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1st Lieutenant Christian Rogers

Name Christian Rogers

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid (presumed)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 220
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rogers is a Marine’s Marine. He dedicated himself to the ideals of the Corps because they gave him what he never had – family and purpose. He has a twisted, dark sense of humor but its rarely seen outside of those he trusts and lets into his ‘inner circle’.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal, obedient and willing to follow orders that he knows to be legal and just. He’s willing to disobey unjust or unethical orders. Though people may expect something different of a Betazoid, he wasn’t raised Betazoid so he’s not sure what that’s supposed to mean. He is fiercely loyal to the concept of team and Corps.

Because of his background, he grew up cold and isolated. His attachments are fierce but it takes a long time to get there. Due to his early upbringing and his Marine training, he finds it idiotic to cater to different races and their ‘fear’ of telepaths.
Hobbies & Interests Improving himself (mentally and physically), Terran rules Gridiron Football, Terran Rules baseball, Parises Squares, Hoverball, weightlifting, outdoor adventures and survivalist training. When unable to engage in any of these, he'll engage in reading to improve himself, or holoadventures.

Personal History The child who would eventually become Christian Rogers was found as the only survivor of a ghostship. While it’s theorized the others were first struck with a plague that caused uninhibited and psychotic tendencies, the exact reason the crew of the ship seemed to go mad and kill each other was never found. Ostensibly, it was a trader ship, however there was enough evidence to also classify it as a ship associated with the Black Ring criminal group.

When discovered, the child was severely malnourished, dehydrated and on the verge of death. A genetic scan discluded any of the deceased on the ship as his parents, but yet someone put it inside the escape pod and sealed it, though the escape pod was never launched. A wider genetic scan discovered a potential mother for the child on a colony world, but she had been reported missing during her seventh month of pregnancy. She was Betazoid which accounted for the child’s Betazoid heritage.

A genetic determination of the father couldn’t be narrowed down. It was quickly determined the child was a genetic chimera and seemed to have DNA sequences from two different males. Unable to find appropriate family to take the child, it was returned to Earth and, after recovery from its medical condition, was placed into the Federation foster system.

As there was no information on the child, he was named Christian Rogers, because those were the next names on the list, for his official documents. Though Christian was fostered out several times, he never stayed in foster care for very long, always returned as there being something ‘off’ about the child.

Christian grew up on a group foster home, watching as others were either placed into long term foster homes or adopted out. Though he did stay in several more foster homes as a teenager, by then he was already isolated and closed off to others. That he didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to develop telepathic abilities until he was in his teens didn’t help. Even as a young child he ‘heard’ and knew what others thought of him. Being too young to understand their unspoken fears and believing that is what they thought of him, Rogers often made sure to reject ‘foster parents’ before he could become attached and they’d tire of worrying about him and send him back to the home.

In the homes, Rogers stuck to himself. Social workers worried about his lack of interaction and started him into team sports. That seemed to be something that worked out as he took to the idea of being on a team, but then became isolated and despondent again when the season was over and so was the feeling of having a purpose. They kept him enrolled in whatever the current sport was, quickly discovering that he didn’t care what he played as long as he played. Because of team sports, he developed an avid interest in weight lifting and physical fitness. It was also where the desire to be the best he could be was developed.

As he kept being returned from foster homes, they looked for more ways to get him involved and, eventually and controversially, his caseworker discovered a ‘Young Marines’ type youth program and gave Rogers a trial enrollment. Much like sports, Rogers found a place where he seemed to belong. There it usually didn’t matter that he didn’t have parents. There his fellow cadets and adult leadership weren’t thinking of him as “odd” or “out of sorts” as long as he was able to follow orders, do his assignments and be the best young Marine cadet he could be.

As he approached the age of majority, things began to go south for him. He would graduate high school shortly before then and the sports and Marines program he was in would end because he would ‘age out’. While many expected him to go enlist in the SFMC right out of school and save himself from being completely abandoned and on his own, he instead worked hard to earn a spot on the Federation Starfleet Academy – Marine division football team.

It wasn’t hard to leave everything behind since he didn’t really have anyone to leave. The case worker who got him into the Young Marines and he communicated during most of his Freshman year, but that tapered off and ended all together. He tore out his knee his Sophomore year and was advised he couldn’t continue playing sports on a competitive level despite it being repaired. As his academics were the best, Rogers resigned from the Academy and enlisted.

He did well through boot and Infantry school, coming out the other side promoted to lance corporal and given charge of a fire team. He continued rising through the ranks on schedule despite having a few difficulties in interpersonal relationships. He only slowed up when promotion decisions came as the result of boards and tests. But he kept studying and working on completing the degree he abandoned at the Academy. Eventually he completed the requirements necessary to earn his degree in xenopsychology which allowed him to apply to OTS.

He had to apply after his initial application was rejected, appealing the decision based on several demerits he earned regarding his ‘attitude’ toward others. That he learned form a young age that he was all that he had prevented him from fully engaging with others, other than a handful of people he considered his ‘inner circle’. Even though found him cold, distant and aloof at times.

His application was accepted provisionally as an alternate. Eventually enough cadets either dropped their application or were denied that he was able to attend Officer Training School.

He completed OTS and began serving in various officer roles since, though there were times when being an officer and being increasingly removed from the thick of action chafed. Eventually rising to platoon leader then, for the last two years, as a company executive officer.

The move to his current assignment will be his first as a company commander. He brings his hardcharging, complete dedication to the Corps with him and does not tolerate slackers, goldbrickers or those who don’t take their oath to the Corps seriously.