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Lieutenant Commander Arturo S'Rohass

Name Arturo S'Rohass

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age b. 4/30/2356
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color Orange Tabby
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A cute, yet dashing orange tabby Caitian, Arturo has soft fur, soulful green eyes and an expressive tail. Off duty he normally wears 17th Century swordsman’s clothing, complete with boots, hat, ostrich feather, and cape, if appropriate. Hidden in one of his boots is a dagger. Sometimes he wears clothing more akin to a 19th Century gentleman and carries a walking stick that can be used for the walking stick fighting style of Italian origin but is also a sword cane. He also carries a dagger in his boot in the 19th Century outfit as well. When he can get away with it, he wears a rapier and main gauche fit to his size.


Spouse Committed to Xiulan Song
Children None. When a physician friend started offering he and Xiulan advice and medical assistance in conceiving children, Xiulan completely freaked out. If a litter of children is in Arturo and Xiulan's future, it is probably FAR, FAR, in the future.
Father Arhass S'Rohass
Mother Lelani M'Rohass
Brother(s) Timon S'Rohass
Sister(s) Kiana M’Rohass, Shoshana M’Rohass
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arturo S'Rohass is a larger than life character, an adventurer, a fighter of bandits and road agents, a rescuer of princesses, a defender of the weak and downtrodden! All of that and more in a 4'10", 100lb, bipedal feline package. His manner of dress is outlandish. His manner of speech is often bizarre and/or outdated. For such a short fella, he thinks and dreams big. But, however silly you might think him to be, know that he is also one of the best pilots in Starfleet and one of the more dangerous men you'll ever meet. But in most encounters he is a friendly, fuzzy, bipedal, feline.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
-Trained in Italian Martial Arts. Trained to fight with sticks, swords, daggers, and barehanded.
-Talented and skilled in piloting and navigating. Flies starships large and small as well as a variety of support craft.

-He is very short for a Caitain. It is often a stretch for him to reach objects normal sized people can reach easily.
-Arturo needs to raise his seat up all the way to reach the helm console and prefers a gap in the back of his chair for his tail. Otherwise, he lays it down next to him in the seat.
Ambitions To rescue a princess from evil villains, to storm a castle, to defeat bandits and road agents, and to be the best pilot he can be.
Hobbies & Interests Italian Martial Arts (he is a member of Nova Scrimia [This is a real group started in the 1990s with the intent of reviving the study of Italian Martial Arts. It includes various sword and dagger styles, as well as forms of stick fighting.] Literature (Puss ‘N’ Boots, the Three Musketeers, Zorro, and other heroic tales, both in written form and as interactive holonovels, Don Quixote, Scaramouche, and others). Has a holo-program set in the land of Carrabas of Puss ‘N’ Boots fame, filled with bandits to fight and damsels in need of rescue.

Personal History Arturo S’Rohass was born in 2356 on Alpha Centauri. His family lived in the Caitian Quarter of the capitol city. The Rohass family was essentially a happy family. Arturo’s father was a pilot who flew orbital and atmospheric shuttles when he couldn’t get work doing a cargo run. Arturo was fascinated by his father’s profession and often spent time in the hanger where his father was employed and learned everything he could from his father. By the age of sixteen, Arturo had his own pilot’s license and picked up part-time work as a shuttle pilot.

As a child and teenager, Arturo loved stories such as Puss ‘N’ Boots, the Three Musketeers, Zorro, and similar stories and would run around trying to skewer things with his toy sword. When Arturo was six years old, his father enrolled him in classes at the local Nova Scrimia club, believing that it was best for Arturo to learn how to fight like the adventurers he loved so much before he hurt himself in ignorance. Arturo took to the lessons quickly. He learned to fight with sticks, swords, daggers and with his bare hands, Italian style.

If anything troubled Arturo as a child, it was his height. He was very short for a Caitian and often ridiculed for it. At first, he had trouble with girls because many, if not most, were taller than him. Then he met Liana M’Rahl. Liana M’Rhal thought Arturo was adorable and let him know very early on. The two dated all through high school. Their paths split when Arturo was accepted into Starfleet Academy. They had a sweet, passionate farewell and went their several ways.

Arturo enjoyed life at the Academy. He studied hard and played hard, when he could. He joined the academy fencing team and helped lead the team to many victories. He joined the gymnastics team. He performed with the academy theatre troupe. Arturo never let his studies slip. He wanted to be a pilot like his father and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

A dark moment in Arturo’s academy career was the Breen attack on San Francisco in late 2375. The attack was directed at Starfleet Command, Starfleet Academy, and the area of City of San Francisco. Starfleet cadets were called into service to assist. The attack was Arturo’s first taste of actual war. Until that point, his experience with combat was training or competition based. The Breen attack made war real to Arturo and he never forgot the experience.

Arturo graduated in 2378 and was commissioned an Ensign in Starfleet. His first assignment was as a junior flight control officer aboard the USS Magnus. His work included maintaining and operating support craft as well as taking shifts on the bridge. As a newly minted ensign, he underwent a great deal of on the job training, including practical application of the skills he had focused on in the academy, such as Tactical Flight Control and Astrogation. During this time, Arturo got checked out on a variety of craft and was cross-trained to fly the Marine Corps’ Wyvern Hopper, including the Naga (Gunship) Variant, and the Goanna. As he gained more experience, Arturo was assigned more and more bridge shifts.

