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Senior Chief Petty Officer Coltan Xan

Name Coltan Xan

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcanoid Rigelian/Human
Age 50
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Tall, wiry, and handsome, with darker skin and piercing ice blue eyes. Raider Pin Tattoo (Eagle holding a Fairburn dagger, blade pointed up, shield with the Southern Cross constellation on it, under the words ‘Spiritus Invictus’ (Spirit Undefeated), on his left breast.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Cristover Orlan
Mother Kaela Xan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Coltan has been there and done that, and he’s only fifty! For someone who is half Vulcanoid Rigelian, fifty is nothing! Coltan exhibits the best of both worlds. He has a youthful energy and vigor tempered by a fair amount of maturity and experience. He enjoys the company of women as frequently as he can (he’s Vulcanoid Rigelian, after all) but he is respectful. He doesn’t force or coerce anyone and Gods help whoever he catches doing so. He doesn’t harass, he doesn’t demean, he doesn’t belittle. If he somehow manages to do so unintentionally, he apologizes. He’s had both casual and more serious relationships and handles each with as much class as he can muster. To really enjoy a relationship, though, he prefers at least a modicum of commitment.

At work is perfecting the right balance of gruff, jovial, serious, and humorous. He likes a good joke here and there, but as a rule, if the joke is about a person and they aren’t laughing, he doesn’t find the joke very funny.

He has an air of command about him that he uses judiciously. He jokes, he laughs, but when he says ‘Jump’ everyone from Crewmen to Senior Chiefs (and sometimes even Ensigns and Lieutenants JG) respond loudly ‘How high?’

Coltan really likes Old Earth Jazz, as well as some Funk and Blues. Off-duty on the ship, he can often be found in his quarters sitting back and listening to Jazz and relaxing away the days troubles. When taking leave on planets, space stations, and starbases, Coltan can often be found in the local jazz clubs, enjoying a drink, the music, and, if he’s lucky, a little companionship.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Special Operations Training, Combat Medical Training, Independent Duty Corpsman Training Martial Arts, usually cool under pressure.

WEAKNESSES: Unlike most Vulcanoid Rigelians, Coltan doesn’t seem to have any psychokinetic abilities. Sometimes his mouth, or more recently his fists, can get ahead of his brain.
Ambitions Earn back his former rank of Master Chief Hospital Corpsman.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, Fitness, Jazz, Vulcan Neuropressure

Personal History Coltan Xan was born in 2344 on Rigel IV, to a Rigelian mother (Kaela Xan) and a Human father (Cristover Orlan). Since Rigelian society is matriarchal, Coltan took his mother’s family name.

Kaela Xan was an agricultural specialist and Cristover Orlan was a hydroponics engineer. Rigel IV has seasons that measure in centuries, even millennia. ‘Summer’, which had been going for almost 1500 years, was slowly turning into Fall. Eventually, winter would come and like last for over 1000 years. With the last of season change, agriculture had to be engineered in such a way that food and medicinal crops could be grown and harvested. Polar City, the predominantly Human colony, which was in a cooler area of the planet, utilized large hydroponics bays. The Rigelian colony at Altama used similar technology. The two colonies, along with the Andorians (who were not as familiar with agriculture as a rule) and occasionally the Orions, had been collaborating for almost 200 years on various agriculture projects with the intent on ensuring the survival of all the colonies on Rigel IV well into the winter. Yes, it was probably more than a thousand years away, but time flies…

Cristover, right out of university with a Master of Engineering in Hydroponic Engineering, arrived in Altama full of ideas. When it came time for him to present his ideas, a youngish (hard to tell with a Vulcanoid Rigelian) woman entered the room and took a seat. Cristover was 100% certain that, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the entire universe had just entered the room. His gaze kept traveling to her and several times he fumbled through his presentation, which caused the woman, who was none other than Kaela Xan, to giggle each time. Cristover’s heart skipped a beat every time he heard that giggle. We’ll skip the gory details here and just say that the two fell madly in love, soon married, and soon thereafter Xan gave birth to baby Coltan Xan. While Cristover would have liked to have more than one child, Kaela wasn’t in the least interested in experiencing ‘the miracle of childbirth’ a second time. Since it was her body, Cristover agreed. He put all of his parenting energies and instincts into raising Coltan, making sure he felt loved and safe and appreciated.

