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Lieutenant Commander Mark Cross

Name Mark Peter Cross

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Sexuality Straight

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short brown hair, sometimes bordering on messy, and striking blue eyes. Mark is broad-shouldered and stocky. He has developed a powerful physique from a lot of hard work in the gym, holodeck, training programmes etc.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Captain Keith Cross
Mother Doctor Kate Cross
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's an intense character, bubbling with a youthful exuberance and enthusiasm that probably should have subsided towards the end of his teenage years. He's always working on new projects, craves big crowds and social engagements, and would often be the first in the gym and the last to leave of his classmates. He brings this work ethic to everything he does, and while others may edge him out in talent or experience, it'll take a lot to beat him in effort.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ A tireless worker
+ Always wants to achieve above and beyond the required standard
+ A fast learner
+ Friendly and sociable


- Short-tempered
- A self-confidence that often borders on arrogance
- Acts too much on impulse
- Can be considered too "casual" and often mistaken as unprofessional
- Impatient and easily distracted
Ambitions - To be a serial overachiever
- To one day hold his own Command (Preferrably Nebula class)
- To lecture at the Academy
- To start a family
Hobbies & Interests - Playing guitar
- Finding out hows things work, usually by taking it to pieces
- Cooking
- Sport/Exercise/The gym
- Poker

Personal History Mark Cross was born to two Starfleet officers aboard a starship. It was almost a given that he'd follow in their footsteps. His Father, an Engineer and his Mother in Medical. It was clear that his attention span during his younger years wouldn't last the extra few years to pursue medicine, and since he shared his Father's love of taking various objects apart to see how they worked, it was engineering that captured his heart.

As a child, Mark's favourite holodeck was a fighter pilot simulation of his Father's. After countless runs, he'd beaten his Dad's high scores. Then he'd beat his own. Then beat them again and again. It was a sign that 1) he always wanted to go one better, even if it meant beating himself, and 2) he'd be training to take a few extra shifts at the helm during his early career. This he later did aboard Starbase 12, his first assignment out of the Academy.

Mark only graduated towards the top of his class in 2380, a little disappointing given his potential. He'd also failed to put enough time in to enable him to take the odd shift at Flight Control as he'd planned. The social side of the Academy had seemed a little too appealing at the time. Getting away from that environment, to his first assignment, his focus was reignited, and Starbase 12 became the place to be for the fastest warp core replacement in the Alpha Quadrant. Within a year he'd also spent sufficient time in training to be able to fly the starship when his first off-base assignment came in.

The Ranger gave him the chance to find his space legs, but on his first mission with the new vessel, a spacial anomaly pulled them into the Gamma quadrant, also succeeding in stranding the ship as it crash-landed on the surface of a planet at the other end.

The crew were able to mastermind their return to the correct quadrant, but as this was without a ship, the crew was assigned en masse to the USS Potemkin, where Mark's tireless work ethic saw him given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer.

The Chief left shortly afterwards, disappointing given Mark's close friendship with her, and so instead of taking the mantle at the Ranger, he took a temporary position at Chief of Operations aboard the USS Tempest, an Excelsior class vessel that was the flagship of the 14th Fleet. It was a stepping stone while a permanent replacement was found, but an invaluable experience that spurred Mark onto greater things.

He bounced around a few positions from this point, culminating in a return to the Tempest as Chief Engineer and the second officer, which became his home for around 4 Earth years. Many thought it would only be a matter of time before he would be in consideration for a command position. The USS Kennedy became available, and with a new Captain at the helm, Mark grabbed the opportunity with both hands.
Service Record 2380 - Graduates Starfleet Academy as an Ensign. Assigned to Starbase 12 as a propulsion specialist

2381 - Qualifies to take shifts at Flight Control

2382 - Assigned to the USS Ranger - Engineer

2383 - Following return from the Gamma Quadrant, sans the Ranger, reassigned to the USS Potemkin - Engineer

2384 - Appointed Assistant Chief Engineer - Potemkin

2386 - Temporarily assigned to USS Tempest - Chief of Operations

2386 - Transferred to USS Hiei - Chief Engineer

2388 - Transferred to USS Tempest - CEO/2XO

2392 - Assigned to USS Kennedy as Executive Officer

2394 - Cross becomes Commanding Officer for a total of 7 hours as he limps the stricken Kennedy home, her previous CO killed by a falling support beam. Requests the position permanently, but is instead assigned to the USS Valiant