Arturo’s next assignment was to the USS Mandate as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. During his tour on the Mandate Arturo engaged in a tricky piece of flying when he volunteered to pilot a runabout into an unstable nebula to rescue the crew of a small science vessel. The rescue was a success and the captain of the USS Mandate put Arturo up for a commendation, which he received shortly thereafter.

Next Arturo was assigned to the USS Halsey as Chief Flight Control Officer. He had a successful run until an inflight mishap occurred while he was at the helm. Though it was not his fault, the resulting investigation found him responsible. Arturo received a dishonorable discharge. If it wasn’t for a former commanding officer putting in a good word for him with the Nyberite Alliance, Arturo would have had a great deal of trouble finding legitimate work.

Nyberite Alliance crews were made up mainly of foreign adventurers seeking fame and fortune. There were also a significant number of people like Arturo, who couldn’t get work anywhere else. While serving in the Nyberite Defense Force, Arturo fought pirates, and fought in border disputes. He received a portion of the prize money earned, earning himself an impressive nest egg for such a short time.

The investigation into the Halsey Incident was reopened in the early 2390s. The new investigation found that Arturo was in fact not responsible and he was reinstated as a Lieutenant in Starfleet.

Not everyone at Starfleet Command was pleased with Arturo’s acquittal, as evidenced by the fact that he was assigned various posts as a support craft pilot. In 2393, Arturo was assigned to DS11 in the Gamma Quadrant. While he served there, the CO of DS11 suggested that Arturo participate in a cultural exchange regarding fencing. Eager to get off of DS11 for a while, Arturo packed his equipment into a shuttle and set off for the planet where he was to give his demonstrations. He had a wonderful time at the event, however, while he was away, a coup had begun. The goal of the coup was to usurp control of the Federation’s Gamma Quadrant from Starfleet. Arturo knew nothing of this as he set off in his shuttle for the return trip to DS11. Along the way, he was attacked by rogue Jem’Hadar. He managed to lose them in a nebula, but his shuttle was severely damaged. He was near death when the voice of an angel called out to him from the cold void of space! Okay, it was actually the voice of Acting Lieutenant Xiulan Song (whose name means Graceful Orchid), communications officer and acting executive officer of the USS Beifong, and the first time he met her, she thought he was as annoying as Hell. He grew on her though, a bit like fungus.

At this time, the Beifong became caught up in defending Starfleet from an attempted coup. A Starfleet captain, claiming to old orders from Starfleet, commandeered the Beifong. Whatever her plans were for the Beifong, they almost succeeded, but Acting Lieutenant Song took out the captain’s faithful Lethean enforcer, while Arturo, braving an assault of very stern and quite frankly offensive language, managed to incapacitate the traitorous Starfleet Captain Soroyos.

Arturo and Xiulan became close during the ordeal and were planning to share quarters, either on the Beifong or wherever they ended up. They were initially assigned to different places, but Arturo pulled every string, called in every marker, and when that didn’t seem to help, he resorted to begging and pleading and doing his sad kitty face. Finally, he secured assignment to the USS Vindex, where Xiulan was assigned. By a stroke of luck, he was able to get there just before her and prepare the perfect surprise for his Graceful Orchid. Arturo and Xiulan served together on the Vindex for two years before being assigned to the USS Valiant, where Arturo, sporting a new set of Lieutenant Commander’s pips on his collar, assumed the role of Executive Officer.
Service Record 2374-2375 Starfleet Academy Y1
2375-2376 Starfleet Academy Y2 (Early Fall, 2375: Breen Attack on Earth)
2376-2378 Starfleet Academy Y3 + Y4
2378-2380 ENS, Flight Control Officer, USS Magnus
2380-2382 LTJG, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Mandate
2382-2384 LT, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Halsey
2384-2392 The Halsey has inflight mishap occur while Arturo is at the helm. After an investigation, Arturo is found responsible and given a dishonorable discharge from Starfleet. A friend believed him to be innocent and pulled strings with the Nyberite Alliance, securing Arturo a position as a starship and support craft pilot.
2392-2392 After a new investigation into the Halsey Incident, Arturo is cleared of any and all responsibility. Starfleet offers to reinstate Arturo and after much consideration he accepts the offer.
2392-2394 Arturo is reinstated as a Lieutenant and assigned to very as a support craft pilot. After being attacked on the way back from a cultural exchange and left for dead, he is picked up by the Beifong, where he served as their Acting Chief Flight Control Officer. While serving on the Beifong, Arturo became caught up in the attempted coup in Bravo Fleet’s Gamma Quadrant Operations area. After helping the crew of the Beifong defeat one group of traitors, the Beifong was sent to dry dock and her crew was scattered. Arturo, in order to be with his lady love (Xiulan Song), manages to get himself assigned to the USS Vindex as Chief Flight Control Officer.
2394-2395 CFCO, USS Vindex
2395-2395 Promoted Lieutenant Commander, assigned USS Valiant as XO.