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Lieutenant Me'Shlaht

Name Me'Shlaht

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferasan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Grey with blue-black tabby markings, dark grey mane
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description More feline in appearance than a Caitian, with large canine teeth and larger eyes. The Ferasan mane is shorter than that of a Caitian, and Me'Shlaht typically wears her mane tightly braided in cornrows. Lithe and cat-like, prefers to go bare pawed.


Father Jona Ragur
Mother Izze Ragur
Brother(s) Unknown if Me'Shlaht has surviving littermates. No Trill siblings.
Other Family Me'Shlaht's Ferasan family is unknown to her.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fiercely feline and somewhat aggressive, Me'Shlaht is a force to be reckoned with. She readily accepts nearly any challenge and will not give up until she has beaten her challenger or the proposed puzzle. Though she is more bestial than a Caitian, she is quite intelligent and tactically skilled.
Strengths & Weaknesses Me'Shlaht is quite stealthy by nature and capable of jumping much higher than her humanoid crewmates. Her large ears and eyes increase her perception, and she has an almost intuitive nature. However, she is also quite aggressive and could be seen as unfriendly.
Ambitions Me'Shlaht strives to better herself in all forms of combat. She has little desire to enter the command track, as she feels it would take her out of the fight.
Hobbies & Interests Me'Shlaht loves the holodeck. She can be found participating in combat scenarios, rigorous climbing, and hunting prey. She is also fond of the shooting range and practicing melee and hand-to-hand combat with her crewmates.

Personal History Me'Shlaht was born on a Ferasan mining colony, the name of which is unknown. Only three years after her litter was born, the colony became the site of a short but intense war regarding ownership of the magnasite mine. When it became clear that the opposing Klingon forces would take the mine, the Ferengi running the business instead chose to destroy it. The resulting explosion killed most of the colonists and left Me'Shlaht and many others orphaned.

A few days after the disaster, a relief missionary team from Trill landed on the planet to look for survivors. Me'Shlaht was found in a small pocket under some collapsed rubble, fiercely fighting to protect her "cave" and what appeared to be the body of her deceased sister. Though very small, she proved a difficult adversary, and it took the team of missionaries several days to calm her enough to extract her from her hiding place. Attempts were made to locate Me'Shlaht's parents, but these attempts were unsuccessful. As none of the surviving Ferasan adults were related to Me'Shlaht, the Trill missionary team took her aboard their ship with a handful of other orphans.

The Ferasan orphans were transported to Trill, where they were placed with foster families who volunteered to house and care for the feline children. While most were able to adapt to the Trill lifestyle, Me'Shlaht remained fierce and feral, leading several foster families to return her to the courts for another home. After nearly a year of bouncing from family to family, Me'Shlaht found herself in the home of Jona and Izze Ragur, a child-less couple living on the southern continent.

Jona and Izze were what some Trill people called "crazy" and others called "disaster preppers." Having raised wild animals as pets, they were not bothered by Me'Shlaht's feral nature. Rather than attempting to suppress her natural aggression and feline instincts, they embraced her for who she was. Me'Shlaht was barely in their home for a month before official adoption paperwork was filed, and Jona and Izze became her legal parents.

Me'Shlaht grew up wild and free in the outback of the southern continent. Sometimes she would hunt game and bring meat home to be cooked or preserved. However, Jona and Izze also ensured that she received a high-quality education, comparable to that of any traditional Federation school. Because of this, they were not surprised when Me'Shlaht voiced an interest in Starfleet in her early teenage years. Rather than tell her she was far too wild for a life in Starfleet, they proudly encouraged her to take the entrance exams. She found the exams difficult, having never been in a normal school environment. However, she refused to surrender and powered through the tests, scoring well above the minimum requirement to enter the academy.

When asked to pick a primary area of study, Me'Shlaht took a long time to review her options. Most Starfleet departments seemed boring to her, and for a while she wondered if perhaps this had been a bad decision. After a long consideration, she finally decided that security was her best fit and entered the security/tactical track of classes. During her training at the academy, Me'Shlaht's aggression and natural feline abilities proved to be well suited to security, despite several instructors ordering her to "tone it down" for safety reasons. Me'Shlaht refused to obey these orders, earning herself several detentions. Despite these punitive measures, she graduated with high marks and went on to serve on her first space assignment, the USS Odin.

Her first week on the Odin, Me'Shlaht was already targeted as a "problem" officer, despite the meticulous care she took to always perform her duties well. While she was an effective security officer, she was often reprimanded for her use of force or aggression when apprehending suspected perpetrators. Due to repeated suggestions that she was a "bad" person, Me'Shlaht retreated into herself and became reclusive. This only added to her poor reputation, and after only two years on board, the captain of the Odin shuffled her off to another ship.

Me'Shlaht found herself on the oddly name USS Unicorn, where she expected more of the same treatment. To her surprise, the security chief on the Unicorn reached out to her, curious about her Ferasan roots. While she couldn't share much of the culture, she managed to impress him with her instincts and ability to take on an opponent much larger in size than she was. Only weeks after arriving, she was bumped up from "security officer" to "assistant chief" of the department. Me'Shlaht reveled in newfound confidence, and she began to blossom into a more respected officer, even if she didn't always do things quite by the book.

In 2394, the Unicorn was decommissioned, and Me'Shlaht found herself looking for a new ship to call home. After a few weeks of limbo, Me'Shlaht was offered the chief security/tactical officer position on board the rapid response vessel Valiant.
Service Record 2384 - 2388: Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2390: USS Odin, security officer
2390: USS Unicorn, security officer
2390 - 2394: USS Unicorn, assistant chief security officer
2394 - xxxx: USS Valiant, chief security/tactical officer