officer Quarters. Senior Officer Quarters. Arboretum. Transporter Rooms 1 & 2. VIP Guest Quarters

Deck 4

Officer quarters. Family quarters. Computer Core Level 1. Sickbay and Sickbay Support Systems (Including: NCU, Maternity Ward, Isolation Ward, Hospital Wards, Triage, ICU, Hospital Wards, Operating Ward, Dental Offices). Medical Supply Storage. Medical Laboratories 1-3. Diplomatic Facilities. Diplomatic Dining Room. Diplomatic Lounge. Diplomatic Conference Room. Security Station

Deck 5

Officer Quarters. Crew Quarters. Guest and Passenger Quarters. Mess Hall. Computer Core Level 2. Ship Operations Center. Primary Power Distribution Systems. Gym. Library. Chief Security/Tactical Officer's Office. Security Office. Brig. Armory

Deck 6

Computer Core Level 3. Crew Quarters. Holodeck 1 & 2. Family Quarters. Astrometrics Lab. Stellar Cartography Lab. Botanical/Xeno-Botanical Lab. Hydroponics. Deuterium Storage Tanks. Secondary Command Processors.

Deck 7

Main Lounge. Computer Core Level 4. Officer Quarters. Family Quarters. Crew Quarters. Civilian Quarters. Deuterium Storage Tanks. Flight Control/Observation and Control Room. Computer Core Level 4. Transporter Room 3

Deck 8

General Science Laboratories. Dedicated and Specialized Laboratories. Engineering Maintenance Access. Storage Bays. Ventral Sensor Array. Escape Pods

Deck 9

General Science Laboratories. Storage bays. Main Shield Array. Engineering Support Systems. Security/Marines Training Area. Intel Analysis Office/lab. Secondary sensor Array. Environmental System Controls, Captain's Yacht Docking Port.

Deck 10

Deflector Control. Primary Command Processors. Shuttlebay. Main Engineering - Upper Level. Secondary Power Distribution Center

Deck 11

Main engineering - Main Level. Engineering Laboratories. Shuttle Storage Access. Shuttle Storage & Maintenance. Industrial Replicators. Main Cargo Bays Upper Level. Aft EVA Airlock

Deck 12

Main Cargo Bays Main Level. Shuttle Maintenance and Storage Bay Support Area. Cargo Transporters. Primary Shield Generators. Fusion Reactors. Primary Life Support Systems. Communications Array

Deck 13

Fusion Reactors. Warp Nacelle Access. Aft Torpedo Launcher. Torpedo Magazines. Aft Cargo Bays

Deck 14

Auxiliary Power Generator. Anti-Matter Storage Tanks. Main Deflector Dish Access. Tertiary Command Processors

Deck 15

Auxiliary Power Generator. Anti-Matter Storage Tanks. Forward Torpedo Magazines. Secondary Shield Generators

Deck 16

Antimatter Storage. Anti-matter Generator. Warp Core Ejection Systems. Forward Torpedo Launchers. Auxiliary Power Fuel Cells