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Ensign Braith

Name Braith

Position Head Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Angel One Native
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Somewhat smaller in stature compared to human males from Earth, Braith stands 5'7” with a lean semi-athletic build. He is approximately 145 earth pounds, lighter in weight than his brother and less muscular. He has dark blonde hair that sometimes looks like wheat. His hair was much lighter and closer to his brothers' when they were younger, but Braith's has darkened naturally and unnaturally with the use of dye in order to become his own person and differentiate himself from his brother. He does have the same green eyes like those of his brother.


Father Leif
Mother Elidia
Brother(s) Lucius

Personality & Traits

General Overview Braith is a very sensitive young man who tends to study and observe the people and things around him, analyzing them before acting. He does indeed constitute as a person who thoroughly looks before leaping. This can be a very good thing in a Starfleet Officer, but it also can hinder a career. Over analyzing with an inability to act or react will slow a person's career in Starfleet. He has well developed people skills, but is also a rather reserved individual. He can and will socialize, but he will not usually be the one to seek out a new friendship. Braith is an altruist who will meet someone's kindness by giving them his kindness tenfold.

In the work place he is very tidy, organized, and an excellent planner. Courteous and punctual, Braith has never been put on report for tardiness or poor performance. He has a desire to always do good and give it his all, and he honors the oath he swore to of doing no harm. Braith is often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, and though he is guilty of procrastinating from time to time, he can always be counted on to get the job done on time and with as near perfection as he can manage.

Despite being punctual and well organized with a friendly bedside manner and a willingness to take the extra step, Braith's career in Starfleet deviated from his brother's and Braith found himself on the slow tracks whereas his brother, Lucius, was able to stay on course and hit the express track, even going to so far as to receive a rank promotion before Braith who while he was a cadet at Starfleet Academy, had better scores. Lucius was also more technical and wired towards technology and machinery whereas Braith cared more about life forms and organisms. He was enthralled with the biological rather than the technological. The biggest problem with Braith's career, however, comes right down to his personality flaws. He's rather meek and submissive.

Though Braith always tries to give it his all, he goes unnoticed. His results get noticed and praised, but he himself does not. He often dismisses his own involvement in things and belittles himself as he feels that any team should be valued as a whole. He does not want to be singled out as the strongest member of the medical team or nursing staff. This humbleness is what slowed his career down. It has often permitted other more aggressive and dominant individuals to prey upon his weaknesses and exploit his accomplishments for their own personal gain. Taking credit for Braith's work, Braith has seen other nurses getting promotions and being transferred onto bigger and better assignments.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Reliable
+ Observant
+Loyal and Hardworking
+ Supportive and Patient

- Meek and Humble
- Bashful
- Represses Feelings
- Overloads on Work
- Takes Everything Personally
Ambitions Practically no ambition at all. This is one of his biggest damn problems. He lacks ambitions and takes zero credit for the good that he does. His accomplishments go rather unnoticed or rather the credit is given to someone else or everyone as a whole. Though he is incredibly hardworking, he is sickeningly complacent with things. He is contempt with letting opportunities pass him by and does not speak up when he is pushed aside or neglected. He is one of those people who have all of the qualifications and education necessary, but lack the drive and backbone. He ends up just a name for Starfleet's Personnel Department to assign and reassign.

Personal History Braith was born on Angel One, a world that remains independent and not part of the Federation nor any empires, coalitions, or alliances. It is strategically located near what was the Romulan neutral zone and has been eyed for the Federation for years. However, the political situation and government on Angel One prevents it from becoming part of the United Federation of Planets. Braith is the youngest of a set of twins, born to Elidia and Leif in the year 2369. His brother, Lucius is 10 minutes older than Braith. . They were raised in a typical household for Angel One. Their parents were well-to-do, allowing their father to stay home and school them, as well as taking care of the household, while their mother worked for a place called The Vault, helping to preserve the writings, records and history of Angel One.

Truth be told, Braith was perfectly happy with the prospects of pursuing a comfortable life on Angel One in something related to the Arts. He had been fascinated with music and art since he was a toddler. He would spend hours just silently sitting in a corner drawing, sketching, and coloring. The thought of growing up and becoming a bard, musician, or sculptor was not the least bit disappointing. Leaving Angel One was not in his plans. However, they were in his brother Lucius' plans. Lucius was the black sheep of their family. He bucked everything that the Angel One society provided them. He was fortunate that their parents were not like him and while he was a child, they could protect him. However, the close he got to adulthood, the more unruly Lucius became and they could only protect him so much.

There was a point in Angel One's history, not too long ago in fact that the 'Elected One' would have sentenced Lucius to death for the beliefs he had and the attitude he gave. After the incident with the Federation starship Enterprise-D, the women who held the position of 'Elected One' had been swayed away from executions, but came down with heavy fists towards excommunication. These exiles were forced to live far away and not be seen or heard of again. Lucius chose the life of an exile for himself by forcing his parents' hands. They could not handle Lucius and they did not want to see him exiled by the 'Elected One' or worse. Starfleet Academy was honestly one of the very few options. Even though Angel One was not a Federation world, any applicant from the planet would be a good sign and gesture in the eyes of the Federation who had been wanting better relations with Angel One due to its strategic positioning.

Braith did not choose Starfleet Academy nor did it choose him. Lucius chose to be a rebel and his actions had consequences for everyone. Their parents did not believe Lucius would be able to make it through Starfleet Academy after he was accepted because he was terrible at following rules. So, not only did they push off their rowdy problem child, but they also had Braith apply to Starfleet Academy to keep an eye of his brother. Lucius found his way into the technological field of Engineering whereas Braith pursued a career direction that came natural for him: Nursing. As a Starfleet Nurse, Braith could treat the sick and injured and make a positive impact on the lives of many.

Service Record 2387-2391 Starfleet Academy
2391: USS Curie – Nurse (Ensign)
2391-2392: USS Bardot – Nurse (Ensign)
2392-2394: USS Pasteur – Nurse (Ensign)
2394-Present: USS Valiant - Head Nurse (Ensign)