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Lieutenant Evan Lougheed

Name Evan William Lougheed

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 35
Sexuality Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.91 m
Weight 92 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Well built on the taller side Evan has the build of a career security officer, he has a large scar along his back shoulder from a bar fight with a Klingon.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Adam Lougheed, Retired Starfleet
Former Engineer
Mother Doctor Andrea Lougheed (nee: Marrot)
Civilian Warp Theory Scientist
Brother(s) Brandon Lougheed - High School Science Teacher
Vancouver Central Coast Academy

Sister(s) Lieutenant Marica Lougheed - Chief Science Officer
USS Valley Forge (Galaxy-class)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy going and personable Evan has often gotten by as much on charm as skill.
Strengths & Weaknesses A keen tactical mind and situational awareness that has served him well in his field, he lacks the scientific mind that both his parents and siblings possessed. However he always could beat anyone in his family at chess.
Ambitions When he first entered Starfleet he had dreams of commanding his own ship one day. This has been tempered with desires to one day have a family.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking, especially in the mountains, chess and reading old Earth mystery novels.

Personal History >>>Author's Note: Needs to be adjusted due to time change.

Born in Vancouver, Evan was the second of three children born to Andrea and Adam Lougheed, his mother was a prominent warp theory specialist who worked out of the university. Adam was a Starfleet Engineer who was also attached to the university allowing both parents to raise their family in the general safety of Earth.

Growing up Evan did well in school, but his grades never rivalled those of either of his siblings, especially his younger sister Marica who was often called a genius by her teachers in school. What Evan lacked in book smarts he made up for in other ways. He was the Captain of his high school soccer team and was recruited for the University team but turned it down to attend Starfleet Academy.

Tensions with the Dominion had continued to rise, with Evan old enough to understand what was going on in the galaxy. When he enrolled in the Academy he displayed prowess at the helm of a starship as well as at her tactical systems. He decided on a Security and Tactical major in his second year with a minor in flight control. At the academy during the Breen attack on San Francisco he luckily escaped injury. Many others, including his boyfriend were not as lucky, and his partner lost his life. Evan became more withdrawn following the loss of Miles and he focused exclusively on his training. During his third year he served a 5 month tour aboard the USS Wallace, an Excelsior ship posted to the defence force at Vulcan.

Commissioned as an Ensign in 2382 he was assigned to a newly refitted Intrepid-class ship, the USS Brisbane, as a security officer. The Brisbane was part of 9th Fleets assignment to the Cardassian Union where Starfleet was overseeing the demilitarization of the Union. The Brisbane would be Lougheed’s home for the next five years. In early 2384 he was made a Team Leader in the security department, a year later he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Deputy Security Chief just as the Brisbane was reassigned to 5th Fleets deep space exploration group.

The Brisbane was assigned to a two year deep exploration mission deep in the Beta Quadrant. The mission was relatively calm, a couple of first contacts with newly warp capable species, a three month conflict with Gwendlive Empire, and a few interesting stellar phenomena.

Lougheed served with distinction, at least according to his Captain, and earned a service commendation during the tour. In 2387 the Brisbane returned to Earth, preparing to go in for refit following five years of front line service. The Brisbane’s Captain, Katie O’Byrnes, brought almost the entire crew with her to her new command, the USS Arc Royal, a recently completed Sovereign-class cruiser.

The Deputy Security Chief posting of a Soverign-class would normally fall to an experience Lieutenant if not a Lieutenant Commander, but Katie knew her crew, and that included making the JG Lougheed Deputy Chief. In less that a year he was promoted to full Lieutenant following a particularly messy mission with the Breen.

While celebrating with his friends aboard a Starbase, Lougheed and several other Starfleet officer had a misunderstanding with a visiting group of Klingons. The misunderstanding resulted in a serious mek'leth injury for Lougheed, three hours of surgery and a full half hour dressing down from Captain O’Brynes. She threaten to ‘bust the pip right off his collar’ which was a slightly comical image given she was over a foot shorter than Evan.

Despite the reprimand she left him at his new rank and his position aboard the Arc Royal, although the month and a half of night shift security watches made sure her message was well driven home. In 2392 after five years aboard the Arc Royal a much more mature Lieutenant Evan Lougheed returned to Earth to Starfleet War College accepted into the prestigious Advanced Intelligence program.

His 18 months of training in the advanced warfare tactics hones his already impressive skill set and when he completed he was posted as the Chief of Intelligence aboard the Nebula-class USS Toval, for the first time in over a decade he had a new Captain to get use to. Commander Roger Yates was an experience officer, but his first command meant it was a learning curve for the entire crew. Most of the senior staff were new to their positions, only the surly Chief Medical Officer who was coming up on retirement had been a senior officer for more than a few months. Doctor Asmoff never failed to point out that “in his day a senior officer would have never made that choice’ to any decision he didn’t like.

Luckily three months into his posting on Toval, Asmoff retired, and the as the crew found their fit things improved greatly. In the summer of 2394 the Toval was on shore leave at New Seattle Colony. A night of drinking amongst the senior staff resulted in Evan waking up in the Captain’s quarters. Suffice to say the general awkwardness of a not entirely regrettable choice resulted in Lougheed requesting a transfer.
Service Record 2378-2382 Starfleet Acadmey
2382-2384 Ensign, Security Officer - USS Brisbane (Intrepid Class)
2384-2385 Ensign, Security Team Leader - USS Brisbane (Intrepid Class)
2385-2387 Lieutenant JG - Deputy Chief Security Officer - USS Brisbane (Intrepid Class)
2387-2390 Lieutenant JG - Deputy Chief Security Officer - USS Arc Royal (Sovereign Class)
2390-2392 Lieutenant - Deputy Chief Security Officer - USS Arc Royal (Sovereign Class)
2392-2393 Starfleet War College - Advanced Intelligence Training
2393-2394 Lieutenant - Chief Intelligence Officer - USS Toval (Nebula Class)
2394-Pres Lieutenant - Chief Intelligence Officer - USS Valiant (Defiant Class)