The heavy interaction between the different colonies meant that Coltan had the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures. Foods, customs, music. What really attracted Coltan’s interest, somewhat to the annoyance of his parents, were the different martial arts styles. He learned to handle a blade from the Andorians. He learned the more modern style of Sus Mahna from visiting Vulcan scientists, and an older style from his fellow Vulcanoid Rigelians (Rigel V and later Rigel IV and Rigel II were settled by people from the Vulcan Diaspora and therefore share some cultural aspects with the Vulcan). He learned a Chinese martial art known as ‘Fu Style Wudang Quan’ from a group of herbalists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, which combined aspects of Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-I, and several related weapons styles. When Coltan wasn’t in school, studying for school, exercising, or (when he got old enough) getting laid (often this is the bit of Orion ‘culture’ he absorbed, mainly from their daughters and sisters), he was studying one martial art or the other.

Coltan wasn’t a bad student in school, but he didn’t get the kinds of grades that his extremely intelligent parents got in school. They claimed it was because he didn’t really apply himself, that if he did, he’d been at the top of his class. If anyone were to ask Coltan, he’d tell you it was because he simply didn’t inherit his parents’ IQs. When there were arguments in the Xan household, this was often the subject in dispute. As he neared graduation from secondary school, Coltan dutifully applied to a few universities and waited to hear their replies. University wasn’t in his plans, though he’d not told his parents this yet.

As long as Coltan could remember, the Federation had been at war with the Cardassians. ‘The Cardassian Border Wars’ the conflict would come to be known as. Coltan kept up with developments in the conflict by watching the Federation News Service regularly. The older he got, the more he felt like he wanted to be out there, in space, protecting the Federation and its citizens from the Cardassian threat. When he was 17, he caught a shuttle to Polar City and stopped in to see the Starfleet recruiter there. He was too young to join without his parents’ permission (which he knew he’d never get) but he arranged to go through all of the testing (physical, mental, psychological) so that when he turned 18, he could sign on the dotted line. Of all of the career fields he was shown (and there were a lot) Coltan decided he was most interested in becoming a Hospital Corpsman. It had the most options among its ‘C’ School opportunities. He passed all of his tests and, on his 18th birthday, without telling his parents, Coltan Xan officially enlisted in Starfleet. His parents had no idea why he was dragging his feet about his college applications and they were getting angry. Finally, in a heated argument, Coltan told them what he had done. Cristover was furious. Luckily, Kaela was more understanding and was able to calm him down, allowing Coltan to explain. Neither Kaela or Cristover liked the idea, but when Coltan was done talking they at least had a better understanding of why he wanted to do it. When the time came for Coltan to leave for Earth, the trio shared a tearful farewell and then Coltan was off to experience new things.

Coltan did well in Basic Training. It seemed that he had more smarts than he gave himself credit for. From Basic Training, Coltan went to Hospital Corpsman ‘A’ School. He graduated from that school at the top of his class and was accepted immediately into the Field Medical Training Battalian where he learned to be a combat medic. Before he knew it, Coltan was on the frontlines of the Cardassian Border Wars.

The Forlan System was the site of several Federation colonies. Unfortunately, the Cardassians felt that the Forlan System belonged to them and, while Starfleet’s attention was elsewhere, the Cardassians invaded the Forlan System and took it over. They immediately began to strip it of its resources, their workforce made up in part by Federation colonists who hadn’t gotten out in time and were now working as slave labor. The Federation sent Starfleet and the Marines to take the Forlan System back. Coltan’s unit deployed to Forlan II, where they fought hard to take the planet back from the Cardassians and for a time had the upper hand, in part due to orbital fire support from Starfleet ships in the system. When the tide was fully in favor of Federation forces, Starfleet pulled some of those ships away to respond to an attack in another system. This was just what the Cardassians were waiting for. Once Federation forces in the Forlan System were depleted, heavy reinforcements arrived. The shoe was now on the other foot as Starfleet was forced to withdraw, and now Cardassian ground forces were the ones with heavy orbital fire support. The only thing that kept the Cardassians from pulling out their troops, bombarding the planet, and eliminating all Federation forces on the ground was that they wanted the planet’s resources, including its agricultural resources. And so, the fighting continued. Soon a Federation fleet arrived and drove out the Cardassians…who then sent reinforcements who drove out Starfleet. This happened a few more times, with Starfleet nominally coming out on top and the Marines on the ground were relieved and taken to the nearest Federation planet for some much-needed R & R. Coltan learned a lot on Forlan II, and lost a lot of comrades in arms. At the time, he hoped it was worth it. Evidently it wasn’t, because at the end of the war, the Forlan System was ceded to the Cardassians in treaty negotiations.

