Here's the short version if you don't want to read the whole thing (though we highly recommend reading the entire page).

1. All players must adhere to the Theta Fleet Rules and Constitution.

2. In a similar vein, please read the Split World Alliance Charter and the Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

3. There is to be no metagaming, god-modding, or powerplaying. Similarly, there are to be no Mary Sues and no auto-hits. Please refer to The Big No-Nos on the SWA Wiki.

4. Please make every reasonable attempt to remain active. If you will be inactive for an extended period of time, please request a Leave of Absence. Our activity requirement is that you are involved with one completed post per fourteen days.

5. Participation in the OOC post, IRC, Mumble, or some combination of these is strongly encouraged. Make friends! Have fun!

All right if you made it this far, we'll assume you're interested in what these rules say. Please keep in mind that even if you choose not to read every rule present here, you are still accountable for following them!

1. Don't be a jerk. Seriously, don't. We'll have to make you stand outside on the hull, and that's no fun for any of us.

2. You have to be 18 years of age on the day that you submit your application or you will not be allowed to join. If you lie about your age, we will find out eventually. Similarly, do not joke around about being under the age of 18. You will be airlocked, and by that we mean banned from the simulation. Please don't make us do that. We don't like to do that because it makes everyone sad.

3. One completed, published post per fourteen days unless you are on a Leave of Absence or at least have informed the commanding officer that you will be inactive for a while. It gets lonely fast in these parts, and we like to see some friendly faces.

4. Please at least read the OOC post, even if you aren't going to add to it. Some important information gets put in there. Also, we're hilarious and you'll occasionally get a good laugh!

5. If you're doing grown-up things that are sexy, gory, or otherwise inappropriate for young eyes, use the 18+ tag in your topic title. This keeps it from appearing on the home page once it's published, which helps keep it hidden from underage visitors who happen to find us. If you do not do this, we will tag it and then make you stand outside on the hull. Again, not fun for any of us.

6. Chain of command. Learn it and use it. Unless something is a really big deal and needs to be addressed right away, please don't message the commanding officer. Message the executive officer or second officer instead. We all talk to each other, and we will get it fixed. We promise. Also, if you want our attention immediately and don't want to wait on us to check email or the website, pop into the chat. One of us is usually there.

7. This is a Star Trek simulation, so please make sure anything you are creating or writing makes sense in that context. If you don't know if something works, just ask. The Split World Alliance contains people who are experts on all sorts of neat things. For engineering problems, you can ask Monoui (Akira Zhuri). Want to write a convincing Romulan character for some reason? Ask LadyLeopard (Eneas Clio). These are just examples, but if you message either of these people or Azmaria (Enalia Telvan), they can direct you to the proper expert to talk to.

8. If you're writing a narrative joint post, please use third person point-of-view. It's easier to read, and frankly it looks prettier. Yes, this may be a stylistic thing, but if the joint post is full of "I looked across the room" or "I fired my weapon" we don't know who's doing those things. It could be a tribble for all we know. So please, please, please write in third person and make sure your character's name appears at least once each time you edit the post. We won't make you stand outside, but we will fill your cabin with tribbles. Not cuddly tribbles either, the kind that bite.

9. Most of us use the novel format for our posts, but script formatting is okay too. Just make sure the entire post is written in the same format. Switching the format back and forth is jarring and not fun to read! Also, format changes within the post give your administrators a headache. Be nice to your administrators. (This goes for verb tenses too. Keep them the same!)

10. We all have stylistic preferences, and sometimes we don't agree on things. That's why for this simulation we have a simple guideline to follow: speech goes in quotation marks, comm traffic is inside quotation marks but italicized, thoughts are italicized, telepathy is boldly italicized, and text communications are bolded. If everyone does things the same way, posts are easier to read. Please don't argue with us on this or we'll have a tribble chew on your head.

11. Tagging. In narrative joint posts involving more than two people, this is how you specify who you want to respond. To do this, put TAG followed by their name and the date with the entire tag line bolded so it's easy to see. Please respect tags by leaving a specific writer tag in place for 24 hours. After that time, you may tag in but please leave the original tag in place. If you delete someone's tag, we will let them bludgeon you with a pillow or shoot you with marshmallows.

12. We are all here to have fun, so... have fun! Do silly things! Cause trouble (within reason of course)! Don't let this start feeling like a job because then it's no fun. If it does start feeling like a job, please let someone on the staff know. Maybe we can fix it... or at least toss a little joy your way so it's not so dreary.

Enjoy your stay!