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Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Name Xiulan Song

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Sexuality Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color brown/black
Eye Color pale green implants
Physical Description Xuilan is short but built rock solid from growing up in a martial arts temple. She has long black hair with shaggy bangs that often hang in her eyes, which are pale green implants.


Spouse Arturo S'Rohass
Father Wei Song
Mother Jiaying Song (deceased)
Other Family Gerri, Winged Fire Krayt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Xiulan is impulsive, argumentative, and overall a pain in the ass, but once you make it past her rough exterior is a true friend. Loyal and stubborn to a fault, once a friendship is struct, she's in it through thick and thin! Despite this, she often prefers to be alone; she makes an effort to joke around and have a good time, share a few drinks with a few rowdy friends, but when it's all said and done, at the end of the night she'll go back to her quarters and pass her time listening to language files or blare her music at obscene levels of volume.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has problems with authority and is often argumentative with superiors and crewmates, and she's nearly blind, but there's no finer Linguist than Xiulan.
Ambitions At the moment, Xiulan has no ambitions. Starfleet had been a means to get away from her father, and now that that's done, she's not sure where to go from here. So far, she's been content with studying the new languages she's come across.
Hobbies & Interests Loud music, listening to new languages, sparring and working out. She is a master of Hung Ga and Chu Gar styles of martial arts, and she has a pet Fire Krayt named Gerard or 'Gerri'.

Personal History Xiulan Song's life nearly ended before it began; Jiaying Song was on her way to visit family with her husband when their transport vehicle malfunctioned and crashed into another vehicle. Wen Song survived but his pregnant wife was quickly bleeding out from her injuries and died during transport to the hospital. The doctors were barely able to save her child, and being so premature, the doctors advised Wen that she may still die. But Wen held on to hope that this one part of Jiaying, whom he named Xiulan, would survive.

Xiulan did survive, though it would be many months before Wen would ever get to take her home from the hospital. She was so tiny and frail, even by the time she was released into her father's care, she remained so small that Wen feared she would break at any moment. And then the doctors revealed that his frail little girl was blind. From that point on, Wen was torn as to how to raise her; on the one hand he was a master of martial arts and headmaster of a temple devoted to this skill, he was driven to push his daughter past these limitation and overcome the hinderances of her disability, but on the other hand he was also fearful of her safety and became overly protective. During her childhood she was doted upon, and as Xiulan grew up, she learned to fight despite being blind, but Wen rarely ever let her spar with anyone. In fact, he was very restrictive of everything she did, from school to socializing; she had to sneak out of the temple in order to practice the fighting skills he'd taught her, joining an underground fight club and making her way through the ranks.

To say that Xiulan had a problem with authority was an understatement, and it was a problem all through school. She would fight with teachers and other students, refuse to do her school work, anything to rebel to send a message to her father that she was not happy with all the restrictions he was imposing on her. When he expressed his desire for her to one day take over the temple after him, that's when Xiulan finally snapped. She became withdrawn and driven, suddenly throwing herself into her school work, but she never told her father why; Xiulan had an ear for Xeno-Linguistics, and despite her deplorable grades she had been approached by one of her teachers to pursue this area of study, that she might even be able to make it into Starfleet Academy with the right recommendations. Xiulan saw the Academy as a way out and a colossal 'screw you' to her father, so she attacked her studies with the intent on making up her poor grades and getting that recommendation!

The only problem was that Starfleet would not admit anyone blind. It didn't matter that she didn't need eyes to study language, all she needed was her ears and her Braille PaDD, a specially designed PaDD that interfaced with consoles and scanned reading materials to create a Braille interface that she could read. Seeing the rules as another restriction holding her back, she decided to get ocular implants to give her the sight she would need to get in. It took a year of therapy to learn how to see and then how to read visually, but once that was done, she once again applied for the Academy and was accepted.

She had trouble making friends and getting along with her teachers at the Academy. She didn't have the best social skills and she was argumentative with everyone, but that didn't hinder her Linguistics skills at all. She was a genius when it came to breaking down and assimilating a new language, and if that was all that was necessary to be top of her class then she would have been, but unfortunately this was not the case; she had even been told if she could not learn to be more cooperative then she would not have a place in Starfleet.