After the war, Coltan was put through the Special Aerospace/Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SAARC) pipeline and from there went to the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) where he was assigned as a medic in a Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) in the 2nd Raider Battalion. For the first few years after completing his training, he was mostly involved in more training exercises (though there were a few missions here and there). Things got more active as the Federation-Klingon War came along, followed immediately by the Dominion War. Both wars kept the Raiders busy. Coltan was involved in several of the major battles of the wars, including the First Battle of Chintoka, but it was the Second Battle of Chintoka and its aftermath that would test Coltan’s mettle like never before.

At the Second Battle of Chintoka, the Raiders stationed on Chintoka, along with a SEAL team and a company of Rangers from the Andorian Defense Force, went out to fight a delaying action in order to give the base personnel a chance to evacuate. The special operations units became bogged down and needed extraction. The Allied officer in command of the evacuation was forced to leave them all behind. Coltan understood. Needs of the many and all that. But the bastard then went and told Allied Command that the Raiders, Rangers, SEALs were all KIA. As a result, no attempt was made to return to the system and extract those left behind, which, after the Allies pulled out, consisted not only of the Raiders, SEALs, and Rangers, but also the remnants of a Reman infantry company and what was left of a company of Klingon marines. In the last days of the war, the Dominion and Breen forces abandoned Chintoka to protect Cardassia Prime. When the war ended, they made no mention of the Allied survivors (those that were left after months of guerilla warfare) to Allied Command. It was another three months before Starfleet sent ships to see what was left of the Allied base there. The crew of the USS Atilla were completely shocked to find a ragtag group of allied fighters descend on the base while they were exploring it.

After a period of recuperation from his ordeal on Chintoka, Xan was assigned to a group of Raiders supporting the Cardassian reconstruction effort. Not all Cardassians were happy that the Federation was there to help, and those that didn’t sometimes expressed their displeasure by committing acts of violence.

Coltan’s next assignment was aboard the USS Raven, a special mission vessel tasked with supporting clandestine operations: transportation, fire support, infiltration and exfiltration, special operations personnel for surveillance, reconnaissance, and direct-action missions, etc. This portion of his file is classified.

After attending Command Chief/Chief of the Boat School, Coltan was assigned as Chief of the Boat on the USS Malcontent, a special mission vessel with much the same mission as the USS Raven. Following this assignment, Coltan was promoted to Master Chief Hospital Corpsman and made Chief of the Boat aboard the USS Muldoon. All was going well, until, one day while Coltan was sitting in a bar listening to a jazz trio, when a marine general walked in. Coltan paid him no mind at the time. He was thirty-two years Starfleet. Flag officers didn’t scare him. Coltan barely looked at the guy before turning his focus back to the music. Coltan listened to the music and the General drank…and drank…and drank. Now three sheets to the wind (maybe four), the general was talking loud, bragging, and trying to pick up a woman that was probably too young for him. Coltan didn’t recognize the man’s voice or anything like that. What he did recognize was that the general was bragging about the Second Battle of Chintoka, a subject Coltan was intimately familiar with. As he listened, Coltan realized that this was the man who’d abandoned the Raiders and the others during the evacuation of the allied base, including Coltan. Rage burned inside Coltan. When he confronted the general, the man tried to pull rank and make Coltan go away. No ‘I’m sorry’ or any kind of an apology. Coltan lost his cool and punched the general in the mouth, breaking his jaw. That would have been bad enough, but then the force of the blow forced the drunken flag officer to smack his head on the bar, at which point the inebriated general was knocked unconscious. Coltan rolled his eyes, let his medical training take over, and devoted a small portion of the back of his mind to trying to imagine just how much trouble he was in now.

