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Lieutenant JG Lucius

Name Lucius

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Angel One Native
Age 25
Sexuality Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 159 lbs.
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lucius is shorter than the average Terran, standing only 5’7”. Despite his height he’s well built and muscular with bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair that he usually doesn’t really bother to style aside from running his fingers through it. He keeps it medium length, short enough to be regulation, but still on the end of long. He’s classically attractive with large eyes, a strong jaw and full, kissable lips.


Father Leif
Mother Elidia
Brother(s) Braith the beautiful (Younger) brother ;-)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucius is not hard to get along with as long as you see things his way. He appreciates anyone who demonstrates the same level of expertise and loyalty, but will often fall into competitions with almost everyone he admires in any way. Lucius is a go-getter. He’s focused and structured and disciplined. He can be friendly and understanding, warm and even supportive, but it does take him a bit to warm up to someone. At first he is likely to be all business and appear to be more serious then really necessary. He is very protective of his brother, Braith, and has had more than one fight in the name of defending him. He seems to have no fear of any opponent or challenge. This lack of fear can be both inspiring and terrifying.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Lucius is strong and athletic, he knows his engineering well and keeps himself up to date on the latest modifications. He is not just interested in Starfleet vessels either. His knowledge of other species’ ships is impressive, making him sought after. He is very dedicated, very loyal and very capable of running a tip top engineering crew. He’s smart and sharp and definitely gets things done.
- He doesn’t take any crap from anyone, much to the chagrin of his crewmates and captains. Although it might sound like a good thing, Lucius can take that to an extreme, seeing combativeness where there is none. He will take a soap box and talk it into a serious issue. He will use loudness and belittlement to get what he wants from his team, which isn’t always good for anyone.
Ambitions Lucius is as ambitious as ambitious can be. He is driven to excel and impress. He wants upward mobility for rank and eventually sees himself as the Captain of his own ship. He’s very competitive, especially when it comes to his brother.
Hobbies & Interests Sports, sports and more sports. Lucius loves anything and everything that has anything to do with physical activity and competition. He has very few interests that involve anything else. Although he does believe strongly that the men on his planet should be treated as equals by their female counterparts and will sometimes support political changes back home.

Personal History Lucius was born on Angel One. He is the oldest of a set of twins, born to Elidia and Leif in the year 2369. His brother, Braith is 10 minutes younger. They were raised in a typical household for Angel One. Their parents were well-to-do, allowing their father to stay home and school them, as well as taking care of the household, while their mother worked for a place called The Vault, helping to preserve the writings, records and history of Angel One. Lucius was more interested in what his mother was doing then always learning what their father had to teach him. He would sneak books as a child and read more then was really encouraged for a male, many thinking education was wasted on them completely.

As Lucius got older his rebellious nature became more and more apparent. He would argue with their father about male roles in society and showed more and more interest in physical activity and sports. His competitive streak started during all of this. He even went so far as to argue with his brother, whom he had always been close to before. His mother appreciated his spirit, but she also felt that he just wasn’t trying hard enough to fit in and was just going through a phase. When the phase didn’t end at 18, the twins’ parents put their foot down and told Lucius that he would be sent to Starfleet Academy, away from Angel One, the only home he had ever known. Of course he had also never been separated from his brother, so Braith joined his fate at the Academy.

Lucius did well at the Academy. He made friends and was fairly popular, liking to run with the popular crowd. He impressed his professors with his memory and grasp of warp theory as well as his desire to learn and his drive to succeed. They were not always so impressed with his cocky attitude. He did pass his classes with exceptional marks and was sought after right out of the Academy for his knowledge and inventiveness. He was immediately stationed aboard a Zephyr Class called the USS Meteor where he stayed for two years. In that two years he received his promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant JG. He also became the Assistant Chief Engineer.

Always on the lookout for advancement, Lucius kept a constant eye on open positions within the fleet, looking for the chance to be Chief of Engineering.
Service Record 2369 - Born (Angel I)

2387-2391 (18-22 years old) Starfleet Academy

2391-2393 (22-24 years old) Ensign - Lieutenant JG
U.S.S. Meteor, Zephyr Class

2394-Present (25 years old) Lieutenant JG
U.S.S. Valiant, Defiant Class