Towards the end of her third year at the Academy, another tragedy struck the young cadet; while the cadets were learning to do some routine maintenance in the Communications lab, one of the cadets failed to take the necessary safety precautions and an EPS conduit ruptured, causing the plasma to arc and overloading any tech in the room, including Xiulan's eyes. The cadets were rushed to the infirmary where their severe electrical burns were quickly treated, but Xiulan's problems were much deeper. The circuitry connecting her implants to neural tissue became fused, causing extensive damage to the visual center of her brain, so while they were able to replace her implants, the damage done would prevent them from ever working properly again. Not quite blind again, she could still see some shapes, enough to avoid obstacles and other people when walking, but she could no longer read data on a console, which limited her use as an Officer. Although as she recovered and returned to her studies, her instructors saw that she was not nearly as hindered as they had thought. She began using her Braille PaDD again to make up for her sight issues, but her skills as a Linguist were mostly audial, and it was realized that she may still have some use.

The accident ended up working in Xuilan's favor; it was humbling to need help adapting again, and seeing her determination to keep going was seen as a positive thing to her instructors and they began to change their opinions about her. This subtle shift in their approach did not go unnoticed by Xiulan, who was willing to meet them halfway. She started making more attempts to be more agreeable and approachable, and being less aggressive and challenging towards authority. And so began a dialogue, the more she adapted, the more Starfleet was willing to go the extra mile to see to it that she graduated and become an officer. There were no 'top marks' listed on her record nor were any of her faults downplayed, but there was one recommendation that there was no finer Linguist than Xiulan Song, only so long as her superior was willing to tolerate her attitude and accommodate her condition.

Upon graduation, she was assigned to Deep Space 11 where her skills were put to use helping learn the many new and varied languages of the Gamma Quadrant. Her CO had almost been unwilling to tolerate the attitude, but after learning how good a linguist Xiulan was and seeing her in action, he gave her a little latitude, but not much, though over time Xiulan managed to form a successful working relationship with her superiors and crewmates. She was often loaned out other ships to analyze new languages, and even learned how to 'play nice' with these crews, as was the case when she boarded the USS Beifong.

The chaos aboard the Beifong started when the ship's Captain fell ill when visiting an uninhabited planet, leaving on the ship'd Chief Medical Officer, Landon Milo, in charge. Putting the Captain in stasis was the only way to stall the progression of her condition until they could get to a starbase where she could get the medical care she needed. Shortly after, they were attacked by the USS Copernicus, who they would later learn was part of the Consortium. With a skeleton crew and nowhere to go, and unknowing who they could call friend, they set course for the Ophinias Colony. Along the way, Landon chose Xiulan as his First Officer and gave her a field promotion to Lieutenant. Xiulan had been on the fast track to being a career Ensign with her attitude and dislike for authority, so she was understandably confused as to why Landon wanted her to help see the Beifong to safety. They would never make it to Ophinias, for along the way they would rendezvous with Helen Soroys on the T'Pava, and under the guise of stopping the Consortium, Soroys commandeered the Beifong. But too many things about her story did not add up, and after using a Lethean to psychically attack Landon, Xiulan rallied the crew together to fight back and they retook the ship. They disabled the T'Pava and made their escape with Soroys in their brig, and it was then that Xiulan ordered them to return to DS11 even knowing that the station was likely under Consortium control. They made a run on the station and made it back through the wormhole, then found their way to the nearest port to turn over Soroys and make repairs, and it was during this time that much of the crew was transferred elsewhere.

Xiulan had to give up her field promotion and return to Communications and Linguistics, which she was more than happy to do, but she was unable to return to DS11 where she had been stationed prior; her being on Beifong was supposed to be temporary, she was intended to be on loan to the Copernicus and later returned to DS11 after her work was done, but the betrayal she experienced and her actions on the Beifong had changed things, had changed her, and she would never be able to trust the crew of DS11 again, not after knowing they had aligned themselves with the Consortium. Still, her skills were needed in the Gamma Quadrant, so she was reassigned to the USS Vindex.

After a year of service on the Vindex, Xiulan's boyfriend Arturo received a promotion to Executive Officer of the USS Valiant, and he pulled strings to ensure that Xiulan was able to go with him. It wasn't that hard a sell as the need for a skilled Linguist and Communication Specialist would be invaluable in Tholian territory.
Service Record Born April 2, 2367

[2385 - 2389]
Starfleet Academy

[2389 - 2393]
Communications Officer and Linguist Specialist
Deep Space 11

[2393 - 2394]
(Acting) Executive Officer
USS Beifong

[2394 - 2395]
Linguist Specialist
USS Vindex

[2395 - present]
Communication/Linguist Specialist
USS Valiant