Coltan was taken into custody, but a former commanding officer, now a senior JAG officer, got him released. She took Jake’s statement regarding the incident at the Second Battle of Chintoka and told the general that if he pressed charges, she’d make sure that he was charged with gross misconduct and held responsible for every death that occurred after he abandoned the Raiders and the others on Chintoka. Rather than press charges, the JAG officer suggested, the general should put in his papers.

Coltan was demoted to Senior Chief and removed from his post on the Muldoon. He was reassigned to the USS Valiant.
Service Record EDUCATION:

Starfleet Enlisted Academy (2 years)
Hospital Corpsman ‘A’ School (24 weeks)
Field Medical Training Battalion (8 weeks)
Marine Basic Reconnaissance Course (12 weeks)
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape [SERE] (3 weeks)
Combatant EVA Course (35 weeks)
Combatant Diver Course (35 weeks)
Marine Orbital Insertion Operations Course (3 weeks)
Marine Airborne/Atmospheric Operations Course (3 weeks)
Special Operations Combatant Medic Course (36 weeks)
Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman Course (24 weeks)
Basic Mountaineer Course (2 weeks)
Advanced Mountaineer Course-Winter (2 weeks)
Advanced Mountaineer Course-Summer (2 weeks)
Rough Terrain Evacuation Course (1 week)
Mountain Planners Course (1 week)

First Line Leadership Development Program (FLLDP)
-Leadership Training for enlisted personnel in the ranks of Crewman to Petty Officer 2nd Class, who are in a “first leadership position” within their chain of command and are those who are responsible for the growth, development and daily direction of their subordinates.

Primary Leadership Development Program (PLDP)
-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 2nd Class to Petty Officer 1st Class personnel who will be assigned leadership roles and responsibilities that include planning and executing divisional functions. They will also be responsible for the professional and personal growth of personnel within their division.

Advanced Leadership Development Program (ADLP)
-Leadership Training for Petty Officer 1st Class and Chief Petty Officer personnel, who are assigned to leadership roles and responsibilities in the administration, supervision and training of their division or department, including the professional and personal growth of personnel within that division or department.

Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA)
-Designed to enhance the leadership skills of senior NCOs.

Command Chief/Chief of the Boat School
-Training to prepare Senior NCOs for duty as Command NCOs.

Penn State Interstellar Campus (Online/Distance/Holo-Education)
-Associate of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Norwich University Interstellar Campus (Online/Distance/Holo-Education)
-Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies
-Master of Science in Leadership
-Master of Arts in Strategic Studies

2362-2364 Starfleet Basic Training
2364-2365 Corpsman ‘A’ School
2364-2365 Field Medical Training Battalion
2365-2366 Hospitalman Apprentice, 23rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Cardassian Border Wars
2366-2367 Hospitalman, 23rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Cardassian Border Wars
2367-2369 HM3, Special Aerospace/Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SAARC)
2369-2372 HM2, SAARC, Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) Medic, 2nd Raider Battalion (MARSOC)
2372-2373 HM2, SAARC, MSOT Medic, 2nd Raider Battalion (MARSOC), Federation-Klingon War
2373-2375 HM1, SAARC, MSOT Medic, 1st Raider Battalion (MARSOC), Dominion War.
2375-2379 HM1, SAARC, MSOT Medic, 1st Raider Battalion (MARSOC), Cardassian Reconstruction.
2379-2385 Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMC), SAARC, Starfleet Intelligence/Starfleet Clandestine Service, USS Raven
2385-2385 Chief of the Boat/Command Chief School
2385-2391 Command Senior Chief, USS Malcontent (Special Operations)
2391-2394 Command Master Chief, USS Muldoon
2394-2394 Demoted to Senior Chief. Assigned USS Valiant as Chief of the Boat.